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  1. Favorite Geocoin: The shiny one! Geocaching Nick: Jackalgirl
  2. I'll give it a shot.... should activated coin be one we own- sending out for release, or just any ol' coin we pick up providing it with a 'postal jump'?
  3. You're awesome, baby!! Got a picture of some obnoxious announcer in the mail today,telling me I'm awesome. His only redeeming grace was the 'True and Eternal' coin he had with him! Thank You Chuck!!!!
  4. Sign-up: form sent 2/25/2011 Name received:3/21/2011 Package received:4/11/2011 Package sent:4/16/2011
  5. 'Recycled' a few of my disappeared (the ones 2+ years missing) travelers with 'Copy Cats'. Slowly releasing (re-releasing?), so I know as soon as the copies go active the originals will pop up from under a rock!
  6. Thanks E&C for hosting this one, and congrats to Digger.... I vote that next year, as a handicap to give us all a chance, he has to not make a pick in a first round game Either that or we all run to Vegas after his picks and bet all the early dogs he chooses! (He won the bracket cointest I had last year, too!)
  7. At least I got the one that counts most as a fan correct!
  8. CONGRATS JIM!!! Am I sensing the beginning of a dynasty here?
  9. I believe that 'honor' belongs to a shiny, round hunk of metal. After 2 Tourneys and 2 football pick 'ems & I just might have a traveler!!! (The Quarter is a 'Flip-for-It' coin)
  10. from silence here, I gather there has been concession/surrender? I can still root for my Huskies, and satisfaction of most correct picks for group if they do it... Can UCONN double up again?
  11. I'm 8th with UCONN as Champ, but bonus points are my downfall... even if Huskies go all the way, they're the best remaining seed so not a chance to pick up enough ground... best I can do is 79 points and a tie for 3rd... (according to the scenario generator)
  12. Been quiet on this thread,,,,, tooooo quiet! Lotsa folks in shock, I guess!
  13. Sign-up: form sent 2/25/2011 Name received:3/21/2011 Package sent: Package received:
  14. Don't know of much that will solve it. Seems some people just like shiny things and don't/can't read the tiny print on the coin (or the 30pt font on the 4X6 index card, or the neon sign chained to the coin!) . I recently got some 'copy cat coins' for some of my missing travelers and my Sasquatch (share the icon without giving away the coin!) and will probably do same if I release any more coins. New cachers who pick them up will either stick with the game, get the idea of travelers, and move it along, but for many the caching fad lasts a week or two and anything they grabbed is gone in the trash or junk drawer.
  15. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=894407 http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=151816 keep it under 2 tons!!!
  16. It's kind of a 'novelty' type item... like some cachers wear TB t-shirts,dogtag necklaces, and even have tattoos to be discovered at events. Interesting to see when & where it's discovered in your travels. I have one that I 'drop' & 'grab' from caches I find as kind of a journal (some do this with bug tags or coins). Just 'discover' it- please don't take my car to put in another cache!!
  17. got to fill it out completely before the games start, too easy if you only got to pick from winners.
  18. Fill out all the winners on a 'ladder' for the entire tourney, this is last years- http://www.ncaa.com/brackets/basketball-men/d1/2010 games are weighted more heavily (more points) as tourney progresses
  19. email sent.... ready for the ouch!
  20. Sign-up: form sent 2/25/2011 Name received: Package sent: Package received: trapped again...
  21. Bumpidy... looking like a slow start on both leagues this season... a week left to get in..
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