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  1. Add to the list. * Golf balls The're not bad I just don't like 'em * Oversized items Why do people put stuff in where you can't even get the lid back on right?
  2. I would never put an ammo can out without painting over the government markings. You can paint several with a $4.00 can of camo spray paint.
  3. Here's one I made today. Only took about 1/2 hour to make if you don't count drying time for glue and paint. It's not that great but it will work.
  4. Dang I wondered where I left them darn things! Really though I think batteries are a great cache item if they are fresh and in a sealed package when placed in cache. I've seen the time when I would have loved to find some although a always try to have spares along with me while caching.
  5. The first cache you mention is a Micro size cache. They can be very small from the size of a 35mm film cantainer down to the size of a jelly bean or smaller. They can be very hard to find sometimes. The other one is a Small size maybe the size of a pint jar or small Tupperware cantainer. I'll bet they are still there because they both were found by other cachers not too long ago.
  6. I could see what you are saying if this was a fake electrical box or something like that but it is not. I would be safe in saying I have been in the woods more than 95% of the people geoching, I have logged and cut firewood and hunted most of my life and I have never saw a steel trap like this set in the woods. I know they are out there but I am just saying I have never saw one and I am 64 years old. It is very very unlikely a kid will come upon one of these traps. If kids are old enough to be playing in the woods unsupervised they should be smart enough to not go around sticking their fingers in something like this.
  7. Keep them coming guys. This is exactly what I wanted, your opinion. Good or bad. I havn't got anything in the cache but a very little bit of labor, it's an old trap I got in a box of stuff at an auction. I have NOT decided yet if I will use this container. I appreciate your input, and I will make up my mind based on your replies to this thread.
  8. I know the welds wont fail because I welded them. Maybe you worry too much. What would happen if the welds failed on the front end of your car going down the Interstate at 70 MPH. That's about as likely to happen as the welds failing on my cache.
  9. What do you guys think. Would people like this cantainer or not. The actual cantainer is a 35 mm filn cantainer glued to the trip lever on a leg hold steel trap. Of course I have the trap welded open so there's no way it would snap shut on someone's hand but they wouldn't know this. What do you think? Good or Bad? Edit spelling
  10. I've never seen a problem with them in my area.
  11. Can you tell me something that is not gambling? Everything we do is a gamble in a way. I guess I'll keep doing what I'm doing. You know putting stuff some people don't like as FTF prizes. I know, it's a gamble.
  12. Here's one kind. These may be wraped in camo tape or camo'ed some other way.
  13. Lottery tickets and gold dollar coins. I put things I like to find in my caches. Wouldn't it be nice to get a $10,000.00 lottery ticket out of a cache.
  14. Here's the deal. I took a rock and drilled/chiseled out a hole the size of a 35 MM film container. I glued a film container in the hole and mortared around it. The rock is the right size to list as a small but it has a micro size compartment. How do I list it, small or micro?
  15. I would let him have the cache. If he hadn't maintained the cache over the years you probably wouldn't still have a cache anyway.
  16. CF30, yes that's what I was talking about...Thanks a Bunch
  17. Can someone tell me how to put an image for your TB next to the cache it's in. I'll try to explain what I mean. When we do a search for caches and a list of caches comes up, some of them have an image of the TB next to the cache it's in. Some (all of mind) have just the basic bar code bug. How do I put an image there instead of the basic bar code bug.
  18. When you get my age you have to use "The Force" to get out of bed some mornings.
  19. Thar would be it Mitch. My nephew bought the house and old Store Building there at Pease Mill. It's on the Osage Fork of The Gasconade River. Thanks a lot...Bob
  20. Thanks guys you have been very helpful. I will take my GPSr down there and get the coords. When I went there today I had no idea there was a benchmark there so I didnt have a GPSr with me.
  21. I happened on to this benchmark on some property my nephew just aquired. I know very little about benchmarks. It is 15 or 20 miles south of Lebanon MO 65536. Where can I find information on it. Thanks
  22. Some people call them Nanos and some people use other names for them that can't be posted here.
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