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  1. You could use a preform soda bottle like this. Glue the cap in the inside the fence cap. Then they unscrew the cantainer and the bottle cap stays inside the fence cap. I use Gorilla Glue for stuff like this.
  2. I agree, if you don't like them just ignore them. Why go after them then complain about it when you don't find them.
  3. Weather stops me sometime. Gas prices slows me down. I've found all the caches within 20 miles of where I live so I have to drive quite a ways to start caching.
  4. I've heard of it taking hours instead of minutes to get 'em, but I have never had it take over a very few minutes to get mine.
  5. Go to your 'My Accocnt page. Click on 'Edit Account' Scroll down to Your Avatar and click "Change Edit" Click on '' upload a new image. Browse to the image you want and upload it.
  6. I carry most of what's mentioned above. I also carry a pair of tweezers for getting some of the logs out of micros. They may also come in handy to remove splinters ot other kinds of stickers.
  7. Lots of forums use BB or vB code instead of HTML code. Click Here to learn mpre about it.
  8. I was out this morning at 6:30 caching. Got a FTF on the 1st of the year. Now that I am alloud to post today I will be back after while when I can think of something to complain about. Oh and I agree with you on the negative part.
  9. Pocket Queries alone are worth more than you pay for a premium membership. Go to your "My Account" page and click on "Pocket Queries" to learn more about how to use them.
  10. Many things can go wrong (or even just not well) that are not against the guidelines, or even discussed. Having a little experience will help you avoid the pitfalls. I have to agre with the ones that say don't wait until you have a set amount of finds before you place a cache. Read the guidelines and if you don't completely understand them read them again. Sure you may make a few mistakes but you will learn from your mistakes. After you make a mistake you will probably not make that mistake again.
  11. If I were you I would put the valuables in a lock box at a bank. Then "go to the middle of the woods somwhere where everything looks the same ''no landmarks''" and hide a cache. Don't bury it though.
  12. I agree with briansnat, if they are in a hidden in an area with lots of people I just move on to the next one. I passed up a micro not too long ago at a McDonalds that had to be in some bushes not over 10 feet from the drive thru where you place your order. This was one of the busiest McDs around. What were they thinkin'?
  13. darnjoeSNARG, I sent you an email. Really nice of you to offer them...Lacomo
  14. The cache size guidelines says: "Micro (35 mm film canister or smaller – less than approximately 3 ounces or .1 litres -- typically containing only a logbook) Small (Sandwich-sized Tupperware-style container or similar -- less than approximately 1 quart or litre -- holds trade items as well as a logbook) " I have some cantainers that fall in between. They are 2 3/8 inches in diameter and 3 inches tall. Large for a micro but small for a small. I think people are more apt to go after a small than a micro and I would rather list them as a small, but I don't want to misslead anyone. How would you all list cantainers this size?
  15. I agree with this 100%. That post was uncalled for. I think in your case it would be OK to place it in your yard. If it was in my area I certainly would go looking for it.
  16. Lacomo


    I use the Palm M505 PDA that I got off of ebay. You should be able to get a used one shipped to you for around $30. You don't want to get an expensive one because they can get damaged pretty easy when geocaching.
  17. If I don't like someones post how do I delete it?
  18. My wife and I cache together. When we find a cache we both log a find on it. If we have a DNF we only log one DNF with both our names mentioned in the log.
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