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  1. Bumpidy looking like a slow start on both leagues this season... a week left to get in..
  2. Email sent: 12/29/2010 Name received:1/15/2011 Mission sent:2/2/2011 Mission received:2/8/11 Thank You Fuzziebear3! A box of chocolates, a tin of Sweethearts and a Snowball Splat! (fitting around here lately!) along with a fuzziebear3 geojelly and a Todie's Wild Ride coin. ( a quick look at the return address name had my wife wondering what I was getting from 'Pamela' coulda been in trouble!)
  3. I'm seeing newer versions of Garmins: the 'LMT' 's that include lifetime map updates. Looks to be a $40 or $50 premium on the MSRP depending on model... link if it's allowed to stand: https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?cID=134
  4. emailed you for a few.... guess wife won't get too mad, as she loves Maine & the lighthouses. We usually spend a week on the coast in the summer.
  5. Room for 4 more... off to as slow a start as last years 500...
  6. Green Bay : 35 Pittsburgh: 27 Big Ben throws pick in Red Zone to end it!
  7. Email sent: 12/29/2010 Name received:1/15/2011 Mission sent:2/2/2011 Mission received:
  8. For any new teams this season- winner of league gets an unactivated coin from each of the other players... honor system- I'm not gonna collect coins in advance and (hopefully not have to)hound people to send after season...
  9. Here's a link to the Yahoo rules page for anyone with questions on play and scoring. http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/sports/fantasysports/racing/rules/;_ylt=AmCD2kx5wbypo8EjsneH9gvF93hG this league will not add teams after season starts (Yahoo allows joining until November)
  10. Invites going out soon via 'profile mail' to last season's teams
  11. Email sent: 12/29/2010 Name received:1/15/2011 Mission sent: Mission received:
  12. Or... maybe it was left as swag. I will do this on occasion (mostly in my local scout shop cache), with a note attached that it's not activated and enjoy! I've done this as FTF prizes also- again noting that it's unactivated... If this is the case, it's yours to get the activation code and set it free
  13. Got it! One of next year's conditions (for the Racing too) will be for all to let me know their GC handle at the start so I can easily figure out who's who to contact- especially since most kept email 'hidden'
  15. That being said, if NO loses, I'd like to float the idea of a massive tie for all, and if rick's ok with it, I'd just take 1 coin between the two games since I already won the reset 1 strike, and let boiler-todd and kungfuhippie each get a coin. (if they are ok with it as well) If rick wants to make us all go to a winner, then that's his call. I just offered this as a possibility, since we may ALL lose this week. Sounds good to me... I can't afford to pull out any (more)hair figuring & reconfiguring (the kids have the market cornered on that). Plus I was using 3 of the same coin for all three games so I don't have to try and come up with different ones to send Ash (and my backup is the one I think I sent you last season ) KFH & Todd, send me your address via my profile email... still got Ash's addy... and have yet to hear from Almostperfect on round 1 so email me through profile too, and I'll get 'em out this week.
  16. Ooh! Awesome! I can't wait to see the ones I ordered. I will be keeping the two you have on the bottom for sure. The other three will be potential trade or sale items. CF30 The better half ordered me a set for christmas, these look amazing! Impatiently waiting, lol Got mine today, too!!! Not a single dissapointment in the bunch. Ours showed up today, set of 5. They are amazing! Ditto!
  17. Same deal if 3-strike ends regular season in a tie.
  18. Resetting league- all can pick for 'ha-has', but only Ashallond, Boiler-Todd, and Bronco Mania 2 can win. Couldn't reset as a 1 strike, so we'll play it through as a 2 and if tied after playoffs will do a 'secret' pick for Super Bowl like ended up doing last season.
  19. Email sent: 12/29/2010 Name received: Mission sent: Mission received:
  20. 2-strike down to Ashallond, Boiler-Todd, and Bronco Mania 2... all have different picks this week so a chance for movement there! 3-strike Ashallond leads with 1 strike (all the way back in week # 1 !!!), Kungfuhippy leads those with 2 strikes with Pittsburgh in the bag, Irwando Mountain Racer & St Moose counting on Philly to keep them going (along with Ash counting on them to hold his lead) and Eagles/Cowboys hoping Chargers have enough juice to keep hope alive..
  21. Still waiting on address for AlmostPerfect for first 1-strike... email me through my profile....
  22. Congrats on your second chance win!!! Still sending coin to the HS? (will wait for all results to be in so you an get one big package!
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