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  1. About eight years ago, I got a free roundtrip ticket to anywhere Southwest Airline flies. I chose California. I did a three week tour from San Diego to Marin County, did a lot of caching, visited a few people, and did the usual tourist things. I "earned" it by FTF-ing a rugged, 6 or 7 mile multi in Jefferson Memorial Forest in Louisville (our nation's largest urban forest). I still thank Eagles61 almost every time I see him. Peace
  2. 666 ! I'm in southwest Louisville, KY. We have an excellent mix of all types of hides and all levels of difficulty and terrain. The largest urban forest in the United States is within this area and has over 100 caches. Peace, Louisville, KY Home of GeoWoodstock 1
  3. Here is the first list I received of "Top Finders". (Of course I kept it for obvious reasons). Bunker Dave and I had a blast looking at it in California a couple of years ago. Not sure why "undetermined" is used. Shortly thereafter, CCCooperAgency moved to the top and stayed there for about 6 years until Team Alamo passed her. Geocaching Sweden Updated Dec 10, 2001 WORLD RANKING: Top Finders Name Found/Placed Show Me the Cache (Kentucky) 296 /7 erik (undetermined) 274 /0 denali (Illinois) 266 /3 CCCooperAgency (Pennsylvania) 238 /5 stayfloopy (New Jersey) 234 /4 Gumby&Pokey (California) 231 /0 bunkerdave (Utah) 228 /17 Dhobby1 (undetermined) 220 /0 bent_twigs (Georgia) 213 /6 BruceS (undetermined) 213 /0
  4. Finally made it to New England to complete my "Lower 48" geocaching map. One of the highlights was a visit to Ben & Jerry's. Loved it. This is one of their cows in the pasture beside the factory. All I wanted in the picture was for the cow to look at me. I didn't notice "the rest of the story" until I had already clicked. Peace, Louisville, KY
  5. The best thing I have found was a roundtrip airline ticket to anywhere Southwest flies. I used it for a three week solo vacation from Louisville>California>Louisville three years ago. Approximate value $300. The best thing I have left in a cache is a particular geocoin that later went for over $1000 in a charity auction. Peace, Show Me The Cache Louisville, KY
  6. Say it ain't so, Joe. I guess this is as good a time and place as any to thank JoGPS. Thanks for all you have done for geocaching...not only all the tremendous amount of work, but all the considerate things you have done for so many people along the way. Thanks for coming to my #1000 event back in the days when there were not many of us. That is the first time we met. It meant a lot to me for you and Southpaw to drive from Nashville to Louisville in the snow to honor me and to meet our local cachers. You truly are an ambassador for geocaching. And thanks for the gold ammo box. Thanks for representing the "little guy" so many times in battling TPTB. Thanks for being so kind to my wife and me. Thanks for making me a part of GeoWoodstock One. And most of all, thanks for being just like you are. There are a lot of geocachers, but there is only one JoGPS. Peace from Louisville
  7. I started geocaching on June 8, 2001. Louisville had only one cache and Kentucky had approximately 10. My first 3 months yielded 127 finds and 2 DNFs. 82 of those have been archived, including 16 because they crossed the commercial line (back when that line was still quite fuzzy). Because there were so few caches in my area at that time, it required 5 states to hit that 127 total. In those days, it was difficult to average less than 30 miles per cache, so my first geocaching quarter required approximately 3,800 miles. Times have changed. Louisville now has 127 caches within a 3-mile radius of the center of our city, and I could probably do them in 2 days with less than 100 miles of driving. "But I did it.....myyyyyyy waaaaaay".
  8. Here is a log that describes my biggest geo-coincidence: November 11, 2005 by Show Me the Cache (7075 found) I HAVE WAITED FOR THIS DAY FOR FOUR YEARS! Ever since the explosive proliferation of cache hides a few years ago, I have often imagined that I would someday ACCIDENTALLY find a cache in the middle of nowhere without even looking for it. On the way to this cache ("Reason I Cache #1"), at approximately N38:36.386 W85:51.610, in the middle of nowhere, I noticed some strange growths on the side of a tall tree stump and stopped to examine them more closely. THERE WAS A BRAND NEW CACHE HIDDEN IN THE TOP OF THE STUMP. Headed for a cache named "Reason I Cache" seemed like the appropriate place to experience a new THRILL at this point in my geo-career. I have never been so excited to sign a logsheet as "first to find". Now...where do I log this one online? -end of log- Turns out this cache, like most, was placed prior to being approved. Since it was within 528 feet of another cache, it was not approved. The hider had not returned yet to retreive it.
  9. TRES HOMBRES READ MY LIPS...THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL STATEMENT Show Me The Cache hopes to be there to make it 4 in a row. (Louisville>Nashville>Jacksonville>Dallas)
  10. My favorite “Numbers-Equals-Status” story occurred earlier this year at a CITO event in Kentucky. A cacher from Lexington that had met me a few times and heard a few stories about me went along with me and two other folks to do some event caches after the clean-up ended. At that time I had about 5000 finds. Due to circumstances beyond our control, the first two event caches were not properly listed and could not be found. We even read the hints, and nothing matched in any way. Next, we tried a regular cache that I had previously found, but it had been recently moved and we were working from memory, so naturally, we never found it either. As we wandered back to the car, the Lexington cacher said, “Darrell, I’ve known you and heard about "Show Me The Cache" for two years now, but this is the first time I have actually gotten to cache with you, and I’ve gotta tell you…I’m NOT impressed.” We all had a good laugh.
  11. For solo suburban caching, the one that hasn’t failed me yet nor precipitated any follow-up questions…”I’m checking this neighborhood for satellite reception.” There is something about the truth that baffles them. I usually get a silent nod of approval as they move on. For solo urban caching, I just whip out a tape measure and start measuring everything in site. Not sure why, but it works for me. If another cacher is along, I start a full volume rant about the wastefulness of the idiots at the home office for wanting to make so many changes to the structure and the landscaping as we thoroughly prod and poke the area with utter contempt. When I am deep in the woods, patience and silence always works. If I am somewhere I am obviously not wanted and the person approaching looks official, I am always looking for my extra key to the van that I lost yesterday. And always, I reserve the right to speak in imaginary foreign languages.
  12. A BLAST FROM THE PAST: OPEN LETTER TO LYNN I have to try to get a handle on this 5-digit number. This may take a few minutes. In January 2002, somewhere around the 350 finds mark, you graciously knocked me off the #1 ranking. If you have ever been out of that slot, even temporarily, I am unaware of it. You now have 10,000 and I have less than 5,000. That puts things in perspective and speaks volumes about my respect for your achievement. When you pass someone, you do it with a VENGEANCE! On a more serious note... CONGRATULATIONS LYNN! You have overcome many obstacles to reach this plateau. You have accomplished a tremendous amount. I have enjoyed our numerous e-mails during the early days and seeing you at all three Woodstocks. Most places I travel, I seem to see the name CCCA on the logsheet somewhere ahead of me. It always makes me smile. I look forward to knowing you better in the future. Peace, Darrell Show Me The Cache Louisville, KY
  13. So glad that Louisville had “our turn” when Geocaching was part of a kinder, gentler, “nation.” Joe conceived the idea, generated the excitement, and everything else fell into place with minimal effort. He wanted it to be “organic” and just sit back and wait to see what would develop. Joe and I spent one Sunday afternoon driving around Louisville to choose the site, and decided on an excellent place that I secured without cost the following week. Quiddler secured a free campground, everyone brought their own food to the event, Deermark and Daggy provided food for the campground, Paddy handled the travel bugs, CCCooperAgency brought gifts for many of us, and if anyone else did anything that I have forgotten, I apologize. Any local cacher would have gladly done anything we asked. Joe and I discussed money, we pledged $100 each initially, and I doubt if we spent $50 total. Total man-hours invested prior to the event…maybe 50. Attendance was 70-80 people from 10 different states. There were no door prizes, no donations from anyone, no actual event caches hidden, no “official” recognition from any organization, no presentations made, and, best of all…NO PRE-CONCEIVED IDEAS ABOUT WHAT IT SHOULD/WOULD/ OR COULD BE. What Geo-Woodstock One did offer was the very first chance for many of us to meet each other. And yes, we did feel like we were a part of something very special. We knew it had a stronger future. Though it was a humble beginning, we had an absolute blast. On a personal level, meeting CCCooperAgency, Lil’ Otter, Mtn-Man, Clayjar, RobertLipe, RGS and Glenn, and plenty of others, plus seeing BruceS, Southpaw, DLiming, IndyDiver and JoGPS again, and seeing our local cachers respond was exciting. Spending that evening and the next day caching locally with BruceS and Lil’Otter will always be among my favorite geo-memories. GW2 in Nashville was fantastic. GW3 in Jacksonville was fantastic. There were certainly similarities and many differences. A tremendous amount of work went into each. Louisville definitely had the easy one. GW4 is a MASSIVE undertaking, and I hope the right people step up and host it. More importantly, I hope ALL OF US SUPPORT IT WITH ENTHUSIASM. Times change, geocaching changes, attendance grows, and the event changes shape, but the GOOD SPIRIT should remain top priority. I’m glad that JoGPS had the vision and acted on it. Peace, Darrell Show Me The Cache
  14. Thanks to everyone that helped make GW3 an outstanding event. Glad to meet so many new people, especially the Florida “names” I have seen so often when I cache there. There never seems to be enough time to meet everyone that I would like to know. Peace, Darrell
  15. I can tell you what one person left locally in Louisville, KY... I was FIRST FINDER on this cache on March 3, 2004. My log explains my difficulties, but the prize greatly exceeded my effort. From my note dated May 30, 2004 for GCHT8F: This cache is now famous all over Southern California. For those of you who do not know, the first finder's prize in this cache was a free roundtrip airline ticket to anywhere Southwest flies. I chose California to visit my best friend and brother-in-law. I went alone and stayed three wonderful weeks and hiked, toured, cached, camped, beached, and took 1000 pictures. I visited San Diego, Palm Springs, San Juan Capistrano, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Big Sur, Carmel, San Francisco, and Marin County, plus every other beach town along the coast and a few inland towns. Every cacher I met got to hear the story...few believed me at first until I supplied details. All that said, this note is not about me. It is about the generosity and kindness of Eagles61. I sincerely appreciate this unforgettable experience that he made possible. I took full advantage of it and enjoyed it to the fullest. Thanks Mike. Peace, Darrell Show Me The Cache
  16. I would like to take this opportunity on Thanksgiving Day to express my gratitude to the geocaching community. I have been involved for almost 30 months now, and have received countless hours of pleasure from the activity. I have also made many new friendships locally and across the country that would have been extremely unlikely otherwise. Most geocachers are quality people, and it is great to be associated with them. Thanks to all of you who have been so nice to me and have contributed to geocaching in so many ways. The sense of community is overwhelming at times. Peace, Darrell Show Me The Cache DssaysHi@aol.com
  17. Congratulations from Show Me The Cache in Louisville, KY. I have been fortunate enough to meet and/or cache with twelve geocachers who have reached the #1000 milestone. Unfortunately, Jean is not one of them...yet. To many, it is THE number that really registers. I have watched Utah Jean's progress, and I am excited for her. I am certain that she has worked a lot harder than most to reach that goal strictly because of geography and topography. Additionally, many of her finds came in the early days when there were so few caches compared to today. Congratulations to a real pioneer of the activity. Peace. Darrell Show Me The Cache
  18. Hey Buddy: CONGRATULATIONS to the ONE geocacher who has done the MOST to make geocaching better for all of us. Peace
  19. For logical business reasons, I wouldn’t expect an accurate answer to your question. Financial statements could be an open invitation to serious competition. Also, administrators who work for free to make this site as good as it is might become discontent if they feel they are being used while others profit greatly. As long as this site is fair to those who support it and responsive to the needs of geocachers, it will thrive. Being a monopoly is one thing, but treating it as such can be dangerous. Anyone who feels overly secure in any internet business has false security. It is the nature of the dot-com beast. When competitors smell money, and especially if they see it in black and white, they will eventually surface. Talented programmers who geocache might jump at the chance to start a geocaching site. One did.
  20. When I first began, I thought I HAD to choose a geo-related name instantly. I did. Had I realized I would be interested in this sportivity longer than 3 weeks, I would have put more thought into it and chosen a shorter one. Do you realize how many times I have typed or written S-H-O-W M-E T-H-E C-A-C-H-E? My retroactive choice: CACHE-22
  21. Though the final number isn't in yet, DAGGY from Sellersburg, IN completed 75 caches on June 14, 2003 in Nashville, TN. With direction from JOGPS and with husband DEERMARK behind the wheel, she completed the job in 16 hours which included driving from Sellersburg, IN and stopping for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The list was carefully selected strictly for speed caching and it went extremely well. Eliminate the long drive and the stops and, yes, 100 is possible. My crystal ball says you will see it soon.
  22. This ties in with the church sign discussion more than the paradox topic, but it seemed like a good place to post the picture. This sign is behind the Cathedral of the Assumption in Louisville, KY at the In Deo Gratis Cache.
  23. Congratulations to the best of the best. For the past year, I have admired the efforts of Bruce. From what I gather from the statements of others, he does things the way I do in general, but does them much better. Focus is the key. Like me, when time permits, he seems to prefer the harder caches that were more typical when we first started. Recently I met Bruce in Louisville, and now I like the man just as much as the legend. Two re-scheduled basketball games will prevent me from witnessing #2000, but I am there in spirit. All things considered, Bruce is at the top of any list you want to write. Thanks, Darrell Smith Show Me The Cache DSsaysHi@aol.com
  24. Stand in the place where you live Now face North Think about direction Wonder why you haven't before Now stand in the place where you work Now face West Think about the place where you live Wonder why you haven't before If you are confused check with the sun Carry a compass to help you along Your feet are going to be on the ground Your head is there to move you around Peace
  25. I live in Louisville and the roads here are totally clear. The forecast calls for a little sprinkling of snow Sunday afternoon, but nothing to really concern you. Today we will go above freezing for the first time in several days. There is some snow on the ground. Be careful.
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