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  1. Seven to go, top 2 are inching away in a nose to tail draft... Hawaiian Honu with a couple of monster weeks leads Vegas Gamblers by a slim 22 points. Remember #3 is 109 off the lead with Skidmarks hitting the wall hard, 182 back. Still mathematical for Fossil Fuel, but at 524 back, the well's about tapped out...
  2. Shakeup at the top, 2 teams leapfrog to a tie for the lead by a 'whopping' 21 points.. I scunched up to a meer 122 back... Fossil moved to longshot status...
  3. Have you emailed any of the other participants? Looking at the logs, for the coin and the cache, is it possible you dropped one (that Divingbaker found) off unactivated? If you have more than a few of the coin, is it possible you activated one then dropped off another from your bag at the cache? I see in the cache logs you putting one in on your 2nd visit, but there's nothing on the coin's log, and a later log that it wasn't there. Check with him, perhaps he picked it up, found it to be not activated and presumed it to be swag/prize (I leave unactivated often, but try to mark right on coin flip that it's not activated to avoid confusion), and activated and set it off himself. If you still have some on hand, double check their #'s, you may still have the one you activated.
  4. What dfx said. Also on the trackable's page, go in and make sure you don't have it set to 'Collectable'. That should keep someone from adding it to their collection, and keep it moving...
  5. The Chase is on! With top 3 separated by a whopping 18 points the title is up for grabs! A couple of rough weeks with my drivers seemingly sponsored by 'Target' has left me a challenging 135 out of the lead and Fossil another 162 from there. And when NASCAR gets finished investigating Childress's team orders, they're gonna take up Opal spinning out to help Dave!
  6. Bringing back towards the top... Won't give a full rundown yet, too early in season & too busy.... but for 1 strike league looked for a bit like it might be late, even done season... until San Diego & Arizona squeaked out and Patsies took control. The Chiefs, however played their final exhibition game and sank 1/3 of the group!
  7. Boy Scout coins, www.geoscouting.com has both trackable and non versions of their "Cache to Eagle" and "Geocaching & Scouting" coins in gold and silver for anyone interested.
  8. Sorry, my bad on that one- shoulda put the link in. Opened it up spur of the moment. Glad to see you guys making it in now! Thanks for straightening it out, Maui!
  9. Don't know what to tell you guys, just created GoGintsII with no problem...
  10. Farrtom emailed me back, he had no issues... hmmm...
  11. C/P of settings page: Group Settings Setting Current Value Group ID#: 17195 Group Password heavymetal Confidence Points No Spread Yes Tiebreakers Yes Start Week 1 Drop Scores No, use all weeks Deadline 5 minutes before each game Playoffs Yes emailing farrtom to see if he had to do anything different... edit #1-I tried, just got back message that I'm already in group... edit #2-tried again with alternate yahell profile, had no problem... maybe it was a last night yahell problem?
  12. Should be good, I cut/pasted info & Fartom got in...
  13. I kept an inactive cache listing(from one that had been denied)as 'lost traveler hideout' that I use for my disappeared travelers. When they finally get marked 'Missing' I park 'em in there. If it happens to reappear in a couple of years, it can be grabbed from there ( cache still shows, just marked inactive when coin code is entered), and the ones I eventually did 'proxies' for I just retrieved and set on their merry way. I don't activate coins I'm not releasing, so the numbers won't be as great as yours to deal with when/if I do activate the the cache in another spot, but it is a convenient way to store the MIAs. So looks like leaving them in archived cache will still let them be discoverable, and if you choose to release, retrievable. Just can't go straight to the cache, gotta do it via the tracking number.
  14. Getting close to kickoff,Time to get those picks in soon. 1st game is Thursday 9/8! When resetting the knock out leagues, I accidentally set up a full pick 'em league. Debated whether to put it out there, but what the hey! I guess I can scrape up another prize coin. This one's a bit more involved, you'll pick every game each week- WITH POINT SPREADS TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION. (If you pick winner but they don't win by more than the assigned number of points, you lose!). Good part is no eliminations, everybody is (theoretically) in it 'til the end. Full rules and scoring details are on the league site. Geocoin pickers(mistakenly called) one & done Group ID#: 17195 Group Password heavymetal Point spreads aren't up yet, but you'll have until 5 minutes before start of EACH game to get that pick in.(set that istead of before 1st game of week so you're not totally beat if you forget the Thursday, Friday, or Saturday games.
  15. I'm thinking one in the 2-strike and 2 in the 3-strike for you this year!
  16. I got a few of the 'Copycat' tags to reuse some of the tracking numbers from missing coins. To these I attached something related to the original, and made sure it was clear in the description that it was a proxy. Keep the code alive and allow those who cherish the icons obtain them. It appears the 'CopyCats' are no longer available, but have been replaced by 'Micro proxy's'. May do this in future with coins I'd like to share but know will not last. I released 3 2010 Scout coins given to me by our Council, all disappeared quickly. Re-released one as a CC Proxy and will see how it does. In the case of the Sasquatch, I attached a laminated photo & description. Sorry, but no way in blazes am I releasing the actual coin. This way the icon can at least be shared (although it hasn't been logged since release). http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?tracker=TB2NGQQ http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?tracker=TB37E1R http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?tracker=TB368ZK
  17. Pre-emptive strikes- Cointest involves joining one (or more) of the Yahoo leagues at above links. The league is a contest where you pick the winner of one of the weekly NFL (American professional football) games. You pick a team each week for as long as you pick winners. Complete rules are on the Yahoo Survival Football site. Winner is player who gets furthest in season without 3 (or 2 or 1 depending on league) wrong picks. NOTE ON SETTINGS FOR GETTING PICKS IN- FOR THE 2 & 3 STRIKE LEAGUES PICKS CLOSE 5 MINUTES BEFORE THE FIRST GAME OF THE WEEK (GOTTA WATCH OUT FOR THOSE THURSDAY & SATURDAY GAMES!). 1 STRIKE LEAGUE PICKS IN BY 1:00PM SUNDAY. (A LITTLE MERCY IF YOU FORGET BY 1ST GAME!) In case final 2 or more players get eliminated same week, I will reset the league. All will be able to continue, but only those final players will be eligible to win. Leagues run through playoffs. If after all is said & done there is still a tie tiebreaker will be picking winner of, and closest to point total of Super Bowl.
  18. Was so exiting last 2 seasons, started them up for this year! Sent out the invites to last year's players. For anyone else who wants to give it a shot, I created 3 'for fun' Yahoo Survival pick em leagues. All are welcome, no stakes to play. I'll send a coin of my choosing from what happens to be in my collection at end of season to winner. I'm playing (GoGints), so in case by some miracle I win any of the survivals, coin will go to 2nd place. 'The original' GCCoinSurvivors is a three strike league (3 wrong picks before you're out). Also set up a 2 strike and a 'one and done' leagues... different Group ID's, same password, same prize structure. One entry per cacher, per league, please! Also (not a requirement,but...) to make it easier on me if I need to contact you please either here on forums or via PM if you're too shy, match up your GC name with your pickset. Tough to find out who 'Cowboysrot4ever' is especially if email hidden in group. GCCoinSurvivors (3 strike league) Yahoo Group ID# 7148 Password heavymetal http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/survival/7148 GCCoiners (2 strike league) Yahoo Group ID# 7144 Password heavymetal http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/survival/7144 GCCoiners1Strike (one and done) Yahoo Group ID# 7146 Password heavymetal http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/survival/7146/1 Will try to keep all 3 leagues on this single thread, with more or less weekly updates. Good Luck & have fun! Rick
  19. ..... ........ ............. ................... ...........................
  20. boy, missed checking my email for a couple of days. site let me buy 1 hard enamel! will watch for remint.
  21. Favorite Geocoin: THE OLD LEATHERMAN Geocaching Nick: Jackalgirl
  22. Favorite Geocoin: Eltada On the Water Geocaching Nick: Jackalgirl oops, jumped the gun by a minute...
  23. Favorite Geocoin: GeoSasquatch Geocaching Nick: Jackalgirl
  24. Favorite Geocoin: 2010 Maine Lighthouse Geocaching Nick: Jackalgirl
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