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  1. I agree with briansnat 100%. Permethrin beats the heck out of Deet on your clothes. Deet is great for your skin. I use Permethrin I get from my local farm store. It is actually the stuff they use on livestock and this is the cheapest way to buy it. It is concentrated and you have to delute it with water and apply it with a spray bottle.
  2. Another Really stupid question. Why is it when i put my wife on the ignore list I still can't ignore her?
  3. Garage Sales: I pay more attention to stuff at Garage Sales now, looking for that perfect cache container.
  4. When I take a kid with me I always let them carry the GPSr on a few caches. Make sure they find some of the caches even when you find some of them don't let them know you have found it. Maybe guide them to find some them without letting them know you are pushing them in the right direction.
  5. There will allways be micros. Some people like 'em some don't. Me I like all caches. You hide 'em I'll go after 'em.
  6. If you want to place a cache in a city park there should be a "Parks Department" that you can contact. Call City Hall and ask them.
  7. The only one I can coment on is the one I have, Garmin Venture CSX. I like it, it does everything I need it to do. Garmin Customer Support is awesome.
  8. Some of the magnetic containers sre smaller than a jelly bean. Don't forget to look on electrical boxes, some are painted grey and stuck to electrical boxes.
  9. Do a search for caches in your area by zip code or whatever and see who published one near you.
  10. I usually put a $5 bill or scratch off lottery tickets. Some of my micros I have not put anything in.
  11. I say keep them small. I've saw small containers with a big TB, so big it would pop the top off the cantainer. You can get some neat little key chains at a department or auto parts store. Maybe a little frog or heart or butterfly, they come with all kinds of things and they are only a buck or two.
  12. I have the coords now. Thanks to all that replied.
  13. Sure I can. Dang I figured any geocacher with any expierence at all could figured this one out. I guess some of them are just not "Smarter than a fifth grader" It's a match container (you can get them from WalMart sports department) I glued a knot that I cut from another tree to the lid of the container this fits down in a knot on another tree that has just the right size hole in the middle of it. Looks like the knot on the container grew on the tree. If you need pictures I can sent you some.
  14. I need the coords in this Morse Code. There is no way I can figure it out. If I can't get help I will just have to pass on this one. Could someone email me the coords in this code here http://www.garybraman.com/geocaching/sounds/morse.mid If you think this is not fair, or is too tacky then I'll just not do it....Thanks
  15. I don't care much either way. They don't exite me much but they don't bother me either. Like briansnat said though, if I found a lot of them they would get old pretty fast.
  16. I had the same problem trying to glue an earth magnet to the top of a preform container. Then I tried using Gorilla Glue. It works just fine and I havn't had a problem with it.
  17. Bright blue is not a good color during Turkey Season. A Wild Turkey Gobbler head is bright blue and the head is where the hunter will aim when they shoot a wild turkey.
  18. I just have a little over 200 finds but I always (yes always) read the hints before I set out to find a cache. I just got used to it when I first started and havn't changed.
  19. I hope not, if that was the case I would only have one more year of caching because I'm 65 now. We've been caching a year now with no serious injuries. Looking forward to several more years of caching.
  20. Lacomo


    Bunch of young whipper-snappers ain't you. I'm 65
  21. Just wondering today's date is April 1st Naw it wouldn't be an April Fools Joke, would it?
  22. Yes you need to read the guidlines.
  23. You can't just add pictures to your "My Gallery" You can add pictures to any of your logs and they will automaticly show up in your "My Gallery"
  24. Sometimes I put scratch off lottery tickets in mine with a note on the cache page. FTF prize is a lottery ticket/tickets that could win you $100,000 or $10,000 or whatever the top prize is. I had one cacher win $50.00 on one I put in a cache.
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