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  1. Before you get upset about something, think about whether or not it will matter 100 years from now. Puts things into perspective a lot of times.
  2. Got a nice set in the mail today from N8TURGRL. Thanks so much! You must put a lot of time into burning each of those nickels. They look great!
  3. I sent you an email. We have wooden nickels, poker chips to trade as well as our current sig item - trackable M&M guys keychains that the kids make from Perler Beads. We have 5 different designs of those.
  4. Those look really nice! I sent you an email.
  5. We sent you an email. Hope we can trade!
  6. I received some nice nickels from Otazman, SirGerald, and Nochipra. Thanks everyone! My little collection is slowly growing. Otazman and SirGerald, you should have received mine by now. Please let me know if you haven't. Nochipra, I didn't have your address beforehand so your nickel went out in the mail today. Thanks so much!
  7. If you don't mind my asking, where did you get the labels for your poker chips? The office stores around here only carry the 1 inch labels that are perforated down the middle. I have been making ours using sticker paper and my scrapbook circle punch. It would be so much easier to have 1 inch labels.
  8. OTazMan, Yours went out in the mail yesterday. Thanks for trading! Got Slowdownracers nickel and poker chip a couple of days ago. I agree with everyone else. They are really nice. Thanks so much for trading. It's so nice to be able to trade on the internet. Very few people seem to make wooden nickels around here to leave in caches. I think we have found a total of 3 all summer. If anyone else wants to trade, just send me an email.
  9. Hi! I sent you an email. I would love to trade.
  10. Our wooden nickels were sent out to slowdownracer on Friday the 19th and SirGerald over the weekend. Thanks guys! I look forward to seeing yours.
  11. PM sent Those look like they turned out nice!
  12. Hello. I have been reading the forums for months now getting ideas on making our own wooden nickels. I finally have one that I am happy with. I just wanted to thank everyone for the great ideas on making them. We started with clear stickers but ended up getting a couple of custom rubber stamps made. We may in the future get a different one for the back that has our city and state, but for now I am pleased with it. Will probably end up doing a nickel for the kids too. They had to have their own username. I would love to trade if anyone is interested. Just email me through the profile. Not too many nickels to be found in caches around here unfortunately.
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