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  1. Well my trusty ol Vista was a victim of a car break in. If you see one offered for cheap it is probably mine. However it does give me an opportunity to get a new color unit. What is the general consensus on the new Legend C. What does the Vista C get you that the Legend doesn't they look pretty much the same to me, except for compass and barometric pressure. Any advice appreciated.
  2. WOW I was a way for a little while and Noticed several new coins out that I missed the boat on. Any one have an extra New Mexico they would like to trade for?
  3. Nor is it me. I don't know but of a couple other collectors in KY.
  4. RE: Hurrican Katrina geocoin It's been a long day so excuse the dumb question. Is the coin listed on eBay a single coin that is being acutioned or is that a bunch of them that are being sold for $10 each.
  5. My NWPA trade fell through. Anybody have one to trade?
  6. Well darn, how did I miss the boat on this one. I'd like a few should some orders not pan out. Otherwise, any one wanna trade My Coin List
  7. Did I miss something? I am not aware of the Missouri/KC coin.
  8. Are there any Alabama, Missouri, Penn's or NWPA's out there? I need one My Coin Page
  9. Seeking NW PA. See my list for possible trades. My Coin Page
  10. It's in the middle column MIGO Coin Maxine & Me My Geocoin Page
  11. FYI, I contacted GC.com about this and was informed they are not doing personal coins, but groups and states could do this provided a minimum of 1,000 coins @ $1.50 each.
  12. The new ones say exactly what? So who wants to trade a new MIGO geocaching.com-trackable coin for a pdxmarathonman coin You can see it Here
  13. The coin I activated and received a seprate icon for is the one that is currently available for sale. The Geocoin club offers a free service for activating coins. This prevents the coin issuers from having to keep up with activation codes etc. If you go to this site and enter the number off of the coin they will email you an activation code. You then go activate the coin like you would a travel bug. It works out great once you figure it out. My MIGO coins had an activation instruction sheet.
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