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  1. Not so sure about that. I heard that it was going to be some time in January.
  2. My Linksys came with a neat little program called Easylink Advisor which lets me know who's hooked into my system. I too leave mine unsecured because my kids and other folks drop in and use it often and I don't really care if anyone else "drops by" either, but I'm far enough away from any parking to have any "visitors." That being said, I posit the following: Would not that leave you open to problems with users stopping nearby, logging onto illegal sites or some such mischief and dropping little turds that YOUR ISP address was doing the visiting? Dunno how that works, but would not your network have a single ISP address which would be the address of record if anyone did any subsequent investigating? I'm going to do a search on the net later this evening on that but if anyone has the answer, it would save me some time THANKS IN ADVANCE. My knowledge is pretty general, but here we go. As far as your ISP is concerned, there i sonly one computer at your house hooked up to them, using whatever IP address you are connecting with. When someone connects to your router wirelessly, your ISP is none the wiser. It still appears as if your home computer is the only thing hooked up to their network. Let's say you have your main desktop, hooked up to your router (and through that to your ISP modem and out of your house. Your buddy brought over his laptop with a wifi card, and your cousin brought over his Sony PSP and hooks up wirelessly. You go to cnn on your computer, your buddy downloads some questionalble images, and your cousin starts blasting away opponants in an online game on his PSP. As far as your ISP is concerned, only one IP address is requesting all this info, and all the info is being sent down the lines, through the modem, to your router. Your router is doing all the work figuring out which bits go where. So any investigation as to what IP address is doing anything illegal, there is only one, yours.
  3. For US airports, it varies from airport to airport. IIRC, Newark airport in NJ had limited wifi, you can access a news page, some flight info, but total access to the internet required paying by credit card. Asheville, NC airport had open, free wi-fi.
  4. Hmm. It does work for pda's that aren't smart phones. Perhaps I'll try it out later...
  5. And .999...(the 9's repeating) exactly equals 1, not any less.
  6. I thought that had to do with the rotation of the earth, not the magnetic poles. In fact, I'm sure it does...since water is not affected by magnetism. The circling of water in a tub, toilet, whirlpool, etc is also not affected by the rotation of the earth. That's a well believed myth. I'm glad that at least one other person knows that. Hmm. There's no Dark Side of the Moon (other than the Pink Floyd album. I guess the "back" side of the moon is often referred to as the dark side, but it gets about as much sunlight as the "light" side of the moon. Meh, this isn't really a good one.
  7. In Google Earth hold down [Command+Option+A on a Mac] or [Alt+Control+A on a PC] to open up a hidden flight simulator. Now you can fly cache to cache in an F-16!
  8. As others have said, sign up for notifications, and be ready!to go. Also, to be FTF, you must convince yourself that it is indeed there, even if it may not. Why wouldn't a cache be there? Sometimes cache owners have the cache published before they actually place the cache. This shouldn't be done, but I hear stories that it is. Also, the cache owner may have made a typo in his/her coordinates. This happens a lot. So, when you race out to be FTF, you may always have this doubt in the back of your mind that the cache isn't even there. And that may be enough to make you give up after 5 minutes, when if you searched for another 5, you would have had FTF!
  9. #1 of course is a big one. Then 50, 100, 150, 200, and every 100 after that. I originally thought of not including 150 as a milestone, but when I got that, it felt big to me, so I made it so. At this point, after 200, I think of just doing every 100 is sufficient. And for every FTF, I think every one is great!
  10. Give it a day. When this topic popped up, geocaching.com was fine for me. It wasn't until the next day that it was blocked. My uninformed guess is that websense has many servers, and any changes to it's database takes a while to propagate through all of them. Your company may be using a server that hadn't received the updated black list. Hopefuly you will have access soon.
  11. It's back! It's back! Geocaching.com is now back! Yippie!
  12. Doesn't sound stupid at all. It's okay to post the link to the cache (I can't check it anyway, as I can't access geocaching.com at work, and there is a seperate topic on this). The cache's intention sounds like you're supposed to trade. Again, this is a recommendation by the person who placed the cache. You can even email the owner of the cache, and say you have no TB's, but you intend to take one without repalcing it, and if that is okay with him/her. Heck, the cache owner may even make a special trip to the cache and put in a TB to replace the one you take! Or, another cacher may drop off a TB w/o taking one to replace yours. Basically, geocachers are friendly and understanding. Taking a TB from a bug hotel without placing one is hardly breaking a rule. And there are many ways to rectify it, say goin gback at a later date with another TB you drop off. Reasons to take a TB: (1) You are dying to! (2) The TB owner wants it to move. Reasons to leave a TB: (1) The cache owner requests you to trade. I say go for it, and just post your reasons. I don't see it as a big problem at all.
  13. Generally, coins and TB's can be taken and nothing left in their place, as they are owned by their owner and don't "belong" to the cache. However, the TB hotel you speak of, is a slightly different animal. Most TB hotels should always have some TB's in them, so better to trade. But if you take one because you want it to be your first, and post as such in your log, I am sure most will have nothing against that. Maybe promise to drop off another TB at some future date?
  14. Yes, the altimeter will read a lower altitude. I'm not positive if turning it off will allow it to get an altitude reading based on satellites, but I think not. The D is satellites that have been error corrected based on your units lock on a WAAS sattelite. So, if you have lot's of 'D's, that's a good thing. I'm not sure if you will get a WAAS lock in germany, as I think the few there are are in geosynchronous orbit, so they remain in a fixed position in respect to the ground, usually over the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Maybe you can get the Atlantic one there, not sure. lastly, it's nice that Aer Lingus allows GPS usage on flights (taking your word for it), but be prepared that you can still be asked not to use it by a flight attendent or captain, even if policy allows it. Crew member trumps policy. You will surely not be allowed to use it during taxi, takeoff, or landing. They treat GPS as any other electronic device. Enjoy the hunt in Germany!
  15. I actually had the 60CSx on my christmas list, to replace my greyscale vista. But I just love the feel of my vista, and the fact that it fits in my palm perfectly. I'm thinking of looking to get the Vista HCX instead, if only for it's size. I do think the 60csx looks tough and cool, but what I am more interested in is finding caches, and loking somewhat normal carrying the GPSr down the trail. teh 60csx stands out a bit too much.
  16. I think some of my early logs I may have just written TFTC or something to that effect. But there is really no reason to do that in the online log. I usually try to write something, even if it only has to do with the condition of the container, log, etc. I save the abbreviations for the signing the physical log while standing in a swamp, holding the log in one hand, my pen in the other, the cache between my knees, the zip-loc bag under my chin while being eaten by mosquitoes.
  17. Well, those postal mailers are made out of tyvek, and are free at the post office. Of course, it's illegal to use them for anything else other than mailing stuff. I'm just sayin'. *wink wink*
  18. I just completed a puzzle/multi. 5 stages. Stage 1 was about 2 blocks from my house. Stage 2 was 20 miles. Stage 3 was about 3 miles, stage 4 about 25 miles, and stage 5 was about 7 miles. Did it over 2 months, as it was a 5 star difficulty. A lot of fun, a very cool end, and lots of driving.
  19. One problem is that GPS satellites aren't geosynchronous. If China destroyed every single one of them that flew over their territories, would that be enough to degrade system performance elsewhere? I believe that every GPS sat will pass over China at some point. Except the WAAS sats. I think they are in geosynchronous orbit.
  20. I love puzzle caches, use a mac, and have a terrible system for keeping track of puzzle caches. Usually, I end up printing out the puzzle page, solving it, and writing the solved coordinates on the page. Then I manually update the coordinates when I go to look for the cache. The problem is I often lose the pages, and have to solve some puzzles two or even three times! Probably the best way is to keep a spreadsheet just for your puzzle caches. That's what I plan to do, jsut haven't gotten around to it yet.
  21. Through some poor planning, I have twice now left the house to go caching with my 3-yo son with no swag. The first time he fell in love with a beaded necklace and I had nothing to trade. The second time it was a well stocked cache of toys, but somehow I convinced him to take a Unite for Diabetes Travel Bug. So, I am one trade in the hole. I do plan on leaving some nice swag in a future cache w/o taking anything, to balance the karma books from the necklace we took. So fess up you out there! What did you take and not trade fairly or at all? What do you plan to do about it?
  22. Looked at some of those 2012 sites, and looks like a bunch of hooey to me. The first site I looked at actually said the Earth would start to rotate in the opposite direction! Sorry, but physics would prevent that. All the Planets direction of rotation were set in the creation of the Solar System, and all rotate the same direction (the major exceptions being Uranus and Venus, which orbit retrograde because of external forces (being hit by some ginormous energy impact). Fact is: people love to say the world is going to end on a specific date. But no one knows when the poles will reverse. Somehow these wolf-criers latched onto 2012 (maybe because it will be a big sun-spot year?)
  23. There's a virtual that's a 4 or 4.5 terrain in the Milford, PA / Digman's Ferry area. It's called Shades of the Past. I haven't done it yet, but hope to the next time I am in the area...
  24. Curious, where did you hear this 2012 date? I know the magnetic poles have flipped in the past and will again, and that recently there has been some evidence that we are approaching another reversal, but 2012? As far as I know, it could be in a few years to several thousand or even tens of thousands of years off... Compasses will point south instead of north, some migratory birds may get confused, etc. But as far as I know, the effects are expected to be minimal.
  25. Don't get excited, as I don't have a solution, but can tell you my experience. I have a Garmin Vista, and a Palm brand serial to usb cable. I installed the Palm driver for the cable, and was able to communicate with the GPSr no problem with Mapsource and GSAK. Until recently... Now GSAK gives me an error that it can't communicate as the COM port is in use or something to that effect (don't have the exact error message in front of me). XP recognized the serial adapter as soon as I plugged it in. Mapsourse, however, has no problem communicating with the GPSr. So now my workflow has to be: download pocket query, open it in GSAK, do my thing, export it as a mapsourse file, quit gsak, open mapsource, open new file, export waypoints to GPSr. I guess once the mapsource leg fails, I'll either investigate further, or update my GPSr.
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