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  1. I've been told the MiGO (Michigan Geocaching Organization) coins are suppose to have their own individual icon also. Windrose I am sure that Maxine&Me would be able to confirm that. I guess I'll have to figure out what I forgot to do with mine Nope, just the regular gold coin with the cent sign. ....for now. I contacted GC.com and they charge a flat fee of $150 to set that icon up. I can't imagie not doing it if you are going through the trouble and expense to make them trackable These user stat pages are going to get busy
  2. I just purchase some MIGO coins that are trackable. www.mi-geocaching.org. I proudly registered it today and got my icon.
  3. Are there trackable coins (via GC.com) other than these? Colorado Geocoin GB Geocoin Geowoodstock Coin German Geocoin Michigan Geocoin Moun10Bike USA Geocoin Maryland is to be but not shipping (is that correct) ?
  4. I am in for a couple tracking or not.
  5. I was speaking with another local cacher and talking about trading coins and he warned me not to as he had sent several coins out and never received his trade. That just didn't seem to jive with the spirit of most cachers that I have met and I didn't heed his advise. As a result of my original post, I initiated over 10 trades. Everyone went off as advertised. I stand resolved in my original stance that all in all cachers are a great bunch of people. Thanks to: Lady Cacher, Atlanta Gal, Escout, Yogi and Dolphin, Mauison, M&M Hunter, Team Coychev, donbadabon, Stuck on WGS84, Kilted Cacher and Bluegill Fisherman.
  6. Is this coin orderable yet?
  7. I would like 3 bronze and 2 silver.
  8. I have an unregistered Midwest Geobash Coin. Anyone willing to trade for their Unregistered Geowoodstock III coin?
  9. Okay I have been biten by the coin trading bug and want to get in the action with my own personal coin. What are some good source for getting these minted? Thanks a bunch!
  10. A day late and a dollar short huh? Any coins floating around for sell or trade ?
  11. Maxine & Me ordered 4 paid via PayPal
  12. I am brand new to the coin trading aspect of Geocaching. I have several KY GeoCoins (2003 & 2004) that are available for trade. I am looking for state and event coins. Would love a GWIII coin, I attended but didn't have the foresight to buy a darn coin. Currently I have and don't need the following) Alaska Georgia Germany Midwest Geobash Oregon Texas Washington I only have KY coins to trade at this time. Anybody want to trade? I just purchased 5 USA Coins for trading purposes also. Is there a link of active coins that can still be purchased?
  13. Reposted in another area.
  14. Perfect! That's what I was looking for.
  15. Is there a way to download anything directly from S&T to a GPS. I have never seen a way to do that. The only export option I see is for Pocket Streets (PDA)
  16. I can pull up a Terra Server Image and see the exact spot that I placed my cache. However I can't tell that you can discern the exact coords from this. Is there a way to get the arial photo and to be able to click on the spot to obtain the exact coordinates? It seems this would be a more accurate way to obtain cooridnates on caches that I can easily identify this way.
  17. Can you explain your steps 5 and 6 in more detail? I can't figure that out with S&T. I kind of accomplished the same thing with GSAK arc filter, but your method seems easier if I can figure it out. Can you pare down the caches in S&T and re-export them to gpx or is that done manually in GSAK?
  18. Sorry for the late post, but I too would like to thank all of the NEFGA folks that helped organize GW3. It was the perfect destination for a long caching road trip. All of the event activities, food, prizes etc were very well thought out and exectued. Hats off to you all. Additionally I was very impressed with the quanity of J'ville caches as well as the quality. You all do it right. Maxine & Me Lexington, KY
  19. After searching other soultions on this forum I tried switching out the batteries (even though the current ones showed about 25% power remaining). That fixed the issue with the stick not functioning. Go figure.
  20. I have had my Vista for about 2 years, it has been swapped out twice under warranty for lines across the screen. It has strated doing that again as well as the thumb stick will not move the cursor to the left. I called Garmin and they inform me that it will be $125 to repair the unit. That seems crazy to me. Has anyone else had similar problems. Is there anything I can do to service the unit myself?
  21. On thing I haven't seen mentioned (and in my opinion the most important feature) is that the Aviation specific gps's give you proximity warnings to restricted airspaces. These can be irregular shapes and altitudes. I dont know of any nonaviation gps that does this for you...and if it did, how hard would it be to input all those restriced airspaces??? Of course, since 9/11 NOTAM's are a daily adventure. Exactly, that feature is the one I was most hoping to emulate some how. I guess in this case, there is no substitute for route planning and situation awareness. We have an Army Depot that is now prohibited airspace that is real near a local airport. I'd hate to get the visit from an F16 because of unexpected winds aloft.
  22. That is an awesome site....THANKS !!! I hope I can figure it out
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