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  1. Hi there Everyone


    I'm sorry I have not updated the leaders board for a while. This is due to Computer problems, moving home and trying to buy a business.


    WoodSmoke has kindly taken the task on himself to update the new leaders board. I will endevor to get back on track once the house move is over(end of Oct hopefully)


    So please use the link for the leaders board posted by WoodSmoke.


    Happy Racing


    The Targett Family


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  2. Hi there Paul.


    Just to let you know we are still coming, MY wife will be staying @ home to do Over seas GCSE marking, but I will bring Benedict 3years and alexander 9 months se ya then.


    With the Picnic is the plan for us all to have our own picnic or will we be shairing it with each other.


    EG big ground space, place all food in that space and every body helping them selves.,




    Own picnics on own rugs




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  3. Bounty hunter I have sent Djh an email.


    There is not a rule for this but I have asked him to stop.


    Here are the two emails I have sent to him.

    Hi there I am getting worried about your movements with the UK Racing Hedgehog http://www.geocaching.com/track/track_detail.asp?ID=30157

    It seems you have taken the TB under your wing.

    Whilst it is not in the rules for one person to move the TB from county to county, I think It could been seen as unfair and could ruin the race for other competitors.

    If this is so please drop it in a cache and leave it there for another person to find.

    The other question that arises is:

    Are you really travelling all those miles for the race or are you sitting @ home a just filling in the appropriate details as a find?

    If this is so then please stop what you are doing !

    I will post this email into the UK TB Race forum for every one to see.

    Kind Regards





    Hi there my wife read the email I sent you earlier a said it sounded like I was accusing you of cheating.


    I'm sorry if the email I sent earlier sounds like that.

    I am certainly NOT accusing you of anything of the sort.

    I am only thinking out aloud of how the TB's Travels could be misconstrued by others.

    I am sorry if you found this to be the case and please accept my apologies.




    I am hoping that he will leave the TB in the next cache for a different person to find.


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  4. I use Dreamweaver for all my webdesign no tonly does it have a code editor, it is a WYSWYG too.

    It also adds all your basic Java scripting needed for forms and things + much more.


    A usefull editor is by cute FTP a bit basic but easy to use, and as it's dame says your can upload, dowload and edit online, your can also change permisions of files with it too. icon_biggrin.gif


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  5. quote:
    I had to remove six calling cards so that I could leave something for somebody to swap.

    I see you point though Sparticus, I think It should be comon sence realy, if the cache is small then Leave a calling card( oops did I say that)

    I mean make sure there is enough room for swaps after all thats what GeoCing is about, finding treasure.


    Now I'm even confusing myself.


    Is a T&J Bear a swap or a calling card, or both ????


    My be this is the way Calling Cards should develope.


    How about a pen with you ID on it, or a lovely Picture fram with your house on it, the twee ideas are endless.




    Sorry could not resist


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  6. Whilst space is scars in some caches the swaps are c~~p so a good calling card is left and a log made TNLN this is acceptable, whilst we R on the subjects of swaps the thing that realy gets my goat is, an unfare swap.

    The swaps should be of equal value or more, this does not happen and lesser swaps are often exchanged. If the quality of caches R 2 B kept up then we should focus on this prob and not the caling cards.

    Sorry If this is seen to be a troll thred but it is how I feel


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