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  1. 3 weeks down- looks like teams still trying to get a grip on how new style will handle. 4 teams making steady improvement, including perennial threat from North of the border Crazy Canuck....with Fossil Fuel trying to hang in til first round of pit stops for a wedge adjustment to fix a loose handling machine... 8 players, so prizes to top 3- 5 to winner, 2 for second, and 1 for third. Have 4 of the entry coins- Hotwheels, Crazy Canuck, Outagas (my son's pick set), and Skidmarx (me). Anyone needing a refresh on my Address, send me an email (same place as last season).
  2. sent with the others, let me know via profile email if you don't get the resend...
  3. If majority want will use it, but didn't seem to make much difference in standings or keeping involvement after 1st missed week. Like I said, though, if majority want- will keep....
  4. NASCAR Fantasy Cointest! League is registering soon... New,more 'showroom' style bods this season A) League will be open to anyone, but password sent via email upon request- email to include team name and GC name.I won't 'share' your info and you can remain hidden on group roster... but as Commissioner it's a lot easier than guessing 'who's who?' if needed. Same prize method Prize coins sent to me by 3rd race, I'll distribute at end of season. This would facilitate doing following to keep a bit more interest/incentive through season: C) Prizes to top finishers depending on number of players,first 5 go to winner then add prizes for 2nd and 3rd place. Winner always gets at least 2X 2nd place; 2nd at least 2X 3rd. Keep the game interesting for those who stumble. Also, I'll add a trackable prize for segment winners. D) Won't use 'Lucky Dog' option if offered,unless majority ends up wanting it. Didn't seem to make much difference. E) Will relook at tie breaker system from last year, probably stick with or close to it. INFO AS SOON AS IT COMES OUT
  5. Got one yesterday! Thanks 'HH'!
  6. Seems to me (if locker renter is not registered owner of coins), this would fall into/under the usual disappeared track-able category- owner has basically relinquished control when they set it free. You set it out with the knowledge it might disappear. Best hope is that the new owner of locker either sets them free or sells to someone who'll set them off or try to adopt them from an understanding registered owner.
  7. 1. Participating: email sent 11/14 2. Received Name: 11/16/12 3. Mission Sent: 12/12/12 4. Mission Received: 12/21/12 Received a package from a fine looking blonde family, Mom & Dad certainly have ( and will have for next decade or so!) their hands full. A bit of detective work got me close, but not conclusively) the GC name(s) of the senders... but they obviously did their own detecting as I received a coin & pin commemorating my recent 100th find! (only took me 5 years!) Thanks for a special coin! Rick
  8. keep an eye out, registration usually opens up mid-late January, Will be a COT with a apropos theme for 2013. Yahoo gives option to send auto-invites for previous members, I'll try and remember to add you to list.But info to request joining will be in start up post...
  9. 1. Participating: email sent 11/14 2. Received Name: 11/16 3. Mission Sent: 12/12/12 4. Mission Received
  10. Hi Glen, glad to see you got 'em ok. It's a bit of a sweat waiting for confirm with the responsibility for 'em all weighing on my reputation! As you know, but as an FYI for all, the travel tags are the segment prizes & not a player scrimping on the deal! 2nd in from left, on bottom, is a '07 or '08 Pirate Booty (?) coin.
  11. Glen & Ted, you're packets should arrive any day Glen listed as out for delivery yesterday but no delivery update, Ted, no tracking to Canada (BTW Ted, you've gotta move- writing that on envelope & customs form has got me cross-eyed! Especially w/o my cheater specs! Postal clerk also had fun trying to type in!) Dave, yours will be off in tomorrow's mail when I ship out my Card & Coin mission-forgot to bring my packing tape for the 're-purposed' envelope...
  12. Sorry for the delay guys. Just making sure to double check my math. No suspense that the winner was Glen (Kensay) with a scary post to post shellacking of the field!with 9993 points (after the dog subtracted) Trying to hang on, from North of the border was Ted (VERY Crazy Canuck/k) with 9571 Third place went to the paradise island of Maui with Mauison racking up 9422 Chasing but not quite overtaking Mauison was Kim? with whose injection of Quaker State motor wasn't quite enough,9231. Skidmarks made numerous pit road mishaps, (didn't tighten all the lug nuts a few times) but managed to stay on the lead lap with 8958 and a 5th place finish. Another fun season, countdown to Daytona started Sunday evening, hope to see you all again next year! I think I have all the prize winners' addresses, but if you want, PM me to make sure. THANKS ALL!!!! Rick
  13. 1. Participating: email sent 11/14 2. Received Name: 11/16 3. Mission Sent 4. Mission Received
  14. Final race of the year already! Been a bit derelict with updates, but here's the top 5 as I figure it. Crazy Canuck had 3444 points for Spring, added to Summer & Playoffs as Crazy Canuk,,, Kensay- 9746 Canuck/k- 9295 Maui-9159 PaRacers- 8975 Skidmarks- 8690 A runaway for Glen- don't think I'll need the tie-breaks this year!
  15. Squeaking in.. 1. Participating: email sent 11/14 2. Received Name 3. Mission Sent 4. Mission Received
  16. 1. Participating: Sent email 09/13/12 2. Received Name: 9/29/12 3. Mission Complete:10/15/12 4. Mission Received: 10/??/12 Went on a last minute New England 'Peeper Loop' and returned to a pile of mail featuring a bubbler from California with an Amelia Earhart coin and Pathtag. Thank You Steben6!!! (also drove outgoing through 5 of 6 New England states w/out the address, sent when I got home!)
  17. 1. Participating: Sent email 09/13/12 2. Received Name: 9/29/12 3. Mission Complete: 4. Mission Received:
  18. 1. Participating: Sent email 09/13/12 2. Received Name: 3. Mission Complete: 4. Mission Received:
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