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  1. Great minds think alike... I was once up to a 19-mile radius before the likes of J&J, Chuy!, BBB and Lostguy started going wild in them thar hills... It really broke my heart to have to disable all those caches in Sweetwater. It brought back all the memories of the fun we had placing them and making "Lostguy" climb another hill after another hill..not to mention the miles and miles we had Cegrube and BBB Dad running. Time will tell if we're allowed back. I'm glad John is amassing ammo cans in Fallon...we'll need them. I know what you're talking about. I had to disable 24 of my caches, including my entire MTB series. Most of them are clearly in the burn areas but some are questionable. Hopefully I will be able to reactivate them soon. For the ones that are definitely gone, those will stay gone and may be replaced with new caches someday.
  2. No problem there. We have all our camping gear and our pool to fill the toilets. I'm also buying water in Chula Vista because it will probably scarce in Ramona for a while.
  3. No kidding. I'm getting sick of this too. If they're keeping us out because of contaminated water, so what! We never drink it anyway. We always use bottled water. Maybe we need to storm the gates.
  4. Why I oughta! Do rats have long memories? If you had ever actually seen me (which I am quite certain that none of you have), you would know that I much more resemble the elephant than the rat... Ah hah! Marko is a commie pinko elephant! That explains this photo of some cachers trying to get their caches approved... Now THAT's what I'm talking about! LLOT, you just earned yourself one free proximity guideline waiver... It looks like a good portion of my caches are gone. I think we should archive all the burnt caches, put out new ones and then save them until right before the Nomex vs. Ramius event. That way we can set back and watch them sweat.
  5. Water pressure is fairly low so I don't know if I would want to do that quite yet. I found out from some neighbors last night that someone had physically gone door to door and turned the water main off at each house and then water mains to the areas. We turned our main back on at about 10 last night and got enough water pressure for necessities. We wandered through the ghost town of Ramona last night and found that there were quite a few people that did not evacuate. We found Stater Brothers open for groceries. We found Stars, Circle K, and Daniels all open for gas. We found the Cheers, Subway, and the Turkey Inn open for food and drink. And we noticed at least one feed store open for food for the animals. We were actually suprised and thankful this many places had enough employees still in the area so that they could stay open. You didn't happen to go near my house did you? I was no where near the burn area but what I'm concerned about is looters. I saw the sheriffs arrested some people caught looting.
  6. James, this is John, how di I look at that feed??? Theyve moved on to other coverage. Your best bet might be www.cbs8.com I don't know if this will help, but 10 news has a live feed. http://www.10news.com/video/14036255/index.html
  7. Amen. Sheesh, no kidding. My tent trailer is still hooked up and with Ramona still burning, it looks like it might stay that way until the weekend. So I'm ready to go.
  8. I finally have chance to check the forums and see how everyone else is doing. Some good, some not so good. This is crazy. We got the mandatory evac notice and left Ramona via the Hwy 67 parking lot. What a mess. We finally got to the Walmart parking lot about 2:30 AM where we spent the rest of the night with a bunch of other evacuees. Now we’re in Chula Vista at my parents house wishing we could get back home. All the roads into Ramona are still closed and now with the water problems I don’t know when we’ll get back. At first I thought it was strange they gave us the mandatory evac notice but then I heard that with the wind and fire direction they thought it was going to burn right through the middle of town. It’s always better to be safe then sorry. It looks like we’re going to be ok, I just hope everyone else will be too.
  9. So, if we attend this event which theoretically is part of a larger, world-wide event, could we claim we attended all the events and say we were in all these places at once? This could be mind-boggling.
  10. It turns out that the cache in question is: Texas Travel Bug University, Part Deux I was thinking of finding that cache two weeks ago when I was in Austin, but ran out of time. The logs make for interesting reading. Not yet clear what happened to the woman (foul play, accident, allergic reaction to ammo cans?) They don't know too much about what happened but they show the ammo can that clearly says Geocache on the side of it in one of the videos. http://www.kxan.com/global/story.asp?s=7182984
  11. I remember I really enjoyed doing the Fish Creek Wash with RocketMan and Trailgator. There were plenty of good caches and the slot canyon was the coolest part.
  12. Nope! Sorry Toby's Gang. That's my Jeep! Taken with RM spotting for me up a difficult area with Chris aka "Smilin' Bob" standing in the back working the camera. I have a soft top Roob that is easy to open up while RM's is a hard top. The trip was Rm's Off Road Series #5. We did a little playing around on some of the steeper, more difficult trails (Winding Stairs and Hidden Valley) before hand. This is the full on photo from our trip. Those GREAT looking legs belong to RM. That's Smilin Bob. He is standing in that rut. This is RM's rig straddling. That's aardvark56 next to it. On this trip, we got caught in a major downpour. The ruts didn't take long to start flowing with water. My mistake, I knew it was on his cache so I assumed.... Great photos by the way. I've been caught in a rut before but nothing like that.
  13. I just noticed this on the front page...Rocket Man's Jeep.
  14. Just don't forget to post the pictures!
  15. Congrats on #1700 Patrick! P.S. Patrick is such a great name!
  16. Hey, I know where that cache is...Shoot! I put street tires on my mountain bike! ...I'll say no more.
  17. Cacher? - MIRAGEE Cache Location? - Darn it...does 4 out of 5 count?? Character mimicked? We couldn't remember. - EDITH ANN Actress? LILY TOMLIN and TV show? - LAUGH-IN Shoot. You beat me to it. I'm old enough to remember watching her on Laugh In setting in that big rocking chair. One ringy dingy, two ringy dingy... Man, that show is really old. I don't remember that show..... "Sock it to me!"
  18. Cacher? - MIRAGEE Cache Location? - Darn it...does 4 out of 5 count?? Character mimicked? We couldn't remember. - EDITH ANN Actress? LILY TOMLIN and TV show? - LAUGH-IN Shoot. You beat me to it. I'm old enough to remember watching her on Laugh In setting in that big rocking chair. One ringy dingy, two ringy dingy...
  19. Halfway on the truck trail, I may head north onto Otay Lakes Rd. I do not have any of those caches. Does anyone know if you can drive all the way through to connect to the main Otay Lakes Rd? I seem to be talking to myself. TA I'm just waiting for you to answer your last question
  20. It looks like rough roads ahead but the GPS sure has a soft pillow to rest upon.
  21. Ahh, duct tape. It has a light side and a dark side and it binds the universe together. (It is The Force made manifest...) Just wait until the "White Sock Police" see that photo... I was thinking the same thing. The first thing I noticed wasn't the damaged boot or the dent in the bumper, it was the sock....What is this world coming to!
  22. I have to work instead of geocaching!!! How's that?
  23. Congrats Tob'y Tobey's Tobby's Toby's Gang!!!
  24. I will be in for the Monday trip and I have some seats in my truck if anyone wants to carpool. Ian.... We could carpool with you or you with us. Is it 0800 at Lake Jennings? We don't have an adventure pass.....it's too late now to get a day pass. Chuy! we may need to borrow yours. J&J I can pick you guys up on the way by if you want, I will have Piglit with me and she is shedding, so would be best to take my truck. I have a day pass in there, I always keep one in the glovebox , should the need arise! I need the memorial cache and the others in that immediate area. I will leave my house at 7 and pick you up by 7:15 if you wish. I'll meet you guys at the trailhead too. I already got Phil's but I need a couple more in the area. Plus I have a milestone to hit. Well, actually I already got it but I want something with a little more altitude.
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