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  1. The website is hosed. No new caches being published, and everything is slow or completely inaccessible... They're looking for the pellets to feed the hamsters right now... On the bright side at least the forums are working fine. I thought the PQ's came from a different server, but I haven't received any today. The site came back up a few minutes ago and is working great. ..now if that darn rain would go away so I don't have to watch a football game that I couldn't care less about.
  2. The inmates are running the asylum... At least now we know where to "recycle" our cans... I honestly think we should organize a CITO for the park and take as many truck loads of trash as we can and dump them on their door steps and let them know what litter really is...... They want us to do that, so we justify what they are doing. It's like a fight in football, the guy that throws the last punch gets the flag. Anyhow, think how satisfying it will be if we play our cards right and are able overturn their stupidity. I thinks they eventually want the cans to be categorized as an example of primitive culture, and the cache throws the whole premise out of whack. Those rangers are so funny! Oops. I guess I shouldn't do that. It's not nice to laugh at stupid people.
  3. I'll show you...I'll shoot myself in the foot...then you'll really be sorry.
  4. Honk! I recognized it right away. That's the upside down Monte Carlo on the Tenaja Truck Trail in Temecula. I did that one back in October.
  5. You didn't happen to catch the name of the new Supervisor did you? He didn't say and I didn't ask. He already felt bad about it all and I didn't want him to think I was going to cause any trouble for him.
  6. I just met Rock Jumper D. He was kind enough to bring me my cache that he had picked up and he briefly explained the situation to me; he is a volunteer with the county parks and has been instructed by his new boss to pick up any Geocaches. His boss was recently promoted to supervisor of Vulcan Mountain and Santa Ysabel open space preserves and the county parks in Ramona.
  7. This is news to me... The ABDSP, of course, is on everyone's mind, but I haven't heard anything about any other parks... I got the same email about my DA-IRY cache. Why does it feel like Geocaching is suddenly the enemy?
  8. How cool is that! Sorry about not responding. I didn't see your email come through with all the fan mail I get.(yeah right) I sent you an email.
  9. I just checked my email and I did not see anything about my two caches in that same park. I looked at the county site (the internal network) and I have not seen anything yet that shows that decision being made. Paul Team Adelos I got the same email about one of my caches.
  10. Honk! I just did that flume trail last weekend.
  11. I hope not. Doing that will only be counterproductive.
  12. I had Ginger! put parking coords on her Great Wall of Bofus cache: N32 51.260 W116 47.650 . When I got there, there was nobody parked under the freeway. When I left the place was packed. I ended up using Miragee's parking coords which worked out perfect. Don't tell that to Ginger though, I don't want to hurt her feelings. I had a great ride today, except when I lost the trail down by the creek, but that's another story.
  13. I'm thinking about riding the ATT tomorrow if anyone wants to join me. I'm going to try and be there at 9. but after staying up late tonight who know? For anyone that's already been there, is the best parking spot really under the 8? I don't really want to leave my truck under the freeway.
  14. I really liked the Banana Splits back when I was knee high to a frog! Anybody else remember these guys? I do! Do you remember their song? I don't, but could you hum a few bars? OK I hummed a few bars. Now do you remember?
  15. Oh yeah?! look at all that smog in that picture!!! I think you're mistaking us with the middle child.
  16. I really liked the Banana Splits back when I was knee high to a frog! Anybody else remember these guys? I do! Do you remember their song? I don't, but could you hum a few bars?
  17. I really liked the Banana Splits back when I was knee high to a frog! Anybody else remember these guys? I do!
  18. Rain, rain, go away. Don't rain on Saturday. That's the night of the 3rd Annual Christmas Lights Geo Walk.
  19. Either I'm tired or we watch too many cartoons, but when I look at that map I see this...
  20. This is a bit early, but does anyone have anything planned for next Monday? I'm off the entire week next week for Thanksgiving. We're going up north for the big day but we're not leaving until Tuesday night so I have an extra day to kill.
  21. Very interesting! I still have not received my 'application' for team !! Maybe you submitted your request to the wrong team. Shouldn't you be part of team ? ?
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