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  1. French and English replies follow... As-tu vérifié si le GPS était en mode "Économie d'énergie"? J'ai un 60CX et lorsqu'il est en économie d'énergie, la précision est très faible (20m) et la mise à`jour moins fréquente... Did you check if your GPS was on "Battery Saving Mode"? I have a 60Cx and when it is in Batteray Saving Mode, the precision is very small (20m) and position is updated less often.
  2. Another thing I've read (though never tried myself) is the change to auto-routing calculation mode from "Best calculation" to "Fast calculation" or something like that. The option is in the Setup menu, under Routing. I don't know how the fastly generated routes are compared to the best routes, but it's worth a try to improve your routing speed...
  3. Thanks for all the new input here... I don't need all the North America maps at once in the GPS, so I don't need a large SD card. I don't want to have a pre-programmed SD cards with the maps, since I sometimes uses the maps to locate a coordinates on my computer, and that I want to also have some topos on the cards which, as far as I know, is impossible to do using an SD card. I live in Canada, and I'm currently using Metroguide Canada v4. However, the maps didn't get an update for some time now (2002), and some streets are outdated, GPS going through lot of turns when it could just have taken a "new" road. That's one of the reasons why I consider CityNav. One other advantage the NT version has over the non-NT for Canada is the support for postal code, which is only in the NT version. I don't think it's an essential feature, since I rarely need to find a place with a postal code... I guess I'll go with the non-NT version, because I agree that the NT decompression requires a little more processing power that may not be always available on portable units like the 60c' series. Thanks to all of you!
  4. Thanks to all for these informations! Any other people who have and want to share their experiences with CN NT 2008 on 60Cx/CSx ??
  5. Hello everyone, I'm looking to buy City Navigator 2008 for my Garmin 60Cx unit. Garmin seems to recommand the NT version. However, I've read some experience (mostly on the CSX, but it's almost the same unit) reporting that the NT version is running slow (when calculating a route for example or looking for a waypoint). Is anybody here have any troubles (or any good experience!) using the NT version on such devices (60Cx or 60CSx)? Thanks!
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