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  1. Guess I shoulda waited 'til the half before entering.... though as I recall UConn game wasn't out of hand at the half...
  2. 1. Participating- yes 11/29 2. Received Name- yep 12/01 3. Mission Complete- will mail on Monday 4. Santa Arrived-
  3. Got one in my stocking also... they musta runned outa coal coins! Better to get one in stocking than in a hide, though.
  4. Score WVU-48 Pitt- 14= 62 total Pat White- 128 yds rushing At least my UConn Huskies will be able to say they got smushed by the eventual National Champs....
  5. Post # 5- I'm outa bullets
  6. 1. Participating- yes 11/29 2. Received Name- 3. Mission Complete 4. Santa Arrived
  7. Had same question when I posted my 1st hide and saw a bunch of watchers. Some will put a watch on new caches as they pop up to see if they have shot at First to Find. I'll watch caches close to mine to see if there's a traffic pattern, or if people are hitting those and skipping mine (quality control- make sure mine is worthy ).
  8. I'll put them in new caches I place, taped together in pairs & baggied. I carry spares, but you never know...
  9. Noticing that all but 1 reply (other than OP) has been a Premium Member- I'll throw in my 2 cents..... I just like to see my bugs move, but I also like to see where they're sitting/visiting. Would be nice to see at least a general description of cache (no coords or hints or such) when a bug moves in.
  10. "Are they all film cannisters?" Saw an ad on GC for .99 Nanos. I foresee a cache on every Stop sign! Did this person hide them en mass, or space out the hides?I've been going since April, enjoy placing caches, but try to place only one a month (on average). For my convenience I'm keeping them within a 10-15 mile radius so I can stop and check them frequently going to and from work... there are other hiders in my area with more caches & experience so I space mine out time wise so if they're drawn to an area by my cache and think it's a good area for one of their own, they have some time. And that'll give me something to find (and learn from) on maintenance runs.
  11. Looks like a couple of folks who joined in past month or so... perhaps one of those bug owners or a moderator/administrator/old hand could contact them and gently request they edit their posts? (I haven't been around long 'nuff to not get a 'Who the heck are you?!' back) ( but don't have 'em change it 'fore I can claim discovering them long distance! )
  12. By all means let the owner know of the situation. If the owner has a lot of hides he/she may not be able to monitor them all constantly and may be unaware of the status of bridge- give him/her a chance to rescue the cache and if necessary archive until better times come (I did this recently with when a nearby boat launch was shutting down for renovations- owner was not yet aware) better to hear in an email than from a bunch of angry DNFers after the cache is trashed by a bulldozer . That said, IMNSHO the bugs are fair game- push 'em on outa there!
  13. How big? Maybe if you've thought of placing a cache yourself you could set up a big enough lock n lock or ammo can to hold it? Maybe place a TB Hotel if you've got none close by- I set up a couple hotels near enough to me that I can use them for bug drops as I check in on them....
  14. I've learned not to set a bug free without a goal sheet of some sort either attached to, or in a baggy with, the bug/ hitchhiker. 1st bugs I launched in Mass., without goals. One ended up coming back to 5 miles from my house! Since then, I include goals. I'll pick up just about any bug w/o a goal sheet- then check if I can help it along. If it's got a sheet, I'll only take if I can move it along (and personally, I don't 'Discover' bugs. Just not into the numbers game enough I guess). Do kinda get annoyed with my inbox filling with messages from the six people in a group that visited a cache and no one actually moving the bug.....
  15. Thanks for the quick comebacks. My first order thru them- slight problem. Gone 5 days w/o reply from 'shop@' email, 2 days from 'support@' I've gotten used to at least an automated "We got your email". Starting to wonder if they were a problem outfit- I see they're not. Patience (& confidence) has been restored.
  16. Just wondering (before a rant builds up ) 'bout experiences ( + & - ) with ordering & customer service response @ Geoswag and or Oakcoins.....
  17. Thanks for the quick get-back. I probably will stagger them. I plan on starting a couple of 'Four corners of US' race car travel bugs- one in the Eastbound and one in the Westbound on their journey from these caches- but in the grand scheme of things I don't think a one day head start will win the race for either of them Perhaps one or both will pass thru SD on their lap!
  18. A question on FTF etiquette... I'm planning 2 separate caches @ 1/2 mile apart, basically easy P&G's. Is it poor form for me to request in the posting that only one be claimed for a FTF credit on 'opening day', to give another a shot at FTF? Or just post them a few days apart (they're Eastbound and Westbound twins, making it a multi not conducive with the exit setup)?
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