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  1. Testing color Red See if this works.
  2. Permethrin does work, at least for me that is. Also excellent for keeping Chigrers off too. But what I use may seem a little harsh for some of you folks. I go to my local feed store and buy the kind they use on cattle. Just dulute it down with water like the directions say (I think it's something like 19 to 1) then put it in a spray bottle and spray your clothes with it.
  3. I'm very new at this stuff, only been doing it for about a week now so I don't have any long ones. 1 mile one way is my fartherest but I'm sure I'll be adding to that because I'm hooked. Good thing they say you're never too old to learn. I'm 64 years old and trying to figure this stuff out.
  4. Cache Hustler, thanks for a very interesting post. I hadn't made up my mind what to go with until I read it. Now I have ordered a Venture Cx thru Amazon.com. Can't wait to get it.
  5. No we don't need a second thread. Sorry I'm new here and didn't see the other one. Is there a way to delete my own posts?
  6. Mine's pretty simple. First 2 letters of Laclede, First 2 letters of County and The abbreviation for Missouri. I'm from Laclede County MO
  7. Thanks for the help guys. I ordered a Garmin Venture CX along with a 512 mb card and cig lighter cable thru Amazon.com. Look out now. Be ready for lots of questions when I get it. I don't even know how to turn one of em on.
  8. OK here's the thing. I know NOTHING about GPS stuff, but I want to get started geocaching. I found a used but like new Garmin GPSMap 76S for $150. Is this a good buy? Would it be a good way for me to start? I'm sure if I do get I will be bugging you guys with tons of questions. By the way I'm in Central Missouri.
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