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  1. Just a bump to let all know I haven't absconded with the prizes! Been a bit lax in updates, in fact in attention to league, as evidenced by number of ineligibles I've run!
  2. Nice bonus with the GS C&P Club set- the 'Turtle-kinz' tag. But newer collectors be aware that the tag is a DUPLICATE/PROXY for the coin= send the bonus out traveling and you're activating the coin. Just noting in case you like to keep your coins unactivated for trades etc. First thing I thought was "Wow, they threw in a tag this month!" Glad I looked closer and noticed it was marked as a dupe, or I coulda ended up a dope!
  3. "Seems it never rains in southern California Seems I've often heard that kind of talk before It never rains in California But girl don't they warn ya It pours, man it pours"
  4. 'Lucky Dog' definitely will keep this one interesting (as well as make my update commentaries pretty much useless. Team with the 'worst worst week' at end might wind up benefiting from drop in a close battle. Curious to see how this one works out! For example I'm (Skidmarks) in lead by 9 points despite having 29 fewer total points(my 'Lucky Dog' drop is 226 vs Kensay's 264). And Crazy Canuck is ahead of 3 teams with more total points! Gonna be a fun ride!
  5. The first place envelope is now full, coins from Maui Motos, Kini Ont, PARacers, Slowdownracer, Skidmarks, & outagas...
  6. "Gee, our telemetry black box fried in the crash!" "That was a jet dryer, I saw yellow and thought it was Busch or Kenseth or Burton and was trying to gently and cleanly move them out of my way"
  7. Well at least the standings stayed close after this one...
  8. 1 day, 12 hours, and 15 minutes! (not that I need to count down, I'll be at 'The theee-aaay-tuhr' for a matinee then dinner with wife. at least Chili's has sets going if we make it before checkers!)
  9. VG- You're safe NASCAR gives five laps to acknowledge a Black Flag, I'm only giving 2 laps (races) to send... if not received by 3rd lap/race I stop counting laps
  10. When sending coins for the prize pool, please put team name somewhere on outside of envelope (either on back or return address). I'm going to put them in bubble's without opening as they come in. Name on outside will let me swap out so you don't win your own submission...
  11. 3 days 4 hours 30 min! tension is mounting! final tuning for the 125s. 10 teams, prizes down to 3rd place.
  12. Last prize sent today, to FarTom,see y'all next season!
  13. The 'Crappy Cache Award' coins came in grab bags a few years ago from GeoSwag/Oakcoins and I believe they sold them on the site for a while. I got 3 or 4 of them back in 2007 or 2008? when I got bags to start collecting & mission-ing. Kept 1, gave 1 to my niece, and gave others away in caches and missions. Keep your eyes open, watch out on prices as they weren't all that rare at time they came out and I'm sure there are plenty out there that may become available.
  14. email replied! Welcome. We now are at a 3rd place prize level!
  15. Slowdown, check this thread. Opalsns not doing her league this season. You're more than welcome to join in here! http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=289271
  16. We've reached the point where league will go to new prize system, with at least a prize for 2nd so far! checked with opalsns & she won't be doing a league this season, those who didn't do double duty league wise last year are welcome (as is anyone!) to sign up here...
  17. To join, send me an email via profile with your team name and I'll send you group ID & password. 'Understanding' isn't required to do well, right Mauison? Check out this link for rules & hints: http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/sports/fantasysports/racing/basics/;_ylt=ApVjSs7H1TYGTu4aVprI7Zbc93hG Basically, all the drivers are split into 3 classes by some magical YAHOO formula , A (Elite- Gordon,Johnson,Stewart etc), B (Good- a shot at winning every week-Burton, Jr, Kayne etc), and C ('start and park' will either drop out at first pit stop or wreck causing first stop- Nemecheck, rookies, Nationwide drivers up for a few races seasoning, and road course ringers). You pick a team (roster) of 2 from 'A', 4 from 'B', and 2 from 'C'. You get bonus points for any of these drivers qualifying 1st-4th. Before race, you pick 'Starters' 1- A, 2-Bs, and 1-C who will earn points for you in the race based on finish, with bonus for laps led. Your bench does not earn race points. You can make changes to your roster before qualifying, and adjust your starters up until just before green flag. You can only start a driver 9 times, races on bench don't count toward this (so if you have a good qualifier but have used him 7 or 8 races you can park him on your bench for bonus points if he qualifies well.
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