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  1. So how do you get that many caches to put into the 600. at max 5 queries a day you only get 3500 caches a week
  2. I know how you feel. I am not interested so much in urban caches but love bush caches where you may only find 1 along a track all day but it takes you to a spot that you would not normally go but are now happy you went. Thats why most of our caching has been done away from home on holidays. My advise choose a nice location you would like to visit and do a search for the type of cache you like. Good luck and hang in there.
  3. Personally I feel anyone who would rip up any log sheet like that doesn't have a place in this hobby/sport.
  4. http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/125926 This one seems to work with Chrome. Works in Chrome, but not getting the map options with it. The firefox one seems to be the best atm. EDIT: Correction, map options working fine, but if you're from the UK and using the Ordnance Survey extension, you'll need to disable it first. How did you get it into chrome?
  5. Downloadable from www.google.com I am running chrome so what do I download from google? You don't have to download anything from Google. Go to http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/125926 and then click, "Install" in the upper right part of the screen. I tried it comes up with save or discard. I click save it and it saves it to the HD. I don't get any other options
  6. Downloadable from www.google.com I am running chrome so what do I download from google?
  7. Sorry for my ignorance but how do i put it in chrome?
  8. Im a fan of the space pen. It has written on everything I have come across.
  9. All good I did a master reset and now it is all working. FYI I have always used 1.0.1 with the 550 and works fine Thanks for your time. Sorry I wasted it
  10. Has anything changed recently as it was working fine up until last week. I don't think I have changed anything. Do I have to wait for the PQ to run again for the changes or if I download them they will be OK
  11. I don't know if it is me but no info for geocaches work now. e.g. details, logs hints. Any ideas I have tried dropping the PQ onto the device and also thruogh GSAK I am using a GARMIN oregon 550
  12. Its ok I worked it out.I can find a piece of tupperware in the middle of the bush, but didn't couldn't see the link "add to favourites" Thanks
  13. I want to add favourites to some old logs (2003) how do I do it? I tried editing the old log but don't get the option.
  14. I just downloaded my finds query and it tells me I have so many FTF's but it is out by 1 so as I said is there anything I should be doing as up till now it has been automatic
  15. I have looked at my stats and not all my FTF's show up. is there something I should be doing?
  16. Yeah I left mine behind on a holiday and realised 300 k's away. What made it worse we went back to get it and it wasn't still there. 600 K's and no GPS.
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