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  1. Thanks. I bookmarked this because there is a good chance I will be out in Michigan sometime this summer.
  2. Also, if you are getting a WAAS lock, you will dss the D in the bars of the satellites, and you will have bars for sat numbers 33 and higher. I have yet to get a WAAS lock, but I may have not let it sit out long enough to get a fix.
  3. Never use the tracking code you just gave out. This item should only be publically referred to as TB19BFD. If you are the owner (which you should be if you activated it), go to the cache listing itself and there you have an option of dropping it into it.
  4. As a premium member ($3/month or $30/year) you can get exactly that. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks promising. You generate a route somehow (haven't looked into it too much yet), and then geocaching.com can use that to find, say, all caches 5 miles or less from that route. Welcome!
  5. I agree with avoiding searching by zip. Get the coordinates of your house, and then search within a 5 or 10 mile radius of those coordinates. But to contradict myself, I often search by zip. On the main page I enter my zip (or the zip of my office if I will cache during lunch or after work). Then I click the map icon in the list that comes up. I drag the map around and make manual notes of the caches I am interested in based on where they are. This way I can see a group of caches in a single park, for example.
  6. That's a very very basic model, but will indeed work for geocaching.
  7. I personally don't care too much. One cache near me popped up on my email, and I went out that afternoon at lunchtime. I noticed 1 cacher there already, and a few more approaching as I was leaving. It was a multi with a puzzle, which I was able to get stage 1 without my gps (didn't bring it to work that day), but have not yet gone to the final. Last week, another new cache popped up on my email. Couldn't find it in the morning. All day at work I had it on my watch list. No one even logged anything. Viewing the coordinates on google maps made it clear that I took the wrong trail in the AM. After work I went out, but assumed someone else got it during the day. Wasn't I pleasantly surprised when I found the log book completely blank! What an exciting FTF, because it was my first FTF. Now, a week later, no one else has even posted a note, so all I can assume is that no one has even looked for it. For some reason it makes the FTF feel like less of an accomplishment. But, a FTF is a FTF.
  8. From what I gather, you should be able to choose your card reader as a device when clicking the send to... button. I do recall seeing other posts where people had trouble transferring to a card reader. I think the solution is simply picking it from a list, but it wasn't always intuitive where that was. Try preferences? I've only transfered maps directly to my Vista, and that was with a usb-to-serial adapter I had left over from my Palm IIIx. Talk about slow!
  9. What exactly isn't working. Is the reader/card simply not being seen by Windows? That is my guess since you can't seem to get it to work with several apps. Downloading and installing new drivers for the card reader is always a good first step.
  10. The Vista has 24MB of memory in it for maps. So, as I understand it, as long as my selected maps in Mapsource is 24MB or under, I am fine. I also think, and correct me if I am wrong, that this 24MB is completely separate from memory used to store waypoints, tracks, and routes. I am basing this on the fact that I transfered maps totalling about 23MB to my vista, but the "memory used" stat in the Main menu says 7%. Is all this correct?
  11. Besides the obvious (long pants, long shirt), are there bug spray repellents that work well on repelling ticks as well? Last night the wife found SIX ticks on me. I've got them in a tupperware with some rubbing alcohol right now, and I want to try an prevent another tick infestation the next time I go out. All were deer-ticks, by the way. I once did have a tick bite that resulted in the expanding ring. Went on antibiotics and all should be good with that. Now I need to pay attention to any symptoms and see if I gotta go back on anti-biotics again. What a pain. All six ticks from just a 2 cache outing a few days ago...
  12. You are stuck at one at a time, unless you become a premium member. Then you can create pocket queries which allows you to download 500 caches at a time, up to 2,500 per day.
  13. For beginning, I'd suggest something on the low end. Perhaps the Garmin eTrex (the yellow one), or the magellin 100. They're new for about $100. They don't "do" much, but can lead you near a cache just like the more expensive ones. If your friend really gets into caching, he'll quickly outgrow these units, but at least they're only $100. I started with the Garmin Vista. I kinda picked a middle-of-the-road unit. It is about $160 new, but had some things I wanted (ability to load some maps, and an electronic compass). I'm starting to outgrow this unit and am looking at the 60CSx.
  14. Thanks for the responses. Yes, the max on the Vista is 1000 waypoints. And I thought of copying/pasting on my way to work this morning. I'll try that when I get home.
  15. I'm having trouble finding an efficient way to get waypoints from geocaching.com to my GPSr using Mapsource. Here's what I am doing: I have several zipped gpx files generated from my pocket queries. I unzip them so that I have several qpx files with up to 500 waypoints in each. Open mapsource and I open my saved file where I have the regions of Topo maps selected for my GPRr (you know, the segments that I have selected with the irregular polygon tool). Now, I want to add the waypoints from several gpx files into the waypoints window of my mapsource file. But all I can seem to do is "open" a new mapsource window with just the waypoints of the file I opened. To make it clearer, I can open the gpx file which has the 500 or so caches near my home, but then when I want to add another 500 or so waypoints from another gpx file of caches near where I work, it opens a new mapsource window, I can't seem to get ALL my waypoints in one window. On top of that, I want them included in my mapsource file where I have my map regions selected. It is probably something basic I am missing, but glancing through the manual doesn't help (the manual predates the mapsource capability to read gpx files). Essentialy, I want to IMPORT waypoints into an existing mapsource file, not open new mapsource windows. The manual only mentions getting waypoints from a GPSr, not a file stored on the computer. I hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance.
  16. The multi-caches I have done have all been in walking distance. A few have had 2 or 3 stages all within 200 feet of each other or so. One I did was walking back and forth across a nice park, but about 15 minutes between each leg.
  17. I use the electronic compass on my GPSr. Only once was signal bounce so bad that even with the EC turned on did it make me do the "drunken bee dance" LOL
  18. I don't have my GPSr here, so I can't verify, but this is what I remember. On the map screen, bring up the options. On the "tab" that is the I for information, you should see a list of installed maps. THose with checks are "on" and those without are "off". So it is from there where you would switch between map sets.
  19. Yes, you can load them simutaniously to your GPSr. Hovever, only one is visible at a time. I believe you can have all the maps "on" on the GPSr, but only the one on "top" is visible. To see any underneath, you have to turn the top one(s) off.
  20. Topo US - Covers the whole country, but is pretty low-rez (1:100,000). I use this, if only to give me more info than what is included in the basemap of my Vista. I think it makes looking at the map on my GPS prettier, and gives me a better sense of my location when viewing it, but really doesn't help me do much more than I could without it. National Parks: much more higher detail: (1:24,000). But only includes national parks and their immediate surroundings. Looks great on the GPSr. City Navigator: all streets and roads with auto-routing capablility (if you GPS can do it). Haven't used this at all.
  21. Tell me about it. I am already thinking of upgrading my GPSr to a 60CSx (I have the Garmin Vista). IMO, removing as many of the "annoyances" as possible will make caching more fun. I was in one area of some woods the other day, and was the accuracy of the GPS was 140 feet! It sent me in wide circles all over the place. Almost had to log as a DNF, and then miraculously it got a better fix and I was able to zero in on the cache. I can only imagine that the new chipset would have made this find much much quicker.
  22. I wonder now that new macs can run windows natively, will Garmin be less inclined to make mapsource for the mac. I'm using Mapsource on my Mac Pro, when booting into XP.
  23. So far I have 17 finds (15 excluding events), and am only now starting to feel somewhat like a "regular" Of course, some of the people I have met have hundreds (and in one case 7,000 or so). So what is "your" magic number until you are no longer new? In my opinion, I would say 20, as long as the finds are somewhat varied. A bunch of 1/1 is fine to start, with perhaps a few 3.5/3's or so, and a few micros and multies.
  24. Well, I was unable to reproduce what you had happen. I too have cachemate set up that it moves any record that I mark "found" on the log screen to the Found category. I bookmarked a bunch of caches I had never even looked for. I went to search - bookmarks to bring up all the caches I had bookmarked. I click on the first one, choose move, and "not found" repeat for the others. In the end, I still has all my caches in the "found" category, and all the ones I just "moved" in the "not found" category. This is CacheMate 4.1.2 on a Palm TX. What version/platform are you using?
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