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  1. Yippee-ki-yay!!!! Whut part o' Texas y'all frum? I'm frum the westr'n part. About nears San D'ego.
  2. PW's Caching Widow is the artistic one. She may be willing to create something.
  3. Try clearing the temporary internet files.
  4. And the sad thing is this...I'd be happy to pay that today. I'm with you there...but it could be (and probably will be ) worse... We paid the equivalent of $4.50/gal in England two years ago. Now, the rate is around $6.60/gal. By the way, time flies like an arrow, but fruit flies like a banana. A woman at work just got back from England and said she paid 99 pence (sorry, don't know the symbol) per liter! There are 100 pence to a pound so that means that gas in England is $1.76/liter or roughly $7/gallon! OUCH! Not having been there recently, I was going by the fuel/currency rates reported on the web (94 pence/ liter for gasoline as of April 18th...diesel was slightly higher.) Regardless...OUCH! To protest high gas prices, how about we give up geocaching for a week. What am I saying!!! Aaaahhhhgggg!!!!
  5. And the sad thing is this...I'd be happy to pay that today.
  6. Ok, thanks, but how about a file WITH the puzzle solutions!?? I was thinking about that.. grab it while you can: Adelos Puzzles with Solutions .....it is just a matter of asking. Very funny
  7. I second that! I Third that There's a couple of names in there that I missed. For that matter there's a couple of names in there that I don't even know! But....... I 4th it! I infinity it!!!
  8. How 'bout that local sports team? D! How 'bout those MTRP wars? Yup, here I go again. I think it's time for an event!!! We could call it MTRP Armistice, or Cache Wars Seize Fire, or The Empire Strikes back (oops, not that one). We would need a place with circular tables so everyone is equal...like the Knights of the Round Table (those English kunigits). Is there a Round Table Pizza in Santee or vicinity? Are we sick of pizza yet???
  9. It’s possible this is an innocent civilian mistakenly identified as a spy . Maybe this could be returned as part of a prisoner exchange or even unilaterally as a sign of good-will.
  10. Way to go!! GREAT JOB, FATTBOY!!! I think reaching that many caches in such a short period of time might be one for the record books. Congrats to all!! I would like to add to the CONGRATS, good job. WoooHoooo!!! to Everybody!!!
  11. I'll bring the robot to disable any roadside bombs...er..caches we find along the way.
  12. Yup...we're gonna risk it Saturday. I got caught in the cross-fire of some marines with painttballs..I'm not worried about being behind Cegrube's afterburner if he's on his way to an FTF..it can't hurt any worse. You'll never be finished in MTRP so you've gotta start sometime. Maybe we can lighten our packs along the way!!! Are you looking for backup? It may not be safe to go out there alone. I say we call in the special forces and clear out the insurgents.
  13. I'd like to - but I'm waiting for all the FTF traffic to wind down first. I was biking/caching there on Wednesday and almost got caught in the cross fire.
  14. We only had time for 4 caches in between snowboarding, eating and shopping but we had a great time in Big Bear these last few days. We may come up here for camping and mountain biking this summer so all of the caches will be fair game then. ...We will return...
  15. I'm heading up there Sunday to take my kids snowboarding too. I'm also hoping to get some caching in sometime. I assume we'll need to keep to the low roads if there is very much snow left up there. I think I heard another storm coming in on Monday...is that true?
  16. I have one that wants to go to Holland. I work in Mission Valley so I will see if I can find a quick cache I can do in your area during lunch.
  17. Hey! that's a great video. Guess I'll have to fire up my video editing suite. Just imagine, a Geocaching pitch from an auto manufacturer. Maybe we've hit the big-time. That's awesome TFTC! The possibilities are now endless..... Here's one to honor John & Jess's latest FTF:The adventures of John & Jess I liked that one!! That's really funny.
  18. Ok, you talked me into it. I got one of the bushwacking coins, but I didn't see the PW coin. Will that be available too?
  19. What's the final four??? Just kidding.
  20. Didn't mean it in a bad way, Buckwheat was cool! Plus I did use the new technique. But for some reason Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2 and Ctrl+3 worked the first time but I couldn't get it to work again. So I had to select Multichannel from the dropdown menu on top....Not sure what I did to make the ctrl buttons quit working.... Buckwheat was way cool!!! So was the whole Gang. I used to love watching this show when I was a kid. In reruns of coarse.
  21. Welcome to the fun SreaminIan. You're going to had a good time and San Diego has a great group of geocachers. I know there's lots of desert caches out there you can find on your quad or buggy too.
  22. Those are some great shots Pat. I really like this one: These are great pictures. I really like the shadows and colors of the desert this time of year. I wish I could have gone because it sounds like you guys had a great time. Not as much fun as a company party though. NOT!
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