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  1. yes there is someone out there who considers himself as a low tech type of guy. i have a couple older gps's that i bought and use. instead of printing the cache info out i write the info out into a notepad and then go look for them. i never take anything and every once in a while i leave a trinket that i find or pick up from somewhere else. i love to leave those smashed pennies that you get a special places. i feel that being a bit low tech goes with the philosophy of leaving minimal disturbance to places.
  2. I also found a fire hydrant way out in the woods that had a cache in it. thank goodness the log mentioned bringing a wrench before i went out there!
  3. retired Navy here. USS Tarawa, FACSFAC SD, USS Rentz, MSC, ST5. Desert Storm/Shield/Southern Watch, OIF times 2.
  4. my wierdest cache was a phone book. when i got to gz, my son and i were looking all over for something magnetic attached to the booth. finally we looked in the phonebook that is attached and there was signatures all over the yellowpages as a log! to rub salt i on this one, it was near a bail bondsmans office and womens prison and here we were lurking around this phonebooth!!!
  5. thanks for the clarity...its just frustrating...
  6. thanks for the clarity...its just frustrating...such is life!
  7. Safety... many critters are colour blind.... like deer... some have really good colour visions... like people. There are many issues when it comes to remaining hidden... reverse them IF you wish to be found. Doug most animals are color blind...camo could come in any color you wish and it wouldn't matter to the animal, what camo does is break up the shape or silloute of humans...wearing blaze ornage is for safety and the camo on the orange helps break up the person while still hiding you from animals...make sense?
  8. Don't you hate it when you place a cache near a school but on public land and it gets rejected because it is to close to a school, then while out caching today i go to search for a cache on a different schools grounds!!!!! Whats gives???? Guess this might be a thread for the fml website!
  9. i've begun to see the term tott listed on some cache entries, what does it mean?
  10. there is a guy in my area of the world that is retired army and some of his hides are bullet tips and they are pretty tricky to find!
  11. my son placed one that we can see from the upstairs in our home. i'm thinking of placing another that can be seen from the front drive. I have found 3-4 of these caches and I like them but it does seem like you are doing something wrong while attempting the find!
  12. Is it right or wrong to search and log finds on geocaches that used to be yours? I gave up a couple of geocaches when I left for military service, I allowed people to adopt the geocaches. Just was curious how the geocache world would view this. I'm thinking the geocahces have moved some since where I placed them has totally changed since I was last home.
  13. are you kiding, casper loves to cache!
  14. i bought a gps for hiking use. then i deployed to iraq. while there, one sunday when i had some down time, i was at the mwr tent enjoying some internet/email time. i stumble across geocaching and it peaked some intrest. every week when i got some mwr time, i was looking up geocaches/geocaching. once i got home i found my gps, made a account, tried to explain it to the wife, drug her out with me and found some hides and been hooked since! she on the other hand is a part time cacher, lol...
  15. 1. exercise 2. spending time with family while doing 3. finding areas near home i never knew existed 4. the challenge 5. the views at some caches! these are my 2 cents...
  16. to me its a game, but its a game that keeps me active. i love the fact that it takes me to places i might not have known about, the challenge of finding something hidden out there keeps me going for more.
  17. thanks for all the input IRT this matter. i have to put out there, that the 3 caches in question all have been replaced and moved to new coords, this being said I tried the ignore listing function but they still show up, no big deal I will just consider them as off limits and not worry about them...thanks again.
  18. i had a couple of caches and then left the game for awhile. i let others adopt the caches and now i'm back in the game. is it tacky/bad to search for the caches and log as finds? it drives me nuts to run a search in my zip code and not see that little smiley face next to a cache. thanks.
  19. us navy, special warfare communications
  20. the one that i'm guilty of is i drive down the road and point out caches that i've been to!
  21. tftc= thanks for the cache tfth= thanks for the hunt tnlnsl= took nothing left nothing signed log gc= geocache gz=ground zero i think those are the most common ones. i think there is a glossary on the main page also.
  22. Is it behind the rabbit? It is the rabbit!
  23. i have and use a magellan explorist 100 and i refuse to use anything else. its affordable and does the trick, i have used it for about a year now with no problems at all. all of my finds have been with the 100 or witout a gps at all! (i look at the little map on the cache page) good luck and happy hunting!
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