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  1. Hey some now just add stickers or Stamps to a log book, so Sonya you have one of my heighlighters hehehehhehhehhehhee |
  2. Farmers not maintaining public footpaths in the UK are breaking the Law, they are alloud to reroute the path however around there field. Which can add miles the ones journey. I came across a field planted with Rye Seed Rape, the path was planted accross. So I took my bearings and plowed through the Crop, Believe it or not your R within your rights to do that. It is important that the public footpaths R used, as farmers can after 10 years legaly claim the pather for there own. Just thaught this little story might ammuse. |
  3. We actually collect the calling cards. Whist thi8s is realy sad, it does give us ideas for our own cards for different event. My calling card is actually something one can trade, We leave these @ every cache we visit with our pic inside. |
  4. And there Off This is now the official thred for the Race UK TB Race Leaders Board Dont forget to visit our sponsors Lynks Cables UK || USA GeoCoins || Bumble Buttons Thnx for entering the race WoodSmoke & the Targett Family |
  5. quote:Originally posted by The Targett Family:We also now have a 3rd prize thank to:- http://www.kenandliz.worldonline.co.uk/chimeet/image/bumblebuttons/copyofbumblebuttons.jpg http://bumblebuttons.com/ This is a gr8 Idea for cachers to use, visit them to see what I meen ! http://www.kenandliz.worldonline.co.uk/webimages/geoc/GEOC.gif | http://www.kenandliz.worldonline.co.uk/forumpics.gif |
  6. Thnx Omally Hey all thnx for turning, HI the all thanx for turning up and Thnx for all your words of encouragement about the Bash you emailed to me. WoodSmoke and myself really appreciate it. The UK TB Race is on it’s way and we have had TB moved on a logged, take a look @ the leader board. I am thinking of Dumping this thread now the bash is said and done, and starting a new one for the UK TB Race, what do you all think? The Leader board has been updated now why not take a look !!! Thnx again The Targett Family |
  7. I suffer from most of what you have said above and I know you do too, so there is no hope for any of us hey |
  8. The Race has started take a look. Race Board |
  9. The Race is going well with 12 bugs now takin part. The web site has been updated with the new racers. TB Race Page The 3rd prize is for 12 Geobuttons or, to design a geobutton with Vicky the choice is yours ! Visit the website to she what is on offer. Bumble Buttons |
  10. We also now have a 3rd prize thank to:- Bumble Buttons This is a gr8 Idea for cachers to use, visit them to see what I meen ! |
  11. TB Race details have been updated, I have also been offerd a third prize. It is quite unusual so watch this space for any firther developements. See you all there ! |
  12. We now have a Runners up prize for the UK TB Race. A big thank you to USA Geocoins they have donated a Geocoin as a runners up prize. Please visit there website to find out more about Geocoins. GeoCoins |
  13. We now have a Runners up prize for the UK TB Race. A big thank you to USA Geocoins they have donated a Geocoin as a runners up prize. Please visit there website to find out more about Geocoins. GeoCoins |
  14. If this TB wants a tour of England why not eneter it into the UK TB Race BR Race That way it will get to see England Scotland and Wales and have a chance to win a price ! |
  15. Liz have you falen in LOve with the Sar of Egypt or is it that cold thing traveling this weard world. |
  16. WE now have a sponsor First prize is a £40 voucher to spend @ Cable Lynk Uk A big Thnx to Cable Links. Watch this space we might have a second priz on offer too. But tara 4 now |
  17. I have to say I would like clues to be more obvious. We have 2 kinds one of 2.6 years the other @ 7 months. We went caching the other day and the clue was " Large north-pointing stump " This was in a forrest and in the close fasinity of the cache place there was 5 other fallen trees all pointing North and on the way the the cache site within 20-30 meters there was another 30 trees fallen and all pointing north. This caches site took us 30-60 minits to find and with kind getting borred this is not good. Yes Yes Yes WoodSmoke I know you found this site easy, but thiis is because of the equiptment you use, I know John a gill found this hard 2. Hiding caches in forrests is very nice and R lovely walks but I have to say this is a very good reason why clues should be good, as tree cover plays havoc with the GPS, and kind just give us grief when they get bored. Better clues please, please please please |
  18. only a few days to go. Posibly got a sponsor for a prize? Looks like 30 cachers takin part, including a couple from the USA |
  19. I like the sound of this Game I would have to say It is not for thoughs who have young families though as one cannot siply down tools at the last minit to take a picture. I wish I could though. How about the simple name " GOT IT " |
  20. I actually use the Garmin Etrex Yellow, Whilst it is basic it's a good sturdy machine, and has not let us down on a find. Tha batteries last well, it's water proof easy to use, and you can use it with one hand. I'm very pleased with it. It's also one of the cheapest. |
  21. Could Woody Jnr also huge the big tree too hehehehe )~ |
  22. I would not like for my kids to find this kind of a TB in a cache, whilst parents should check contents before allowing ones kids neer a cache, it is not practical. Finding something like this could lead us parents into trouble. |
  23. quote: Latest thoughts (subject to change within 30 mins...) for the family picnic are to hold it, say, 2 or 3 weeks before the BBQ... that would make it either Sun 29th June or Sun 6th July. Either of these dates R good for me @ the mo. |
  24. Hi Just to let you know about this exciting race. It is setting off from this event cache CHICHESTER MEETING ON THE 18th MAY. The Official web page for the competitors is here. TB RACE PAGE If you can't make the meeting then you could post your registerd bug to us. We will then enter it into the race. All details to be found on the above links. |
  25. Would love to come but unfortunatly I can't as I have to work Saturdays, But might be able to do the Evening Part! You have my full support though and If I could attend I would Attend. |
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