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  1. That still wouldn't explain why my 'found it' log on one of my caches is not showing up. Is anybody else seeing this problem?
  2. Today is the first time I have noticed this. I have had 3 like that today. On one somebody had logged 'Found cache' on one of my caches and when I looked at the cache page for that cache there was no new log. showing there. The other 2 were for a travel bug grabbed and placed in another cache. I am using AVG free also but that would not have anything to do with the log not showing on the cache page.
  3. I think what I like the most is just getting outside. Outside in the woods is my favrite place to be. I have never found a cache or hunted for a cache I didn't like. Seeing wildlife is great and cool cache containers are great. New places are great. I love meeting new cachers. I just like it all.
  4. Click on the link I have listed below. You should find your answer there. http://support.Groundspeak.com/Support/ind...d=5&nav=0,5
  5. You could become a Premium Member for only $30 year then you could do Pocket Queries and filter out all the micros in the area you are going to cache.
  6. Lottery tickets. But then you might feel bad when the FTF hits the Jackpot. I pit a couple of scratch off tickets in a new cache one time and one of them was a $50 winner. That made the FTF guy real happy.
  7. Go to main forum page then scroll down to Geocaching Groups by Region / State and you'll see Midwest and Ohio. Click on Ohio.
  8. You got it now. It's showing you have found 2 caches.
  9. Make sure that when you log them you select 'Found It'. Maybe you by accident had 'Write note' selected when you entered the logs? Also if you did select 'Found It' and you typed in your log make sure you go to the bottom of the page and click "Submit Log Entry"
  10. Like I said eariler I'm probably a 5. I've been caching a little over a year now and the first couple of months I probably was an 8 but I've slowed down quite a bit. I have found all the caches within 20some miles from my house and the high priced gas has helped to slow me down some too.
  11. Some people are into geocaching more than others. On a scale of 1 to 10 With 1 being, I can take it or leave it, and 10 being I'm obsessed, what's your level of addiction? I would say I'm right in the middle. I like it a lot but sometimes I go 3 or 4 weeks without even going out caching. That would make me a "5".
  12. To late to turn back now. Once you've found the first one you're hooked.
  13. I fall into the both categories, I love to get outdoors and see places I haven't seen before. The stats: well I just like to keep track of my numbers. As far as getting annoyed I don't get annoyed much. I'm in it for fun, and if I got annoyed then that wouldn't be fun would it?
  14. thanks a lot lacomo ! is there a limit in size ? I got a large pano I would like to included. Sorry I don't know, but someone else will probably come along and answer your question. It don't hurt to try one. It's pretty simple to change or delete it if it don't work out. You can edit the image anytime before or after your cache is published. You don't really see much of the background image anyway. Here a LINK to another cache with a bg image.
  15. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...29-30ed878b1d6f
  16. Permethrin on your clothes and Deet on your skin. The best way to go. If you have a Farm store near you, you can get Permethrin there, it will probably be the cheapest place too. I use the same stuff they use on livestock. Permethrin is Permethrin no matter where you get it. I get 10% Permethrin and delute it down with water like it says on the label. I think it's 19:1 but READ THE LABEL. Apply to your clothes with a spray bottle.
  17. Yep what El Diablo said. Do whatever you can to avoid detection by trying to just blend in. Find the cache and replace it without making anyone curious about what you are doing.
  18. Looks interesting, I'm going to check it out more later.
  19. Congratulations to casketgirl and EvansDad for being the FTF and spliting the largest FTF Prize I have ever placed in a cache. GC1CGN3 http://www.geocaching.com:80/seek/cache_de...ee-2ed80469fb39
  20. You don't need a stencil. I'm sure you can find a tree or bush around your house you can get some leaves off of. Just lay some leaves on your ammo box and spray around them. For a different pattern just wrap some rope or heavy string around the box and spray some paint on it.
  21. Lacomo

    Sick of timeouts

    I had 7 caches to log this evening. IE and Windows XP. I gave up after finally getting 3 logged. It was taking forever. I'll try again tomorrow.
  22. Since gas has gotten so high I can't afford to drive my car and I have been geocaching riding my mule. Well I noticed a new cache had been published 10 miles from my house. I saddled up Ole Henry, thats my mule's name Ole Henry and headed out for the FTF. I never turn my GPSr on until I get in the general area of the cache and when I got about 9 miles from the house I reached in my saddle bag and found I had left my GPSr at home so I turned Ole Henry around and headed back home to get it. I got back home and got my GPSr and headed back for thc cache. Got about 5 miles down the road and it started raining. I said to heck with it I was not giving up yet so I kept going. The farther I got the wetter I got and about 9 miles down the road I reached in my saddle bag and got my GPSr out and attemped to turn it on just to find out the batteries were dead. I turned around again and headed back to the house after new batteries. It was raining harder now and the thunder and lightning was getting worse. A loud clap of thunder and a huge lightning bolt spooked Ole Henry and he bolted and I dropped my GPSr while I was on the way to the ground and Old Henry stepped on it and broke it all to pieces just as I hit the ground. I hit the ground really hard and I don't remember much after that. When I woke up in the hospital I can barely remember Ole Henry going out of sight over the hill about a half mile away. I never did go back after that cache.
  23. riverite, all the way to the top of your browser page click on HELP, then click on ABOUT INTERNET EXPLORER, and it will tell you what virsion you are running.
  24. Or you can click on your name next to any message you have posted on this forum.
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