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  1. I accidentally activated a TB number that isn't mine. How can I undo it?
  2. Well, as Park Rangers in charge of 7 campgrounds... I'd like to suggest people look into camping with the Corps. The US Army Corps of Engineers have campgrounds all over the nation, usually attached to lakes formed by dams, and navigatible rivers and waterways. These campgrounds are usually well maintained and many are providing water and electric for RV hookups - as well as primitive sites for the tent campers who just want to get away from it all!. Let me remind you - this is YOUR tax dollars at work! If you enjoy recreation near water (fishing, boating, swimming, etc) then the Corps has a campground just for you!!! http://corpslakes.usace.army.mil/visitors/ Ranger TracksAll & Investigator I. Will Ketchum
  3. Wow! Completely forgot I had asked this. What great responses! Thanks. Now if I can just wake up Yogi and Boo Boo... Ranger TracksALL ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ It's a Bummer to have 200+ finds and a lousy Tadpole Label (2 Posts)! So I don't have much to say. Hurmph! My Avatar that I just put on tonight - "Caching Brings SERENITY" says it all! Arrrgh! (okay ...so the photo is a little on the small side and needed to be enlarged. I put the screaming brat in a cache and can't retake the photo. Oh well. I'm feeling very serene right now...can't you tell!) EDIT: Ah-ha...I sure showed them... Premium Membership has it's advantages...NO MORE TADPOLE LABEL FOR ME!!! The Mask of Justice has prevailed!
  4. I am a park ranger and am in charge of educational/interpretive programs at our park campgrounds. More and more I am seeing folks bringing their tvs and nintendos into the campgrounds to entertain the kids. What a great opportunity to possibly get the family pysched up for a little bit of hi tech, good old fashioned game of hide n seek, little bit of scavenger hunt, a little bit of detective work, a tad bit of luck, and maybe even some exercise when they aren't looking. Only problem is I've only got one (possibly two) GPS and compass to work with. I thought I would pre-hide two caches relatively close together. I'd like to invite the campers to the amphitheatre for a presentation of GPS (about 20 minutes worth - then, guide them thru the process of locating a cache, asking questions about waypoints, degrees, compass readings, as we go. What do ya'll suggest is most important in the first 20 minutes of intro? I plan to give them a couple pages of hand-outs to take home - (again - suggestions appreciated - obviously - a sample cache site page, and main information page from www.geocaching.com), but are there any graphics that might good to share? Remember the most likely camper to attend will be the family oriented with kids in tow - so program's usually have to be on a 6th grade level... - would appreciate some tips, ideas, suggestions on what would make a good intro program for people who most likely have never heard of geocaching before. I am no expert myself. I've only found 12 so far - and basically I've been the log writer, map printer and support Tracker for I. Will Ketchum who is in charge of entering coords & following all the bad guys as the crow flies. We never follow the trail... that's taking the easy way. And when you live in the mountains of SW VA that's often the difference between a hill, a ridge and a cliff -sigh. So if you folks have some great ideas on what makes a good beginner intro program - that will really put some spark back into these folks campfire - please let me know. Looking forward to hearing from you. TracksAll
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