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  1. This unit is sold. Moderator can close thread.
  2. Email sent to your profile address. Let me know if you for some reason dont get it. It has how you can pay if you are still interested.
  3. Got a 60CSx a while back and this has just been collecting dust. Comes with Cord and manual, in perfect working condition. Will take $60 shipped for it, US only. Great for a beginner. Note: black dots on screen were added to block out location, not actually on the GPSr.
  4. Its know as the sloping land. Thanks for the cointest.
  5. 2027 or 1971 Based on my previous guess being off by 28
  6. Since I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old, it consisted of alot of going to the pool and swimming. Took a trip with them down to Daytonna for a week and they really enjoyed the beaches there. Taking the 3 year old camping in a little over a month. Other than that its mostly staying inside in the cool since its been 100+ here until the last couple of weeks.
  7. Some ppl like to take geocoins hostages and create geocoin hotels where you are not supposed to take a coin unless you leave one. IMO, if you see a coin and want to move it along, then by all means do so. Coins and TB are not swag items and shouldnt be treated as one.
  8. These are ssssoooo cute, nice job Thanks, The ones pictured are my first cut..Im still learning this clay thing
  9. Columbus, GA here. My son, Armynate, just got transferred from Fort Irwin, Ca. to Fort Benning in Georgia so I would appreciate the kind folks in Georgia welcoming him to your fine state and anyone in the area of Fort Benning, showing how Georgia caching is done. Fort Irwin is in the desert so if you see sand and then a pile of rocks then you have found the cache. I'm sure Georgia caching is just a tad bit different. Thanks to all who give him a hand. Time to stir the pot. Perhaps I have overestimated the southern hospitality I was expecting from the folks in Georgia. Being from the other coast, maybe this isn't the south but the east. I know California folks have a bad rep as not being too friendly but the Geocaching community in San Diego is the best around and always willing to show a stranger some fine caching. From Columbus, GA. Ill try to look your son up and send him an invite to our next CVCachers meeting.
  10. My new Sig item. My 3 year old loved helping me make these last night. Image as they are to be released.
  11. Here is my new Sig item. Trades are welcome if they interest you. Image as they are to be released.
  12. I agree with the previous poster, start with security. There are several on a local campus here and several geocachers have even went to security to let them know what they were doing on campus before geocaching to avoid looking suspicious. Even if they arent the ones to say yes/no, they should be able to tell you who can.
  13. In Georgia, they are mainly called resting place. There are tons of them in my area, one geocachers has placed one in just about every cemetary within Muscogee and surrounding counties.
  14. Hey itsme_timd - I am too from GA and just got started collecting coins. The GGA coin was my second coin right behind my CVCachers coins. I ordered one other online but havent activated it yet, and I have tried to stay away from Ebay due to elevated pricing, but its hard with all the coins out there. I am trying to make plans to be at the Macon GGA event coming up since its pretty close to Columbus, hope to see all of you there.
  15. I agree with the dog factor. If I am being laid into by a neighborhood dog, it normally ends my hunt.
  16. IPaq = freebie gps receiver = $80 pen for logging = $1 SWAG = $15 So basically, about $100.
  17. New to Geocaching and to myspace. Looking to meet some geocachers. Add me if you are interested. Richard's Myspace
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