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  1. Interesting. It does seem that Garmin removed the listing for US Topo (I have a etrex Vista, similar to your unit, but a few more features and a 24MB memory) Anyway, US Topo maps will work fine on your unit, if you can find them. ebay should work fine. I have topo maps loaded on my Vista. Just to give you an idea, with 24MB, I can fit all of New Jersey, some of NE Pennsylvania, some of NYC, and the Asheville, NC area. So, while 8MB doesn't seem like a lot, you should be able to put on your immediate geocaching area.
  2. I believe your choices is to delete one waypoint at a time, delete all waypoints by symbol, or delete all waypoints completely. So, if you have some you want to keep and some you don't, it may be easiest to delete them all, and load new ones on via a PQ.
  3. Actually, if you know who placed the cache, you can find archived caches in the Cache Owners profile. Also, finding archived caches on the maps will be available for premium members at some point.
  4. The caches are always on the site. If you have the waypoint ID of the cache you searched for, you can look up the cache by that. (it's the several letter code that always begins with GC).
  5. My son is 3 and half now, and occasionally goes geocaching with me. He still remembers the first one I took him to, around his third birthday. He referrers it it as "his" geocache. What is fun is when you get to the area of the cache, hopefully you can see where it is hidden, and then carefully direct your son/daughter to the cache and let them find it. Have fun!
  6. I also second the use of the %smart tag in GSAK. There is great documentation in GSAK on how to use it. It essentially creates a unique, plain English code for each cache based on the cache owners given name for the cache. That way, your GPSr isn't cluttered with GC#'s, and rather has shortened versions of the cache's actual name.
  7. I found some kind of ziplock bag of urine nailed to a tree. I think it's some kind of hunting thing.
  8. I think this is what you want to do, but feel free to play around with the various settings: In cachemate, goto the options menu, and select "List Options" In the "extra info" drop-down, select none or Waypoint check the box for "display waypoint as name" check the box for "when sorted by waypoint" Now, on the main screen, where it lists all the caches, there are two boxes at the bottom that allow you to sort the list by name, or waypoint. If you chose the above options, when you click on "name" you will see all your caches listed alphabetically by the name the cache owner gave it. Click on waypoint, all the names disappear and are replaced by the GC#, sorted alphabetically by the GC#. This may be what you want.
  9. Not geocaching, but: all in Manhattan except the last two, Sigorney Weaver while jogging in Riverside Park Robin Williams in Grand Central Station (while filming the Fisher King) Kim Bassinger and Alec Baldwin in a Sushi restaurant Hugh Jackman just walking on the street Robert DiNero just walking on the street Yoko Ono coming out of a movie theater A handful of NY Jets players where I work, Morristown, NJ Bobby McFerrin in a movie theater in Pittsfield, MA
  10. You've resisted the urge to speak into your GPS like it is a cell phone while doing an urban micro because you are more concerned with a clear signal rather than blending. So you then talk on your real cellphone in one hand, holding your GPS out ahead of you with the other, and then wish you had a third arm to reach under benches, behind sign posts, etc.
  11. Weird. My eTrex Vista clock is completely unreliable. The clock and date are always waaaay off. The clock is off by several hours and odd minutes, and the date by 60 odd years or 40 od years (depending if it thinks it's 1966 or 2066), yet it has usually no problem acquiring satellites, and when it gets a WAAS lock, accuracy is usually 6 to 9 feet.
  12. Geocoins: Simply take one (or more) and move it to an new cache. Travel Bugs: Simply take one (or more) and move it to a new cache. Anything else (SWAG): feel free to take as much as you want, but make sure to replace what you take with items of equal or greater value.
  13. Enabling WAAS will not make the GPS any more sensitive. However, if you enable WAAS, and you get a nice lock on a WAAS satellite (which doesn't happen all the time), your accuracy of your unit will generally be little to much improved. Just today I was going after a cache, and just kept it on the satellite page. I had a nice, clear view of the sky. Accuracy was generally 14 feet, but when the WAAS satellite (number 51 in this case) got locked, I got all those 'D's on the signal bars of the other satellites, and accuracy fluctuated between 6 and 9 feet. As soon as I lost the sat once in a while, accuracy would drop again, to fluctuate between 14 and 20 feet. This is on a eTrex Vista, a non HC version.
  14. As I was heading to the cache White Hot Cache (GCJ6YJ), I left the trail and immediately came across crime scene tape. Keep in mind that this is an area of dense woods and I was a little freaked out. Turns out a body was discovered a few days earlier there. Still no word on the cause of death there.
  15. Thanks for that mini-review/notes. I would love to do all my geocaching stuff within the macOS, but have to boot into bootcamp. Unfortunately, I am stuck using windows because MacOSX refuses to see my GPSr when hooked up via a USB-serial cable. It's an older cable branded by palm, and there seems to be no mac OSX-Intel drivers for it. I even tried some generic drivers, but they didn't work. Once I upgrade my GPSr and have a normal USB connection, I can leave Windows behind!
  16. When I click on "view map" for a coin I own, I get the location for the TB "OPERATION FLASHPOINT", which is owned by Jeremy. Strange...
  17. I do too. I have a PQ set up that sort of does this: it has the "I have found" and "Found in the last 7 days" options checked. They aren't sorted in most-recently-found order, though; the query is centered around my home coords, so the list is ordered by distance from home. It does only include caches found within the last week, though, so I'm interested in all of them regardless of the order. It's okay for when I'm just curiously browsing. (I wish that it would include all types of logs in its search criteria, not just finds -- I'd also be interested in seeing recent DNF logs on caches we have found before.) Hey, that's great! Yet another case of "Why didn't I think of that?" The limitations of that is that you are limited to 500 caches (no problem since I have just a bit over 250), but also caches with 500 miles. So if you traveled more than 500 miles, those won't be included. Creating more PQ's to bridge these is more work than I'd like just to see recent posts. However, you can see DNF's using your method! Just uncheck "Found in last 7 days" and check "Updated in last 7 days". You will now get caches that have any kind of log in the past week (DNF's, notes, etc). Thanks again for the PQ idea!
  18. Actually, I do use GSAK (I can dual boot into either MacOS or XP, I use XP to manage caches and transfer to my GPS). When you click on my finds, the site is already crunching data to figure out what caches I have found in the order of most recent to least. It shouldn't be any more to be able to sort the same list by most recent found (the data is already there, pulled anyway).
  19. I think it would be nice to sort the "all cache finds" (profile -> geocaches -> all cache finds) list by various methods. For example, clicking on icon should sort icons ascending, clicking on it again should sort them descending. But what I am really looking for is to be able to click on the "last Found" heading to sort those caches. It would be able to quickly sort all my finds to see those most recently found, as well as those which have no been found for the longest time. Sometimes I like to read recent logs of caches I have found, but aren't on my watchlist, and it would be nice to have them all grouped together at the top of the list.
  20. I too have just become a premium member and i seem to have set up my notifications (but maybe not correctly) and I am not recieving any emails Well, this is how I have mine set up: Type to watch: Traditional check mark on: Publish listing Point of origin: Degrees and Minutes (minDec) (the coordinates is for a spot half way between my home and my office) Distance in miles: 16 check mark on: Enable notifications Repeat all the above for: mega Event, Event, Puzzle, Letter Hybrid, and Multi.
  21. I've done 2 night caches. One is listed as a mystery. The other as traditional. The two caches are identical as the posted coordinates bring you to a location where you look for the beginning of a reflector trail that brings you to the cache. To be fair, the one listed as a traditional is a much older cache, placed in Jan of 2002.
  22. I'm not sure what are the "must-do" ones, but if you will be at the Metropolitan museum of Art, the museum itself is a virtual cache. Then there are a bunch in central park, but none so close as to make a very quick stop. But I'd start with the ones in central park because your GPSr will receive a better signal there. The others that are more on the streets and avenues, well, your GPSr will often get terrible signal,a nd huge muggle activity. The upside is that many of these can be found suing only google maps and the hint, no GPSr required.
  23. Wow! 300! I heard last night at the 3rd Tuesday event form some Mad Russian that you hit the milestone. Congrats! Missed you there, hope you are feeling better. Now on to 400!
  24. Sounds fine, although I have yet to do a cache with a combo lock at the end. I know they are out there, but I haven't come across one yet. Perhaps someone who has had experience finding and/or placing one can give you good advise. However, I would make sure that you state on the cache page that the extra numbers are required for the final, which has a combo lock. Or at the very least, stress that all info in the stage should be recorded and is necessary for the final. Even then, people forget to write down the required codes! But at least you have done your part.
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