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  1. There is an event near me that happens every month. The same page is recycled for each month, keeping the same GC#, and just changing pertinent info. Some of us log an attended at each event (as it is a new event) and others don't (as it is the same GC#). To each their own, as both ways make sense to me. I like logging each one as it makes it easy to look back and see which ones I attended and which ones I missed.
  2. If you logged your DNF, then you can simply view the cache by looking at your log. Alternatively, you can find archived caches if you know the GC number, or the name of the hider. Othwerwise, you are out of luck. I do know that searching for archived caches will be brought back as a premium member feature.
  3. Did you never get notification of the other 3? Perhaps the one you got is in your notification radius, and the other 3 are just outside?
  4. Having a 2 year old is can be very helpful if you are looking for urban caches that require a degree of stealth. Poking around under benches, garbage cans, storm drains, etc doesn't look as suspicious when you are with your kid. I first went caching with my son who was just under 3, and we had to be poking around in the woods just behind a baseball field where a game was being played. A lot less conspicuous with him there rather than if I was by myself.
  5. Well, if you don't mind lookign like a dork, were long pants and shirt, tuck the pants into your socks. Make sure it is all light colored (that way you can easily spot the ticks when they are on your clothes). Wear bug spray with DEET, that will help keep them off. Treat clothing with Permathen (not sure of the spelling, but you put it on your clothes, and it's good for multiple washings). Remove the ticks as soon as you can, but you do have a bit of time. To contract Lyme Disease, a tick needs to be attached 24 to 48 hours. If you do get the bulls eye rash, or feal aches in all your joints a week or two after finding a tick on you, go to the doctor. A three week regimen of antibiotics will knock it out.
  6. Generally, having WAAS enabled is a good thing. I'm not sure why to reverts to disabled. Perhaps make sure to have battery saving set to off? About marking a waypoint, they should stay until you delete them. When you mark a waypoint, you have three options: 1: Goto, this will save the point and direct you to the waypoint 2: View on Map: this will show you the point on a map 3: OK: This will save the point Note that if you choose 2, the point is not saved as far as I know. Perhaps this is what happened?
  7. To just add a little more info, and some background, GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) can do it. It's a program that runs on you rPC where you can manage a whole database of caches. It also lets you export caches to your GPS using what is called a "Smart Name". What this Smart Name is, is the name of each cache, but it also is unique. There are many caches that have the same name, but the smart name will be unique to each cache on your GPS (two caches can't have the same name on the GPS. It will also shorten the name to fit in however many characters can be displayed. It's great to have the names on the GPS! I've been using GSAK for a few months now, and only this weekend finally registered it. It's free to try, $25 once you see how great it is.
  8. I only have a mountain bike---will that work? Yes, many who do the tour use mountain bikes. I've done it several times with a hybrid. It's a long (about 40 miles) but easy ride, all paved streets, no traffic (other than other bicycles), and the only tough elevation changes is up and over bridges (the climb up an over the Varanzzano Narrows at the end is a lot longer and steeper than you would think). Problem with mixing this and caching is that so many people are doing this, I've found that if you arrive late, or go slow, you get caught up in the pack, and the ride is very slow going. Arriving earlier (6 to 630am) and starting towards the front, and keeping a decent pace (and skipping some of the rest stops) makes a much more enjoyable ride. That said, there is quite a handful of caches that are directly on the route, so I may try and grab one or two on the day, but my focus is going to be on the ride itself.
  9. I must add, it is Daylight Saving Time, not savings. Anyone know where this confusion began? I always called it savings, and we even received a company wide email notifying us that savings time begins this weekend. Isn't is also funny that "standard" time is now less than half the year? I guess Daylight Saving Time should be renamed Standard Time, and Standard time should be renamed Daylight wasting time.
  10. Same here. But I've found that selecting attributes even when working had limited value at best, so I would have no problem if they simply removed it entirely. Anyway, as long as it is there, this should be fixed. Nice catch.
  11. I think it would be kind of cool to be able to design ones own icon for a TB. Perhaps once you've purchased a TB, for an extra buck or two (or 5 or whatever) you can upload your own icon. I think this would generate many more sales of TB's overall, and at a premium over generic TB icons. Thoughts?
  12. I love the idea of a voluntary rating system. Personally, I like to get every cache I can. Even "bad" caches, if only for a conversation that goes like this: cacher 1: "Hey, did you grab that junky cache called "Horrible nano in the sewage pile?" cacher 2: "Yeah, that was the worst ever!" Laughter all around. So, I wouldn't use it too much for my local caches, but it could be very useful when traveling. I'd love to filter out the "normal" caches and go for those that are the "best" with my limited time. Of course, there will always be ones I'd love that get filtered out, and ones that others love more that I'd rather skip, but it would be on great resourse as a starting point when planning caches when traveling. I guess I would also use the kids attribute if I plan on bringing my son out with me, so that could be useful. I hope to see a rating system in some way soon, I just worry that it may discourage new cache placers (of which I am placing my first now) from placing caches.
  13. I like the bird nest hide, but I ran into a problem: One cache I found was indeed a bison tube firmly attached to a fake birds nest. Cool, I thought. A few weeks later, hunting a different cache by the same hider, I spotted another bird nest. A ha! I pulled the branch with the nest on it closer to me. Of course, this time it was a real nest. Oh well.
  14. Do you think it's a pain to get one that has a Serial cord verus a USB cord? No pain at all if your computer has a built in serial port. However, the USB to serial adapters are a pain to configure and use. Thank you so much. I do have dumb question however. Is a Serial port the same type of port that you would plug say a printer into? Generally, no. Most modern printers connect via USB. Older printers conntected to waht was called a "parallel port" These were huge connectors on the back, very wide. The serial port older devices hook into look more like the vga connector that monitors hook into. Serial port: parallel port: USB:
  15. My most memorable puzzles: GC119WF - Alia's Wish - Hardest puzzle I have done. Very cool set-up, though. GC16E33 - Pixel Eyes - A bit too much explanation for some of the steps, and frustratingly little for some others. But a very cool revelation of the coordinates at the end, only to be outdone by... GC12TEE - Bow(wow)s and Arrows - Once the process is determined, the revelation of the coordinates is just amazing.
  16. I think that is just the way it is. The limitation is the number of caches in the current view of the window, regardless of what you have checked or unchecked. I'm guessing that the "feature" to not show more than 500 is more of a system load safety feature rather than a "keep the map uncluttered" feature.
  17. I went after a cache near where I work, and after signing the log and returning to the trail, a muggle came up behind me and asked me if I had hid it. I said no, but I know who had. Turns out, this guy was up in a tree stand hunting deer when the cache owner was placing the cache! I called the CO shortly afterwords, and he was a bit freaked that the 20 minutes he was there hiding the cache and getting GPS readings, he never noticed the hunter.
  18. I agree with the idea of ignoring the GPSr at some point and just searching with eyes, hands, etc. But I don't turn it off. I find the longer it is on, the better it gets a signal, or quicker to get a stronger one. So I just find a nice spot to lay the GPS down (ideally on top of a prevelant stump or big branch, so I can find it again). That way, I can search the area with no GPS in hand, but head back to it to see it's reading. Too often I think I'm at a GZ, so I search and find nothing, only to check back with the GPS, and it has an accuracy of 9 feet, but it pointing 30 feet in another direction, which turns out to be the actual GZ area.
  19. A few things come to mind: At those distances you are getting quite close to the cache. It can often be quite normal for the directional arrow to appear erratic once you begin to get close to the cache. Your unit doesn't have an electronic compass, so you need to be moving fairly quickly and ideally in a straight line for the pointer to be accurate. If you stop, or move too slowly, the pointer is useless. And it gets worse the worse the reception is, as the unit is even less certain of your true location, so as it makes it's best guess where you are second to second, it also thinks you are "moving" to these new locations which means it also believes you are travelin gin directions quite contrary to your actual walking direction. I hope this helps, but it may not...
  20. Hmm. First thing, what is the size of the card? You mention that in the error it says there is 1980MB available, yet you also say it's a 1GB card. A 1GB card would only have about 980 MB or so. If it's a 2GB card, then I'm not sure.
  21. before you submit it, make sure you have none of the days of the week checked. Then submit it and preview it. If you like what you get, edit the query to have it run on whatever day of the week you wish.
  22. And what is wrong if I follow the steps on http://markwell.us/pq.htm#step1simple to the last dot, and I still dont get any results from pocket queries, but find 600 caches when I run a request on "hide and seek a cache" ? I've tried to run searches, I've tried to preview searches, but no result. I've tried and researched pocket queries for the last 24h, and its starting to pi** me off, as the main reason I paid for a full year premium membership was the PQ's.... And I must say, I not very impressed with the PQ service, and its non exicisting explanation/faq/help function. Yeah, and how am I supposed to run a preview of a new querie, when the option is not there before I have submitted the query???? I'm sure it is something really simple that you are doing that is giving you no results. In almost every case, you have too many things checked off (for example, you may have checked "are available to all members" and "are for members only" having such will give zero results. Why don't you post each and every item you have in your PQ query, and one of us can check it out.
  23. On the Jeep website, they have a geocaching videogame you can download. It's fun for about 5 minutes, and gets old real fast, but the gist is: It's a free roam on foot or in various jeep vehicles, 3d game a la Grand Theft Auto, but without the violence. You drive or run over geocaches, which are rotating tubes that float a foot off the ground. The more caches you find, more start to show up. I think there are 50 caches in each of 4 areas, and the incentive to complete an area is that you unlock a jeep geocaching postcard you can email people. There are also little mini-games in each area, which is generally to complete a check-point course in a set time. It's kind of fun, the towns and mountains, hills, trees, etc look pretty nice, but there is no interaction with anything in the environment, and the control of the vehicles is simplistic. The funny thing is that I kept driving to where a cache shows up on the onscreen GPS, and I would jump out of the vehicles to collect it (just as you would in the real world). I had about 60 caches before I realized you can simply run over the caches while driving to collect them. I'd recommend download it, play for a bit, then delete. EDIT: Here is the web address for the game: http://www.jeep.com/games/geocaching.html
  24. That's right. I haven't really found much of a practical use for having the topo maps on my unit. I do like the extra detail it includes on the map when viewed on the GPSr, for example seeing if there is a river in the park I am in that I may have to figure out where to cross. Also, if I get completely turned around when driving back from a cache area to my office or home, the topo maps are a bit useful to see the streets and such in the area. Not all of them are named, or even included, but it does help me get oriented a bit better. But having topo never helped me find a cache. I got my set free. I don't think I would have bought it at full price, though. For me, it just makes the map screen more intertesting.
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