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  1. I'll add GC2WZZQ (in New Jersey) and GC4APVD (in Connecticut) to the list.
  2. I'm getting the same results. It appears the filter only works on the search page, and not on the map view. EDIT: I was able to workaround by creating a list using the clue-filtered search results, and then viewing the map for that list.
  3. I can see using the "Helpful" tag for caches where the posted coordinates seem off. A log that gives alternate coordinates, or says "found it 30 feet southeast from where my device was pointing," or even just "closer to the trail than we expected" is a log I'd appreciate being able to find quickly by changing sorting to "Most Helpful."
  4. I cache using a smartphone app, and routinely use that same smartphone's camera-with-flash feature to photo the interior of an area I'm considering searching but can't see inside.
  5. I think the OP is asking about virtuals that don't ask ANY questions. I.e., the cache page does not explain or describe in any way what, if anything, a visitor is supposed to do to claim a find. So there is no mechanism in place at all by which an owner can confirm whether a finder visited the site. The FAQ section on logging virtuals (and Earthcaches), 3.6 (copied below in its entirety), seems to assume that the virtual will have logging requirements - which "in most cases" will be answering questions. But "most" doesn't mean "all" - and this FAQ doesn't explicitly say whether a virtual must include logging requirements. (The Virtual Rewards FAQ - 2.9 in English - goes on at more length about "logging tasks," but still doesn't explicitly state that a virtual must include a logging task. And of course doesn't answer whether guidelines in existence back when a grandfathered Virtual was placed required or did not require logging tasks.) 3.6. Log an EarthCache or a Virtual Cache Read the cache page to learn the logging requirements for any EarthCache or Virtual Cache. In most cases you must answer questions to claim the find. Send your answers by email or Message Center directly to the cache owner. (Note: cache owners cannot require information to be sent through one particular tool.) Once you send your answers, you may log your find online before hearing back from the cache owner. Find out how to contact a cache owner. Did this answer your question? Yes or No
  6. Edge case: webcams. The FAQs on webcams (2.7) and ALRs (3.3) seem obliquely at odds on this point. I recall the question of "can a webcam owner enforce an ALR" came up semi-recently as part of a kerfuffle about a webcam CO deleting logs where the cacher in the webcam pic wasn't standing in the required area. Without going down the full rabbit hole of that brouhaha (which covered a number of extraneous topics), suffice to say that I don't recall this specific question - "can a webcam CO still enforce an existing ALR" - was ever officially resolved.
  7. Read this: https://www.geocaching.com/blog/2018/05/hidden-creatures-faq/
  8. As I said in the map survey thread, I saw a prompt during the map survey asking if I was interested to participate in something that sounds very much like this (especially the $25 gift and the Google group). I clicked "yes" as I was interested at the time. But I don't recall seeing anything in the survey that cautioned "by clicking yes you agree to our sharing your e-mail address with everyone else invited to participate" (or anything to that effect). I haven't received the e-mail. Maybe I wasn't part of a randomly chosen 500 (out of those clicking "yes" during the survey) to get the e-mail.
  9. I think they are related, as when I went through the survey on map usage, I got a prompt asking if I was interested to participate in what you describe in the other thread.
  10. I am presently attempting to download some Wherigo cartridges in advance of a short road trip, and received an "Error During Upload" response. Some digging brought me to this thread. I signed out of Wherigo and back in, and am now able to download some COs' cartridges, but not all. Those COs whose cartridges I cannot download are triggering the same "Error During Upload" response. The problem seems to persist across all cartridges uploaded by a specific CO (i.e., either all of their cartridges download fine, or none of them download). Should I be flagging to the COs that their Wherigo downloads don't seem to be working and may need reuploading? Or is this a potentially temporary issue that's presently being worked on? Thanks.
  11. I'm returning to this thread that I started a year+ ago to report back and close the loop. After trying different options, I've settled on Geooh Live and am quite happy with it. Thanks to all who responded with their suggestions and advice.
  12. I anticipate this is akin to 2016's Mission GC promotion. But space-themed.
  13. How about giving Challenge Caches their own icon - but keeping them as a subtype of Mystery Caches? Like how Events, CITOs, Megas, and Gigas are all subtypes under "All Event Cache Types" on your profile. There's precedent for this, as there's already one subtype of Mystery Caches that has its own icon but still falls under "All Mystery Cache Types": Geocaching HQ.
  14. Well, you've already found at least one other caching family as we'll be on the same exact cruise! Not sure how much Nassau caching we'll be able to do as we'll have little ones in tow, but at the very least we'd like to make a run at the cache on Castaway Cay.
  15. No kidding. I can understand that Stash-n-Dash doesn't really work if if can't move, but outforthehunt should have been given the chance to find a final permanent location for Leap Frog and allowed to pick one final location for the Brass Cap Cache where it could have remained. This was a classless move by Groundspeak and a slap in the face to one of the pioneers of caching. Unbelievable. Even travelers that had settled down to a "final permanent location" were axed. This one has been at its permanent home since April 2005. Hasn't moved in over twelve years. Still archived and locked.
  16. Some oddities with how TB logs show up in the Dashboard under "Recent Logs": - Wherever I have a "Discovered" TB log, the dashboard is not showing the location where the TB was discovered. Instead it shows "Discovered [TB NAME] at" with nothing after the word "at." This applies both for TBs that are currently in a cache, and TBs that are currently in another cacher's inventory. - Logs for dropping off TB's do not include the location, but also don't include the word "at." I.e., "Dropped off [TB NAME]" is the entire log listed. - Logs for visiting TB's to a cache *do* include the visited cache. I.e., "Took [TB NAME] to [CACHE NAME]" - "Discover" and "Visit" logs show the TB icon to the left. "Dropped Off" logs do not show any icon at all.
  17. I missed the call for a new icon for challenge caches. Where's it located?
  18. Also, regardless of D/T rating, I'd suggest making sure to add the "tree climb" attribute.
  19. I saw last night that the feedback option has returned, in a new form. In the lower-right corner an option will pop up to rate the logging experience on a scale of 1 to 10. After picking a number, the option to enter written feedback is provided.
  20. Has the "tell us what you think" option to give feedback disappeared for anyone else? It was there for me two days ago, but not there yesterday.
  21. Apparently there are two souvenirs for the 3 million active geocaches milestone? I have the "Celebrating 3 million active geocaches" souvenir acquired on 4/22 for finding a cache over the weekend; but I also now have a separate "3 million active geocaches: Thank you!" souvenir as well, that I apparently acquired yesterday (4/24). Weirdly, when I click on that 4/24 souvenir, I get a 500 - Server Error response. EDIT: Further investigation suggests the second souvenir is for *owning* a cache.
  22. Forgive my ignorance as a non-UK cacher, but the question that comes to my mind is: What is preventing a cacher local to any given YOSM site from either (1) hiding a physical cache at or near the site, or (2) if that is not possible for proximity or other reasons, making the YOSM site a virtual stage in a multi or mystery cache and having it lead to a physical cache elsewhere? One cache per one find per one YOSM site. For as many YOSM sites as local cachers think are worthwhile enough to visit that they'd like to draw other cachers there.
  23. Seems down again now though. Was working fine last night.
  24. Number decreases even on our own caches if we log them as found and then delete log. Something's weird here, and it's not the issue I described. What's weird is that logging your own cache as "found" should not count towards your favorite point accrual. Per Groundspeak's help center article, at https://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=287, "Finds on geocaches that you own are also not included" in calculating your favorite points total. Did a "delayed update" correct things?
  25. Here's the FP issue with making an early "found it" log and later deleting it in favor of a more substantial log: As a Premium Member, for every 10 caches you log as "found," you get to award 1 Favorite Point. The system tracks this by, essentially, giving you 1/10th of a Favorite Point for the first "Found It" log you log on a cache. If you later delete that first "Found It" log - for whatever reason - you lose that 1/10th of a Favorite Point. And you cannot get that 1/10th of a Favorite Point back. A subsequent "Found It" logs on the cache will not restore the lost 1/10th of a Favorite Point. Example: A Premium Member with 500 finds would, normally, be able to award 50 Favorite Points. 1 point for each 10 finds. But say that cacher has 50 FTF's. And say that cacher uses your proposed method of logging a short "found it - more later" "Found It" log immediately upon finding, which they later delete and replace with a more detailed "Found It" log. That cacher will receive no credit towards being able to award Favorite Points for those 50 FTF's. The FP-awarding system will only see them as having 450 finds, not 500. And so, instead of being able to award 50 Favorite Points, they will only be able to award 45.
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