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  1. has anyone tried to update starting with serial number 011? or now of something else i could use to update thanks in advance Yes, you need the firmware v 2.57. The Yahoo "Magellan Explorist GPS" group has this file for download. and how or where can i find them? thanks http://groups.yahoo.com/group/eXplorist/
  2. Well, obviously I want to get it for the least possible. Ill throw out an offer of $30, but certainly feel free to counter. I have no idea how much it is worth to you.
  3. I can't believe that someone does not have one of these sitting around broken that does not want to part with it. Pffffft...
  4. Broke the screen on my 210 a while back and if anyone has a broken one with a good screen, or even just a screen, I would like to buy it.
  5. I'd think so. Maybe they should just submit their issue to Garmin and see what response they get. If he submitted the problems he had to me (if I worked for Garmin), I would send him some cheesy form letter too. See below. I agree. Ahem . . . speaks for itself.
  6. I am trying to get the macro to work for a friend and I just downloaded GSAK v7.2.3.35. I try to open the macro and I get an error that says I need version 3d7.2.0.00 or higher. Can anyone tell me what the issue is so I can correct this? My version of this at home is and everything works fine
  7. Hmmm, I didn't notice anywhere limiting you to one unit.... So whatever
  8. Just found out that this offer is not dead anymore...... go go go
  9. No, never heard of it before.... thanks I'll check into it.
  10. Does anyone have the file that you can find on Cool RV Toys? http://www.coolrvtoyz.com/content/ultimate...ounds-directory If no one has it, Would anyone want to go together on this and share the price? Heck I would even pay for it and wait out getting donations from the rest of you.
  11. Posted for truth. I have a Nuvi 200 and the macro works wonderfully for paperless caching!
  12. Ditto. I received an email about 10 days ago that stated my order was being processed and the GPS would be shipped from Amazon although the email stated it could take up to 10 weeks. How long did it take for y'all to receive? Mine took about a 3weeks from the above email that you recieved. You should get a shipping notice and tracking number from Amazon when it is actually shipped out.
  13. Wow, just WOW at all the work PilotSnipes put into this macro. I got me a free (depeding on how you look at it) Nuvi 200 out of this thread ==> http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=199603 on Saturday. Went through all the instructions and in like 10 minutes I was ready to go. To bad we cannot get the real sat screen. To me that is not a huge big deal, as I have a explorist 500 that I can use for the up close and dirty work. It is certainly nice to not have to use paper and have everything at hand on my Nuvi if needed. Once again, PilotSnipes you are certainly a GOD among men for this one.
  14. Just got mine today, and honestly, the 200 is better than I expected it to be. Now i have to check out the paperless macro and use the nuvi for the roads, and my explorist 500 for the down and dirtywork of finding the cache. Edit: Was going to pass this on to some friends without GPS, but it appears that this is now DEAD
  15. try here ==> http://gpssledmaps.com/maps/on.php It only has the main roads and is slanted to the snowmobilers, but it has tons of water info and also has the main roads. works for me when I go fishing up in the Ignace area.
  16. To those of you in Ontario, You can't have oppression without the OPP. If you know what I'm sayin' lol
  17. I found this while back and they have maps of Canada that are free to registered members. Unfortunately, they dont have much done at this point that I could tell, although I only really looked at areas in Ontario that I go to every summer. You may want to check into it. If you are looking to get a specific area, they are willing to get it done quickly for you if you donate some cash to the site. It seems reasonable at $5. I only hesitate because I would like the roads not just topo mapping. http://www.magicmaps.ca/ If you are looking for some states in the US, you can find a few at http://www.gpssledmaps.com they are mainly snomobile oriented, but you can get them with/without street detail for magellan's.
  18. Actually, you can download loc files 20 caches at a time. I'll do you one better. I download 200 in a file at a time using Mapsend Lite.
  19. To everyone trying to upgrade to the 2.57 firmware Below is the link I went to. You do not need to register as EU, and you do not need to have a EU basemap to get the 2.57 loaded. Just pick the link you want for your 500 and it will execute. http://gpsinformation.org/perry/magellan/
  20. I think the only update is Mapsend Direct Route 3 which is serial number specific when you use it. With the Explorist line entering the End of Life, I don't see them doing any more updating of mapping software for the explorist line. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.
  21. I work for a depatment in Northwest Wisconsin. We have several officers that do carry their own GPS units, but they are not issued to them by our department. To be honest at least where I work, coordinates would not really help. We have a 30 x 30 mile county and we have about 1800 miles of roads. We are pretty rural for the most part. There is access to almost every point in the county from a road at a maximum of 2-2.5 miles. About the only time we like to have coordinates is for a rescue helicopter to land. As someone else mentioned above we also have GIS mapping and it includes satellite imaging. For the most part we can figure pretty close where a person is calling even if they can just describe where they entered the backwoods area and follow their direction for a rough idea of location. If that does not work and we have coordinates, our mapping program displays the coordinates that our mouse pointer is at. So we could use that to come up with a describable location for them if needed to direct responders. It would be rather hit and miss, but would at least get them close. Look at the photo I included in the lower left corner and you can see the data for lon and lat. Or imagery that we have is also pretty good. I can see what is in yards of houses and whatnot which is pretty nice. Some trails show up, and I can even pick out my 4x8 ground stand for deer hunting in the photo's. Of course this does not mean that we can see everything, and its not real time, but it's better than what we had 5 years ago, which is nothing. My professional advice is offer the lat & long if you have it, but really most dispatch and patrol people know their area pretty well and probably won't need them very often. To whoever said that they would make the person take the coordinates, you may need a lesson in manners. We all know how to do our jobs, and most times more information is better, but you also need to factor in that the people that are working a specific are of land have years of experience and more than likely more resources to help them out than you may know about. So, like I said offer the coordinates, but if dispatch does not need them they aren't even going to write them down Edit: Of course this will be totally different in a state or ares that does not have as many roads or when a county is very large and has alot of remote areas that officers may never get to in 20 years of patrol. But I still say offer the coordinates and if they want/need them they will take them.
  22. I'm working on downloading a torrent file of the direct route 2.0. if I am able I can try and get it to you somehow.
  23. I think you have to go into the menu and then to active map setup where you can choose the file with the points you want to display. You need to change from default poi file to the file where you saved the points that you are trying to load. I'll try and take some pics today and upload them to show you which menu and choices you need to make to make them show up if you need. I'm pretty sure that the issue is not theat they did not get to the unit, its that you need to make the right selection so they show up. I have a 500 but used to have a 210 and that was how it was.
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