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  1. Hi: Have been finding quite a few muggled cahes and have logged quite a fewe DNF's lately. I would rather not return to some of my DNF's caches until have been visited by another cacher to see how they made out. Same with caches we feel are simply missing or needing attention. Is there a way we can be notified by e-mail if any of these caches are visited by anyone. I see there is a watchlist feature but am not sure if this sort of thing is what its designed for. If such notification exists does it exist only for premium members? (presently we are not premimum members). Presently we get notified if someone vivits are own hides but it would be nice to be able to keep track of recent visits to certain caches that are not our own. Thanks a bunch...............cbearw
  2. Traded my gas guzzleing Ford Bronco in on a Nissan Versa and can afford to go geocaching now!!
  3. Blue Stone: Thanks very much for the extra editing tips. I'll give some a try on the next cache I do up which will be this weekend. Regards............cbearw
  4. Starbrand: Thats great! I think that will do the trick. After I paste my text in I'll insert those commands into the places I need them in the text. Thaks very much. It will be nice to break things up in paragraph form cbearw
  5. Thanks Knight 2000. I had been doing up the text in a document form at my own speed using microsoft works which came on the computer. I had read somewhere that doing it this way and then using copy/paste is best because of the 40 min time limit thing when doing up new cache pages. I'll pay more attention and try to save it in HTML format as you suggest. Thanks a bunch.................cbearw
  6. When doing up the cache page for my first hides I have a problem with my paragraphs running together. More specifically under the space where one types in the description of the cache etc I type it all in in paragraph form but everything all gets joined into one giant paragraph when I finish up and submitt and review it. Is there a trick to keeping paragraphs seperate or am I just having another brain cramp/seniors moment. Anyone else ever had this occur? Thanks in advance....always computer challanged......cbearw
  7. Thanks all for your responses. Micro it is. David M thats a good point about what others may be led to believe about what they can put in it if it was listed as anything larger. Happy caching!!.................cbearw
  8. I recently drilled out one end of 6" diameter piece of firewood to fit a waterproof match container. The match container itself is a micro but the log itself could be listed as small or even regular. When I write up the cache page on geocachintg.com do I call this a micro or go by the size of the object I placed it in (the piece of firewood) which would be called a small or even regular? Thanks..........Tom
  9. Lowrance I Finder HuntC : Had it for about 4 months. Very good reviews and endorsements from other owners. Built in compass and barometer. Good bright large screen. Lots of memory and takes the Map Create Topo series of mapping programs. Projects and averages waypoints. New to geocaching but have 10 finds with it so far. Usually within 10 to 40 feet of cache location. Excellent fix on satallites in heavy cover. Waterproof. Less money than a Garmin but with all the features. Good customer service. Would and have recommeneded it in a heartbeat.
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