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  1. I just added it to all my caches. It looks great!
  2. Thanks for pointing this out. It's very easy to use.
  3. A note posted by Tuna on San Diego Ocean View (Double Peak Summit) "Congratulations, Trailgator! Double Peak was a great view when I stashed that cache up there, and is still a great view! Today I was birding on Palomar Mountain at 5200 feet elevation and could see the trees on Double Peak, the building on Frank's Peak and the radio antenna above Lake San Marco through my binoculars. The views were incredible. The mountains on Santa Catalina Island were 3D in the low sun instead of just silhoutees of mountain shapes as seen from the coast. It is an honor to be the host for your 1000th cache! All my best! - Tuna - Life is short. Bird (or geocache) often. www.sdnature.com"
  4. Is there still a group meeting at Discovery Lake tomorrow morning at 8? Can you use one more person?
  5. Hey Chuy...Ginger made it to the front page!
  6. people go to bed this eary? There are a couple people above discussing going to MTRP tomorrow. I'm still up and wishing I could go on the SCC caching trip, but we're heading to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving and a Paul McCartney concert. While there we also plan on leaving some cash and finding some cache.
  7. Dave I get the feeling that we will be seeing a lot of photos of you guys in snow.... Meanwhile, in San Diego...
  8. Car parts? Someone lives there. I think those were geocachers racing for the FTF when I first paced the cache.
  9. I've been caching in Maui before and I can show you where they are if you take me with you.
  10. We have a wedding on Saturday, but maybe Sunday. I will have to see what is gong on. I never get out as much as I want to! We have been wanting to do that one for some time. Weather has to be good though. I dont think you want to be out there if it is raining... Adelos Let's meet Sunday November 19 at 6 p.m. at the trailhead. All are welcome. Bring flashlights or headlamps and whatever monster-scaring devices you have. We may try to get out there also, it sounds like a blast. I've been wanting to do this cache for a while but I was too scared. I used to live down there and remember all the stories about the monster. Have you heard the one about the two teenagers that had their car break down...
  11. It looks like it's back up. Everyone hurry and log in at once, let's see if we can knock them out again.
  12. The Geocaching website is down.
  13. I hope they hurry. I'm going through withdrawals.
  14. Now look how proud $kimmer is of that picture.
  15. Thought I'd compile the suggestions so far and add a few more... Bunthorne Princess Toadstool Fkrexcal How about PW? Anyone willing to be caught in compromising positions deserves some recognition.
  16. Very cool coin! Also, I've been looking for information about SDCG. Has this been formally established or is it still in the works? I have seen the cool new banner at the events.
  17. I have 5.1.4 on both my desktop and laptop. I was getting the exact same error on the laptop when trying to export a MapSend WPT file. The export works fine on the desktop. I saw a later post on an unrelated problem where Clyde suggested doing a backup of GSAK and restoring it on the other computer. I gave that a shot and it worked great for my problem.
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