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  1. Dave, did you ever post the link where we are supposed to vote? Here is the link posted in one of the logs on the event page. Edit to add one of the rules: Nominations MUST be submitted no later then Jan 31 to be counted. You have about 2 hours left.
  2. I've seen this video too. It's hare-larious. Ar Ar.
  3. Wow, almost 11000 posts! This must be a record-breaking thread, at least in the regional forums! This is like E-Bay. I feel like waiting until the last second and then making my post.
  4. I just noticed on the MSN home page that, along with Eva Longoria, Geocaching is a popular search item. Just thought I'd pass that along. Which one will you check out first?
  5. four is impressive! I think I destroyed the earth.. My son and his friend got 11 orbiting for several minutes! Now I'm trying to beat their record... I got a couple of them to orbit but one is so high I don't think I'll see it again for 25 years.
  6. I really want to do this one, I've heard so many fun things. But, alas, I shall be doing my taxes! PW has got to talk to this girl about her priorities.
  7. Great! I've been hankerin' for a hike.
  8. Isn't that the one in Corona? Having already humiliated ourselves on that cache, it is located in Palm Springs right in front of restaurant windows.......where they can see out but you can't see in! The Splashes LOL yeah I've done that one too, luckly when I did it only the restaurant employees were there The bull didn't seem to mind at all. He didn't even flinch. Not so sure about the people in the restaurant though...
  9. The lesson to be learned here: be aware of someone taking your picture while in what may be considered a compromising position.
  10. What's a good starting spot if one is think of going out to this area? It depends on which caches you need. We hiked up McGinty from the south side (see previous posting for coords) and then hiked out the west side. There is less elevation gain going that direction. As TG said it depends on the caches you need, but if you're planning on staying on the west side, you can start at Chuy!'s cache GC10BWX. That's both a good starting point and a place to park.
  11. My-oh-my. It looks like the west side of McGinty is the happening spot these days. Do I need to go out there a third week in a row?
  12. That is really cool! I can't wait to see the story on TV.
  13. Stupid, stupid, stupid mistakes. Arrrgggh! Maybe they're just trying to keep us in suspense. Say goodnight folks! Typical Chargers - Let you down in the end. It's only been a few minutes since the loss and they're already talking about Marty losing his job. They should fire General Manager AJ Smith for causing termoil in the week leading up to a big game....just my 2 cents.
  14. Stupid, stupid, stupid mistakes. Arrrgggh! Maybe they're just trying to keep us in suspense. Say goodnight folks!
  15. Stupid, stupid, stupid mistakes. Arrrgggh!
  16. I want to go geocaching. This is too frustrating to watch.
  17. Timing, it seems, is everything and, as usual, mine is lousy... I'm really looking forward to doing this one. It sounds like a lot of fun, but... ...I won't be able to go after this cache for a couple of weeks. I'm hoping that there will still be a brave adventurer or two around who will not have done it by then... I would like to do this one! I would prefer a Friday or Saturday night but this weekend is out. I have my zat'ni'katel and I'm ready anytime there is another group going.
  18. I think I'm losing my bal............annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnce! Umm...the scenery is nice but I'll stick to riding MTRP and the like.
  19. That's what your brain does after spending too much time on puzzle caches I spen moor time on puzle cashs dan doos doods! wel maybee not moor dan Pawl.... Now that iz rely funy
  20. Like the man said...we missed the trail and went a little out of our way... Jerry ran off and did that one by himself! I got a notification of Toby Gang's log entry 'cause the cache is on my watchlist. Funny thing is, I never put it on my watchlist! So, I deleted the cache off my watchlist; today, I get a another watchlist notification, but of a cache in Slovenia?? I never put this cache on my watchlist! What is going on?? See??!! I knew I didn't log that cache on purpose! Like Chuy! said, something fishy is going on.
  21. It looks like where I went ahead and waited for everyone at an intersection is where we went off course. That was quite a hike today. I'm glad you're doing ok after that extra bit of walking we ended up doing. It's pretty impressive when seeing it on the map.
  22. Like the man said...we missed the trail and went a little out of our way... Jerry ran off and did that one by himself! I can thank Express Logger for that. It doesn't seem to like the new codes. Leave it to Richard to find it for me.
  23. That would have been true if we had chosen the correct trail
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