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  1. If using your handheld compass in the car the metal in the car may be throwing tit off a bit. Try the same comparison away from the car or any other large metal objects.
  2. My apologies if this has been kicked around before but I read through the guidelined and couldn't find anything. Also did a search but again no luck. I did a multi the other day and the stages were miles apart and sent me criss crossing from one side of town to another a few times. Great camoed hides but ........ :-( I think I read somewhere that the stages shouldn't be too far apart to avoid scenerios like that described above. Any comments or is the sky the limit as far as the distance different stages of a multi can be apart?
  3. I went to ask permission to place a cache from a golf course owner a while ago. The golf course owner was very accomodating. His suggestion was to place a "free round of golf" pass in the container. The finder then had the option of taking him up on the free round of golf or just signing the log and carring on his/her way. The only condition was that the finder after having his free round of golf returned the pass to the cache so it cound be used again. The cache location is a out of the way place where no body could get accidently beaned by a golf ball. The golf course owner was happy with this idea because in the long run it was a form of free advertising. Other family/friends with the cacher still had to pay to play golf. This cache was reviewed and accepted with a few slight modifications to the original version and has been in place for a few years with no reported problems. This cache is near Lumby BC and is called the Duteau Creek Cache GC15BH9
  4. Hi All: Perhaps someone can help me out here. When I go to hide and Seek and then google maps I see there is now a legend and other changes such as different symbols for different cache types etc. For me when I am zoomed out some caches show up for areas below Flodida but nothing for my area in BC Canada. When I keep zooming in ,,,,again ......Zippo, zero, nada. I find this once great feature now pretty much useless as far as geocaching goes as none of the hundreds of caches around my area show up anymore. Actually I had some caches showing up in Ontario but when I zoomed in it seems to be extremly slow now and things frequently just freeze up so I have to x out of everything. Is this something with my computer or has anyone else had this issue, Any help would be greatly appreciated............cbearw
  5. Well to each his/her own I guess. I prefer the hikes in the bush but my wife likes the in town micro's. Nice that we have the variety there to choose from. Just a small part of what makes the game of geocaching so much fun. Enjoy your micro's and thanks for posting.
  6. Quite a few of the caches ourselves and others had difficulties with turned out to be caches someone living a long ways away placed. Quite often these caches were not even disabled or archived after many logs had been posted saying the cache was missing. Reminds me of an abandoned crab traps that keep on fishing! For this reason I am not a big fan of caches placed so far away that the owners cannot properly maintain them.
  7. This is all new to me but I actually thought that that amount of detail would have to go to something like a palm pocket organizer type device. Never knew about any GPSr had that "cache notes" feature. Do you have to have a special GPSr with that feature to do this? Certainly no mention of this in my Lowrance I-Finder manual. Thanks................Tom I can't speak for Lowrance but my 60CS has a field that lets me upload up to I think 25 characters of the hint. I think only certain Garmin and Magellan models have a Notes/Hints field. Like TrailGators, I have a Garmin GPSmap unit; all of the GPSmap models (CS, CSx, Cx, etc.) have a Notes field, but it doesn't hold a lot of info. Some Maggies have a special field just for Hints. PDAs with the right free/shareware software can save the entire cache page in gpx format and let you view it in the field. (There are plenty of threads about that.) Thanks Hydnsek and trailgators for the explanation. I think your right about just Magellens and Garmins having that feature. Isn't on my Lowrance as far as I can tell. Have a good trip to Kamloops Hydnsek!
  8. This is all new to me but I actually thought that that amount of detail would have to go to something like a palm pocket organizer type device. Never knew about any GPSr had that "cache notes" feature. Do you have to have a special GPSr with that feature to do this? Certainly no mention of this in my Lowrance I-Finder manual. Thanks................Tom
  9. Yes there is a geo-coin circulating out west here which is a tribute/memorial coin for a lady that was killed while riding a motorcycle. She was thought to be out geocaching when she had the accident which involved a truck. Not sure but I think she may have been from California originally. I agree that the driving is the biggest risk. I made my living working in the bush for years where I admitt I have been pretty lucky. Some of my colleagues were not but a lot of people survive bear and couger attacks. Not sure about the survival rate for head on collisions.
  10. Well I found this fellow once but not geocaching. Thought others might find the story interesting as there are a few lessons that might apply to anyone hiking/working outdoors. It was up on the BC Coast of Canada. No way in except by boat or floatplane. Near a place called Rivers Inlet where I worked logging and beachcombing. Mid November and cold and windy. Was at home in our little float camp which was securely situated in a quiet little bay. Late in the evening we heard on the marine VHF Radio that a Coast guard ship was on route to our area to search for a lost Forestry worker who failed to return to camp after a day of timbercruising in the bush. I thought about this guy who was lost all night in the rain, wind, sleet and snow and made up my mind to take my speedboat out early the next day and search the beach in the area where he went missing. To make a long story short we found him in a creek mouth that ran into the ocean. He was in shock, more or less blind, couldn't walk, and badly hypothermic. His story went like this. He wasn't feeling well so his forestry crew sent him back alone to camp as he said he could make it no problem (mistake #1) He started bushwacking back... tripped and fell down a hill. Poked a stick in one eye and twisted his knee on the fall. Decided to carry on limping and crawling. He got lost and disoriented and night soon came and a bad night it was. He was soon freezing and soaked. He made his camp which was nothing more than a place to lay and pull his raincoat over his head. Tried to start a fire but the rain kept putting it out so to keep it burning he burned his hard hat. The fumes from the burning hardhat with the raincoat pulled over the fire blinded him in his remaining good eye. He didn't know it but he had stumbled out and made his stand on the ocean shore where we found him the next morning. He thought he was on a lake apparently. Needless to say he was very gratefull to see our boat come by. Funny thing was even though he was in shock and hypothermic all he wanted was a cigarette. We got him as comfortable as we could and headed for camp where he was medivacked out a short time later. He mailed me back some dry clothes I had given him a few weeks later. He was an experianced Forestry worker with much bush time but he said he was never again going back to that line of work and would return to a job he once held in a supermarket somewhere. Talk about a bad hair day. Lucky he got out of that alive though. Be prepared folks...and be careful!
  11. Haven't done a cache yet where I didn't have to get out of the car except for a couple of earthcaches. (I got out of the car for those anyway to try and get a decent picture.) I can see why you wouldn't log anything if you never got out of the car!
  12. Not sure why you wait for a few days or wait until someone else before you logged a DNF. Why not just log your DNF anyway? Why only note your finds. As a cahe owner I would be interested in anyones DNF as long as they made a reasonable effort. I certainly admire your honesty. Not many have steeped up thus far and said "I generally only note my finds". Either there is very few out there that nrarely log their DNF's or there are many but just don't want to admitt it. Curious though why you wouldn't usually log your DNF's. Thanks for your reply!
  13. That's kind of a sweeping statement. I think it's a perfect activity for kids in scouts. When my son was in Boy Scouts, the scouts really enjoyed looking for caches while out hiking. It enhanced the experience. So my suggestion would be to promote it, when it makes sense to promote it. I completly agree. Promote it only where it makes sense. In a way it seems to be almost self promoting as geocaching still continues to become inreasingly more popular without excessive promotion. When I first started I had to research a bit to find out what this activity was all about and consider that a good thing. I rather like the fact that it is not overly promoted like so much else in our materialistic and consumer driven society. I'll stop here
  14. Reading through the posts on this topic it sounds like most folks post there DNF's when they make a reasonably good effort to find the cache which is a very good thing for all the reasons mentioned.. Possible exceptions to this might include not logging when someone else in a group of cachers looking for the same cache at the same time has already logged it as a DNF or when a number of other DNF log enrtres by other experianced cachers has already been posted. In the later case I log mine anyway as I want a record of it and I want the CO to see how many folks in total have come to the cache and failed to find it. When having to return many times to look for a cache there seems to be a wide range of opinions on how many DNF's in a row to log by a particuliar cacher. I must admit that I logged three or 4 DNF's in a row for one particuliar cache only to have my log entries followed up by a "FOUND IT" log entry by a 6 year old child! Very humbling! My wife consoled me by suggesting that this child probably had considerable help from his or her parents!
  15. Thanks Pugsley: That makes sense to me now why the others I was caching with may have not logged their DNF. On the other end of the spectrum their are a few cachers in our area that NEVER log their DNF's and this sems to be well known fact when we talk to other cachers. Thanks for everyones response!!
  16. Ahhh! At last a few folks with reasons why they don't log their DNF's at times! I always log mine but it does get a bit embarassing on difficult or muggled caches where I have returned two or three times. Must say that even after all this I never get anyone e-mailing me with hints. Usually I will have to ask the CO and sometimes I get a good hint, sometimes a poor hint, sometimes no hint. If its no hint from the co then I will ask someone else who has found it. A lot of the time when the CO gets around to checking the cache the cache has been muggled or removed. I have cached with a few others a few times and noticed that these folks never logged in their DNF on the same cache we did with them and they were very experianced cachers with many finds I agree with others in that there is no shame to DNF and its to everyones benifit to log em!!!
  17. Thanks all: I can understand not logging a DNF if one is inexperianced or intends to go back to that cache soon but some of the folks I noticed that dont log them have several hundred finds under their belt. Perhaps I shouldn't concern myself with how others approach this but it indirectly or directly affects how other cachers or cache owners might view the cache after they read the logs or don't get to the read a DNF. I see lots of postings here stating the virtues of posting their DNF's. There must be a few cachers out there who consistantly don't post them. Am still wondering why? Perhaps there are a few more good reasons other than "admitting defeat" for not posting DNF's?...............Tom
  18. Hi all: I have noticed a number of people don't log their D.N.F's (Did Not Find's) To each his own I guess but I log mine in hopes that if their is a problem with some aspect of the cache that the owner might be more quickly informed and deal with it. I think most CO's would go check their cache after a few D.N.F.'s. As the owner of a few caches I know I would appreciate knowing if people are having difficulties finding my caches. I was wondering what the rationale for not logging D.N.F.'s is. . Thanks..............Tom
  19. Miragee: ! Just what the Docter ordered!! I have the link saved and hard copy done. Should be good for all mannor of edits now!!.............Regards...............Tom
  20. Hi all: Was wondering if anyone could tell me how to underline or boldface certain text when doing the description part of a new cache hide/listing. Is there a certain command such as the one for leaving a blank line which is <br>. Thanks very much...............Tom
  21. Probably about an hour just searching, After that I'll come back another day if it's within a half hours drive. If I still can't find it after the second or third trip I'll e-mail the COwner for a hint. If I had to drive an hour or more to get to the cache and couldn't find it I will sometimes ask for a hint before my second trip. Some CO's are pretty tight lipped about giving hints while others volunteer a hint very readily. If I strongly suspect the cache is missing/muggled I'll let the CO know right away. ...........
  22. Thanks for your reply Miragee. Will try that out soon!
  23. Hi all: Was wondering how to post a picture in my log entry for an earthcache. Also how to post a picture for any log entry for that matter or into the gallery or under ones profile. This has probably been covered many times but I can't seem to find the info. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks very much .............cbearw
  24. Thanks for your responses! I will check out the watchlists and book mark features. Regards...cbearw
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