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  1. The "view map" under the "send to phone button" still brings up Google maps. I can only zoom out to 500 caches. That is not what I want; besides Google maps bring my machine to its knees and I hate using it. I would like to see a state wide (or greater) snap shot of available caches. The old view map feature gave me exactly that.


    This issue could be resolved by allowing larger PQ's. (I know that has been discussed ad nauseum and I am not proposing that) I don't want to download all of the caches but just simply get a mile high view of total cache density.


    I am not sure what you mean about the red star vs. marker. The old map view showed cache icons.

  2. I may be missing something. I miss the old map view. I live on one side of the state and a caching friend lives on the other end. I use to look at the old map view to get an idea of where to meet for caching based on cache density.


    I can't use google earth to do that nor do I want to create 1/2 dozen pocket queries do get a whole state & surrounding area view. Is their a way to get the old map view functionality?





  3. Sitting outside Tyler Texas after traveling from Lexington I am anxious to get some numbers, not break records, does a gpx exist of your run? I'd like to take my dad (GeoJimmie) on a #'s run. He is 69 so it would have to be doable. Getting 50 of those would be great for us. Having no clue about the area we'd be hard press to get more than 10-20 otherwise. If you have a gpx I'd owe you a big 'en. I have a new KY coin for ya'. Email: mrcraig101@hotmail.com



    Lexington, KY

  4. Have the Following Coin's to Trade.. (All Coins are Unactivated & Trackable Unless Noted)


    1 - DHenninger (Personal Non-Trackable)

    1 - California 2005 Prospector (Non-GC.com Trackable)

    1 - Christmas 2005

    1 - Delaware - Nickel/Gold Standard

    1 - Dutch Coin

    1 - Finland 2006 GeoCoin

    1 - GOWT 2006 Pewter

    1 - Wisconsin 2005

    2 - Maine 2005 (Non-Trackable)

    2 - USA 2005

    3 - USA 2006

    2 - World Of GeoCaching


    Please check out our (Visit Link) at the bottom of this post..



    Lehigh Mafia

    Email Sent

  5. That is correct the 2003's were numbered 001-200. The 2004'a were numbered 2004-201 - 2004-399. The 2005's are numbered 2005-400 - 2005-699 (I think).


    The special edition (silver) are numbered SE-01 - SE-99.


    I have an '04 available for trade. Do you have any GC.com trackables that I don't have? You can buy the '05 at GEOCKY Website.

  6. I guess I'm going to have to quit work and stop having a life! B)B):ph34r: If anybody wants to trade, PLEASE email me. I've now missed this one and the Dutch coin! :(


    To trade for GOWT or Dutch, I have Canine Cachers, GreenMan, PaNoWeGe Kids (silver and gold), Texas 2005, BuffaloWings (brass and nickel), Hurricane Katrina, Boys of Ladycacher, Ladycacher, Compass Rose, and OpticsBoy.

    Dutch Coin, what the heck. I quess I too need to quit my day job. Any traders for a GOWT or Dutch? See my list. I also have Vacman, Camp Explorer, Joy of Geocaching etc.

  7. great coin!


    being a native noo yawker, i just gotta have one! anybody interested in trading a non activated georgia 2006 stone mountain coin for a non activated new york coin?


    eme at teampez at gmail dot com if interested!





    Email sent

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