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  1. I'm checking those out too. It looks like it would be fun although I don't think the Trolley makes a good FTF vehicle.
  2. I'll be heading out Thursday night and stopping about half way, then finishing up the drive on Friday to my hotel in Rocklin. After that I have no plans other then the event so hopefully I will be able to hook up with someone for hikes or cache runs or something. I created a route following the I-5 from San Diego to Sacramento here if anyone is interested on caching along the way. That's 492 miles of caching! If the link doesn't work go to the Caches along a Route page and do a keyword search for GW6.
  3. What are you taking about? There aren't any spiders in there. he he That isn't what I heard! They are only little ones. Most are smaller than your hand! Y'all gonna die! When I walked through the middle of one of those webs that make a snapping sound as it breaks - I wasn't fazed after I frantically wiped my head while everyone else as laughing. No spiders ended up in my hair. So it's no problem. But watch out for the Door. Who knows where that leads... Oh look, there's one now...
  4. What are you taking about? There aren't any spiders in there. he he
  5. Mom, Chelsea, and I will be meeting you at the P&R at 7:15. We (Paul & Michael) may be able to show up at the trail head.. don't wait for us though. I may just decide to sleep in for once! TA I can't tell for sure reading the previous posts, but is this trail best done in a 4-by or will 2wd do ok?
  6. I noticed that too. After Babylon 5 was cancelled, the acting jobs must not have come through so he had to become a volunteer cache reviewer. I don't know why, he's a good looking guy...
  7. Say . . . Doesn't the guy peeing look a little like Toby's Gang? Can't a guy get a little privacy here?
  8. Canadian Grl hits the big 500 on the Sandy Creek Cowboy Caches today!!
  9. OK, time for roll call! We would like to know who will be at Denny's @ 7:00 and who's showing up in the parking lot @ 8:15 for the carpool out east. If you can't make either, just show up at #3 @ 9:00. Please post if you'll be bringing the ladder! Robyn Robyn...... "Superdave" has a ladder hidden very close to cache area, I used it when I did the cache, it is in the bushes back behind the building .........walk threw the building right out the back door, head towards the tree line but don't go that far, as you head that way, veer to the left about half way between building and tree line, start looking in the bushes or contact Dave he use to have the Cord's ??? Chris / TEAM DUCKIT I'm going to try to do these too. Most likely I'll be at #3 @ 9. I'll know more later.
  10. Sounds like fun. I'm sure John will want to join you. I've been wanting to do these so I may join you too. What about Gecko Stairmaster? Have you already done those?
  11. Happy Birthday Paul! Welcome to the old fogies! Happy Birthday Paul! 40? Oh My! r/ jnj 40?! Dude, it's time to start thinking about things like AARP, caching out that IRA and maybe even one of those little containers that reminds you to take your pills every day. Just kidding...I'm older then you.
  12. I think I need to go outside and scream!!!
  13. La Posta Truck Trail, up Morris Ranch Rd, and back down Fred Canyon Rd? Is Fred Canyon drivable all the way to 8? I remember when we were out there last time and we turned around at the top (past the gate) to come down they way we entered. Did not know if that was a must. Don't think I can make it, but those caches are great! TA Is this a 4x4 outing or a hike?...just curious.
  14. At least that's what they would like you to believe... Super secret spy photo (Google Earth). I wonder if the author has ever heard of it.
  15. Ya know Bobmo38... stats really don't matter...no-one looks at the numbers or tracks your standings. It's all just a game. ( ps..did ya know we are 3 ahead of KWVERS! as of 15:44 today?) Enjoy!!!! Welcome to geo-caching!! I use FindStatGen3. It's a macro that you use in GSAK. Once you get it set up the way you like it's easy to update.
  16. I just did that cache yesterday and saw that same bird. It must be his territory.
  17. HONK! Oops - wrong answer! Holy Crap! Blow that thing up quick! Sheesh, look at that thing. It scares me even knowing what it really is. Could you imagine what some utility worker might think when they get ready to climb that pole and see that hanging there?
  18. Very cool pictures. I had to look up Bhutan on the map to see where it was. I've never even heard of that country.
  19. Whoa, that freaks me out and I’m not even afraid of bees. Did you guys throw any rocks at it just to see what would happen?
  20. Whoa, that was weird...got a time-out error then a double post.
  21. I saw that too.. LOL pretty good timing! When ya gotta go you gotta go. I used that same rock glad it wasn't me that was caught in a picture. Even though you slipped by the camera, Skillet, Rooster noticed you. I thought she might be embarrassed, but she said that it was "no big deal". So that leaves an unanswered question, who's the pee-er? From what I can see there's only one vehicle in the photo that seems to have made an emergency stop. Does it come down to a wee-little mistake from a red Jeep on every outing? I am the one standing on the left side, so it wasn't me. I was wearing a kelly green "Irish yoga" t-shirt, so it wasn't me either. Frankly the "one standing on the left side," as you put it, is suspect as well. Looks a bit like somebody that's actually peein' on a winch. From my own personal experience peein' on a winch can make said winch cranky. Cranky winches can be more trouble than you might first expect. At least the identity of the rock pee-er is being narrowed down. Keep up th' good work. I think you may be confusing cranky winches with cranky wenches.
  22. I am staying at the same place, I think. Roseville right? Finkbr and I are flying up on Friday night and staying till Sunday. See you guys there! Paul Since you'll be flying right over them, do you want us to log you into any caches we find along the way?
  23. I think it comes down to the fact that the cache was not published. You cannot find a cache that is theoretically not there yet; to do so would take the "first to find" away from a legitimate finder. Now as I’m writing this, I’m thinking of how we in our area will log a cache as a “beta tester”, meaning if we are with another cacher that hides a cache, we will log our name on the sheet. In doing this though, we sign at that bottom of the sheet and DO NOT claim first to find. If the cacher in question had stumbled upon any one of the stages and figured out the final, then I would say that is a legitimate find. Much in the same way as a muggle finding a cache and signing the log and is invited to do so by the stash notes we place in a cache. What it all comes down to though is what you, the cache owner, wants to do. I think In the grand scheme of things, and to maintain friendships and such, let the finder have his smilie. Your cache was found which is why they're placed in the first place, he found a cache...everyone's happy.
  24. John and I will be there. I'm meeting John in Reno Friday so we'll be there for the Friday night thing and leaving Monday. We would love to meet up with some of our San Diego Family! John has cached in the area a bunch so he kinda knows his way around. Jerry I know you will be really busy but there are some great bike trails there. zeber and I are flying up to San Jose on Friday morning, meeting The Fat Cats there and then we're driving to the Sacramento area. We're all staying at the Orchard Suites in Roseville. I think Team Adelos and finkbr are too. zeber and I are flying back on Monday. We were thinking it might be fun to get the SD cachers together for caching and/or socialiizing. Ok, it's official. I'm staying in Buttonwillow on Thursday...lovely town, I'm sure. I guess it can't be too bad, there's some caches nearby. From there I'm heading up to GW6 and staying at the Heritage Inn. They had pretty decent rates and the reviews looked ok. The guy said they were sold out until I told him I was going to the Geowoodstock. I guess that make us VIP's. When is it Jerry? I have to check the calendar but I might be able to go. Also when are you coming back? I'm guessing it's a 10 hour drive... The event is May 24th, but I'm leaving on Thursday night to get through the LA nightmare. I'll be halfway there after staying in Buttonwillow and will hopefully have time for a few caches along the way on Friday. I'll be coming back on Sunday and driving all the way home. I've never heard of Buttonwillow. Let me check with the big boss and what is going on for Memorial Day. P.S. Did you know that Sirius might buy XM? Buttonwillow is one of those places in the middle of nowhere, where they put a couple hotels and a fastfood joint and call it a town. The Sirius and XM thing got approval from the Dept. of Justice today. Now they have to get it through the FCC. I'm just hoping they don't change anything. I like it just the way it is. A friend of mine had XM and he thought Sirius had better stations even though they have fewer. Anyway, back to Buttonwillow. Wikipedia calls this the entrance to the city. Fancy looking place. Among some other things, Wikipedia says... "There is a large electrical substation next to the town that is a part of a major North-South transmission corridor. It marks the northern end of Path 26 across the Transverse Ranges and the southern end of the Path 15 power lines. Wow. Too bad I'll only see this place in the dark.
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