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  1. Also I dont like leaving "open ends"
  2. It's nothing against anyone, but my threads that I open, I eventually have locked, usually about a month after stuff dies down, mainly because if an adequate answer(s) have been provided that solves (a) problem(s), I don't see a point in letting the helpful answers in the thread get buried in underneath aimless rambling. Also, If somone were to ask me a question in the forums, I often dont't leave notifications on after it is over, so I may not see it, for a while, if ever, because the time I spend on my computer, I spend digging through the new threads I'm involved in, not archives of 'Dead" threads. I do nit believe it is against the rules to have threads locked for read only once an answer is achived, If it is, im not aware of it, And i'd hope a moderator would inform me. its just the way I do things few things peeve me more than searching for a 2 word answer through 8 pages of rambling.. No offense to anyone at all.
  3. Ive been pondering that, its a good Idea because im trying to dodge AK during the tourist wave, dont get me wrong, I love it here, just the tourist drive me up the wall. (not saying I dont do the same to others when im out of town.) I know im going to make HQ, but im not sure if I want to power trail it... I was thinking just the most unique, Most favorite points, that sort of thing.
  4. Summer's coming up, planning on dodging the Alaska Summertime tourist by taking a roadtrip, planning on making a fairbanks to savannah turn and burn. destinations along the way I should visit? Caches I should get for sure? places/caches to avoid? Any other thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  5. this one's had it's run, could I have it locked down please?
  6. this one's had it's run, could I have it locked down please?
  7. this one's had it's run, could I have it locked down please?
  8. this one's had it's run, could I have it locked down please?
  9. this one's had it's run, could I have it locked down please?
  10. personally, I replace them IF the container is ok, then send the CO an email stating if they want the log, I will meet them sometimeof their choice and hand the log to them or mail it to them. If the container is wrecked, I usually take one of my signature tickets, stamp it, fire it into the slush and post a nm.
  11. i'm sort of on the fence on the matter, as they are not ones a sane tourist would attempt, thought I do Understand where you are coming from... I just cant bring myself to mark them T5 when if you had a super determined, super gutsy rambo dude, could take 2 days and do it without special equipment...
  12. Being the owner of a few of these types of caches, again, im not antagonizing anyone at all, I don't think they are looking down their nose, I and I would hope the CO you have in mind, hide those caches for people who have a burning passion for off roading AND caching. I know its an odd mix, but it does happen.
  13. Snatch You up some sort of nice and light sled with a nice paddle track, get out and have a blast I took this recommendation a little far with all the stuff I did to that sled the next summer but you get the Idea My 150+ HP caching beast makes the Long alaskan winters survivable, cachable, and actually... dare I say enjoyable. Don't know what area of the world you are in, but Id say make the best out of it, grab a set of snowshoes and a little collapsable survival shovel that will get you out there, but budget permitting and area of the us permitting, I seriously recommend picking up some sort of sled, maybe not something insane, but anything reliable to get you out there, it really turns caching into a whole new game.
  14. I completely understand Requiring a 4WD/ATV/RTV/MX/SNOX to get a cache. In fact, I own a number of caches where its almost completely necessary, and completely Necessary in some cases. On the contrary; I do not mark them as T5 as in my area of the world, interior Alaska, most people already own these types of vehicles and do not consider them extreme or special. If one of these types of caches pop up on the new list during work hours, in our area, it would not be an uncommon occurrence for one to hop on their quad/sled/4WD truck and snatch up the smiley before dinner. I'm not antagonizing any of you, Im just stating my oppinions/actions and what I observe in my area. Caches being classified this way I think depends on a few factors. Most of mine being that it would be Extremely dangerous with the mountains that have to be conquered, ground that have to be covered, weather/ Changes in weather, and wildlife that is better off to just be speeding past rather than saying "Good Bear" You'd be 2-3 days on foot...
  15. Thats why I have an assortment of stamps with my caching name, location, and some of them, a friendly phrase. even if the cache is flooded, dump, stamp, close and run!
  16. I combine caching with snow machining, a lot... hiding and finding.
  17. You shouldn't send of anything you aren't prepared to lose, once they leave your hands they are out of your control. Of course I've also managed to lose several of my own trackables... I'm sure they'll turn up eventually. Yea sure, I was just curious what people expirience, and its 5 bucks plus the hitchiker, not going to kill me.
  18. Yea, ive got one bug with a goal, and its no following it at all,its just walking around, i bought some more tbs. Out of the 3 im only releasing one, a cache starter bug, the other two, discoveries for events, the walking ammo can, and AKACRider has got too many keys or somthing. Theyll be activated after vacation, but Im a little worried for the one im going to release.
  19. Guy in Alaska, 10mm below, has 50 cals for 8$, and 30 cal for 5$.
  20. My Parents are more than aware of it all. And I do agree it was pretty wordy.
  21. In my area, probably 4 out of 5 caches say they have 3 or 4 tbs in it, but when you g r t there there are none, and in the one that does have some in it might have one or two, its been forever since I saw a cache invintory that was right. Does anyone else havethese issues in their area?
  22. Thanks for the responses, i put a tracker in my profile instead.
  23. You seem to be stuck on the age aspect of things, yes i will respect my elders, however i will will not be looked down on. Every three months, I travel roughly a 9,000 mile trip on my own, parents now with me. Now Im not by any means saying this to be a rebelious or what have you, there is a reason for it, but im not going into that now, I cache on my own, my parents have their things they enjoy, so do I, i share a story every now and again, so do they. But I dont sit there and pack, "ok, i got this this, this. This, 3 pairs of jeans and a rock" The way Im raised, and the way my parents see it, im on my own in 2 years, so i need to be ready for that, and need to be able to be trusted. But not to be rude, but there is now way to change how it comes across, that was my first ever post, I didnt realize how aggresive some people were going to be, and I really dont aporichiate whatever means you used to find out my age, it is not in my GS profile. You notice, the people whose parents treated thim like they were 2 intil they were 18 and let them go are the ones who wind up in a mcdonalds hat? Gotta teach the real world, the best way to do that is the real world from what ive seen, so Im happy with how my parents and I are going about things. Your trailname looked familiar so I looked back at at the above vacation cache discussion where you say you are 15 years old. I'm not looking down on you. In fact, I think you are rather mature for a 15 year old and come across as a man perhaps in his 30s. So people respond to you as a man who travels on his own without the legal authority of guardians. I think most people who use the forums assume they are talking to an adult and provide information for adults. Advice to 15 year olds will be different then advice to adults. Most of us assume people posting are adults because the forum guidelines say that you must be 18 years or older. Your earlier vacation cache discussion said you intended to plant caches while on vacation - which you came to understand was against the guidelines and a bad idea. Now you say you intend to carry cache containers on your vacation. It worried me that you might be circumventing the guidelines (perhaps unintentionally - if I can't plant them, I can pseudo-plant them). But I see that you've changed your mind about replacing caches while on vacation. Enjoy your time finding caches and remember to use the NM and NA options where appropriate. What I got from the guidelines is it was if you had a parent willing to be bound to the agreement and were over 13, but I could have read wrong, and I dont mind people knowing my age, however I dont like things "sugar coated". Anyhow, thanks for the response, and I apologize for any time a may have spoken out of line.
  24. Ive got one about 50 feet up a white birch, you can see over the spruce treeline, but its a substantial tree. Bat back to your topic, id say if you fear getting hurt, dont bother with it.
  25. Yes, plenty.unless old enough to drive isnt old enough for you. No, my point was that I wanted to make sure that you are not a child first because it seems that you just want attention. Can you not just mail your geocaching supplys that you will need to your vacation destination? How about just packing some extra logs in bags if you want to maintain some caches that you find. You can always buy a good ammo can at a sporting goods or a surplus store. Maybe post in the local forums and find another cacher in the area, or attend an event while you are there, or even host one of your own. :ph34r: Its not that Im LOOKING for it, but when some people start going out of context, and bringing up irrelevant things, It tends to look that way. But anyhow, thanks for the response MVPH I may just forget the helping othersxout aspect of things while im on vacation, after all, thats what vacation is right? ? I normally would not replace a log for someone, but if I were vacationing in a resort area it's common to add a dry log to one that is full. If I wanted to own a cache someplace that I vacation, I would just create a earthcache. But word up on coming to these forums discussing placing vacation caches and throw downs, it's like painting a target on yourself. Enjoy your vacation in the lower 48. Yea no doubt! Will do, i decided against the vacation cache a long time ago, evidently a few people think thats what I had the containers for, but thanks again.
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