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  1. Congrats to CrazyCannuk! Boy, talk about a contrast in leagues- a virtual wire-to wire, 550 point romp!
  2. 'Housekeeping'- email addresses for all but Remember#3 are on group's member list (and you aren't hard to find Dave, right Patty? ) Please email Vegas for mailing address thru there or this board.... Vegas please let us know as your booty comes in..... EARTHA please keep thread open until all are acknowledged, I'll let you know.... Thanks, Rick (PS- look for invites in January!)
  3. http://racing.fantasysports.yahoo.com/auto/group/7461?type=T Never imagined either the group or the season coming down to tiebreakers ! Hey VG, what did the casinos have for odds on that? Posted link above to Yahoo's standings and SEASON winner declaration for our league. The first page you get, listing Honu(Mauison) is for PLAYOFF SEGMENT winner. Soooooo.... despite Hawaiian Honu finishing in Championship fashion winning 5 of 10 playoff weeks, winning a league best (by an impressive 4 wins over nearest competitors,winning 2 of 3 season segments..... the winner under the Yahell tie breaker system is..... VEGAS GAMBLERS!!!!! Another fun season, a true nailbiter, and (THANK YOU ALL!)great sportsmanship shown by all.
  4. Looks like both have picks in, but haven't got the tiebreakers yet. St_Moose got an email from me, genghis518/Tim chose anonymity so hopefully he sees it here...
  5. Signed up: 10/24/11 (email sent) Name Received: 11/14/11 Package Sent (Date) Package Received: (Date)
  6. Hi Capzoo & welcome!, The card you found is the traveler, looking at the 'coin's' page the picture is a 'proxy' for the coin (want some entertaining reading and have a few hours days to kill search proxies in these forums). Treat it as you would the actual coin. Some folks send out representatives of coins to prevent the actual piece of metal from disappearing. On another note, you should go back and edit your post to remove the tracking number- prevents folks who don't get within a thousand miles of coin from discovering it for the profile icon (or worse, 'picking it up' and creating havoc with the tracking..
  7. 1 & 2 Strike are reset, (had to wait to make sure of competitor status, reset wipes out previous picks/standings and as late as 1AM eastern Yahoo! still had Philly & Baltimore listed. as 'winners'
  8. Actually was 8 teams blowed up. Will reset with all welcome to pick for fun, but only these 8 are playing for the win- last one standing of the 8 wins: EAGLES genghis518 kungfuhippie Mauison 1 Mile High Madness st_moose StarWolf013 Yime
  9. 3-Strike.... sssssssssssssssssssss...... Down to genghis518 and St_Moose, who each picked up 2nd strike with Philly. If you guys could be so kind as to email (via profile) to use for a tiebreaker in case both strike out this week: 1st breaker- Team that will score MOST points 2nd breaker- Team that will score LEAST points 3rd- number of points scored by Green Bay (closest wins) 4th- number of points scored by San Francisco Before Thursday night game Thanks
  11. Here's the rules, I'll let you guys do the math on your own if you're that curious. Was kind of surprised 1st break wasn't week wins(easiest to figure?. Not even considered! Well, they're the ones with the Super Computers and highly paid Geeks! Racing End of Season tie breakers Last Updated: November 30, 2010 If, at the end of the season, two or more teams finish with the same overall points, the following system will be used to break the tie: Laps Bonus points Qualifying Bonus points Total Laps Led by starters Total Laps Complete by starters Total Laps Led by reserves Total Laps Complete by reserves Random draw http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/sports/fantasysports/racing/winning/racing-25.html;_ylt=ArpUutOnk2bWFhLrKTDz4Yzi93hG
  12. Pull them belts tight! Buckle up those chin straps! Honu picks up 63 points to trail by a whole 26 points!!!! Might be worth me looking at how (if) Yahoo breaks ties...
  13. If that fails, AFTER WAITING A REASONABLE TIME, you can (if they own any) just use 'write a note' and drop it in one of their caches (owner will get notified you wrote note/dropped coin: as a courtesy to future seekers use the note to say you're not physically dropping it). If they own none, AND YOU'RE REALLY DESPERATE TO GET OFF YOUR BOOKS, find an archived cache you've found and edit your find log or 'note' it into it (owner or anyone else possessing coin can still retrieve it- again do courtesy note as cache owner will get notified along with coin owner).
  14. White flag next time by...... two car breakaway with Vegas Gamblers out front by 89 points and Hawaiian Hondu looking for a bobble to take advantage of. Unsolicited commentary on NASCAR- just doesn't seem right tradition-wise or make sense ratings/excitement-wise (vs NCAAF & NFL) to have a home stretch of Texas/Arizona/Homestead. can you say "Rockingham"?! Then again, I'm someone who (other than the circumstances requiring it) got a kick out of wondering if they'd need snow tires for the 2001 finale on Thanksgiving Friday in Loudon).
  15. Signed up: 11/01/11 (email sent) Name Received: (Date) Card Sent (Date) Card Received: (Date)
  16. A week off from updates, but the action has been hot 'n heavy! Two MONSTER weekly gains rocketed Vegas Gamblers from 92 points back to 60 in front! Showing Remember #3 that 151 points isn't totally out of the question..... At 252 back, the fork is making a mark if not piercing my skin....pretty much done. Will cool heads prevail on the 1/2 mile paperclip or will a bunch of chasers leave chewing on Tums & washing 'em down with a Goody's cocktail for fast relief?
  17. Signed up: 10/24/11 (email sent) Name Received: (Date) Package Sent (Date) Package Received: (Date)
  18. 5 weeks into the 'full slate/point spread' league we've got a 5 point difference between 1st and 8th. I've gotta set myself an alarm to fill in GoGintsII. Week 2: 2 for 2 after I remembered. Week 5: 4 and a push in 5 picks. A point ahead of GoGints picking 25 games less. Go figure!
  19. And Hawaiian Honu adds a few seconds to his lead...up to 92 points. Top score 3 of 4 weeks of Chase. Time for a debris caution? Vegas Gamblers 92 back, Remember #3 -198, skidmarks -222. Fossil Fuel (-665 with 6 to go 600 max available to earn) headed to the hauler.
  20. Awww, give Eli a break! I know Cruz stumbled, but he never tried to get second hand up (and it looked to me like he coulda). Thinking maybe he's gotten so much attention for the nice one handers he's been coming up with that he's maybe going for the highlight reel a bit too much....
  21. What a Giantgantic week! NOT!!!!! 1-Strike, WE HAVE A WINNER!!!! Congrats to SodaJack, the only one to not fall into the Jersey Swamp! He musta knew the fix was in.....SF by how many????? Will reset the group tomorrow, so anyone who wants can continue...will, however, be a less exciting prize.... 2-Strike, another GiAints beat down....Started the day with 13, Midgets took 6 out and 1st strike to 5 more!. 7 remain, all with 1 strike. Do I sense another quick ending? 3-Strike, OK, I won't beat a dead Giant horse.Suffice to say they hurt 2/3 of the league: took out 4, 2nd strike for 6,and 1st for 2. Also had one go down looking....
  22. I can understand the handicapping in the 2 or 3 strike leagues, but in the 1 strike? 4 weeks in and 1/2 the field is out, and there must have been some sweating going on for some of the survivors in a few of the weeks.... 2-strike a bit more forgiving, 5 unscathed with only 2 out... 3-strike, one down and 5 holding tight with 2 strikes...
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