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  1. Well, I am sitting here ... one hand of wet nails, a towel on my head.... less than an hour and a half till we have to head to Dave's mom's house and I still felt compelled to check up on you crazy people ! lol Even though I still reiterate that this totally... TOTALLY isn't necessary I would like to say that what I see on this site warms my heart completely... people who do not even know each other reaching out and doing something so nice for someone else... IF nothing else about the sport interested me.. I would be drawn to it JUST for the type of people that it seems to attract... again.. I really do not know what to say except thank you ... all of you... and if everyone treated everyone this way... the world would be a much better place for it.


    I have to run now... people are waiting and I can't wait to start the rest of my life with my son and my new (wonderful) husband !!


    Have a stupendous day everyone ~ I know I will !



  2. I can't believe how nice you guys are .. even that you would have thought of doing that is mind boggling. I am definately interested in getting into it, and as flattered and touched as I am that you are all willing to do something like this... I think to promote your sport, perhaps the donations could be used to somehow get the word out to more people! Perhaps someone who knows alot about it could put an ad in some major papers and direct people to the web site ??? I will gladly however take the offer of going along with someone at some point to see how its done and learn from someone who knows the ins and outs !!!!


    Again, thank you so much for your warm thoughts and wishes !!! My faith in human nature has been restored and that in itself, is MORE than enough of a wedding present !!!


    Lysa xoxo icon_biggrin.gif

  3. I'm In kansas city, Missouri ... I've had a number of emails from people that have read this post... it's been great ! Everyone has been so nice... I have been online for about 7 years now and can honestly say, the people I have "typed" to in here seem to be the friendliest so far ! lol


    Lysa icon_biggrin.gif

  4. Well, That really is the plan, I have been doing nothing but surfing this site and reading the forums.. since this whole thing started.. And once I get an itch, lord help the rest of my family lol... This sounds perfect.. I moan all the time that my son does nothing but sit on his behind in front of his Sony Play station II, but until now could think of NOTHING that would keep us all interested... when *drpepper* pasted my emails.. he left out certain parts... which was very nice ... he was trying to protect my privacy... but I am getting married this weekend... and then we have all that lovely INS stuff to go through to get myself and my son legally able to work and live here permanently, I am assuming that it will take until the summer.. but after that, DEFINATELY will be trying this out.. I think it sounds like a hoot !



  5. LOL! The only reason I have the title *geocacher* is because I registered to be able to post, hoping to find the owner of the cache! actually I had no idea what geocaching was.. I think I remember something about it on the learning channel or something... I just found the notebook and did a little research on it... as far as punishing my son... I did not ground him or *punish* him in any way other than that I told him that he must return the notebook, the item he has from the cache and *donate* some of his own prized personal possessions to replace the ones that were taken. I figured if he had to give up something he cared for ... it would instill a sense of value on "other people's things" for him. IE) if it hurt him to lose something of his... perhaps it hurt the person who lost things because he just picked them up and came home with them. As far as getting into geocaching myself, I talked to my fiance about it...and we both decided that we will give it a shot next summer after we can afford to buy a decent GPS... and of course do a little research. IT sounds like a lot of fun and something we could do together as a family and LORD knows there isn't alot of stuff out there that promises to be entertaining for all ages !


    Anyway, that is my 2 cents worth, I was surprised to see the quick response ! I like to think that I just did what anyone would have done.... and the people that responded to the post were wonderful !


    Take care and happy caching folks !


    Lysa icon_biggrin.gif

  6. I was recently cleaning my 12 year old son's room and came across a geocache book... this cache was started july 8, 2001.. by someone named Keith and Mike.. I have no idea where my son got this book... I plan on discussing this with him when he gets home from school, but in the mean time I thought I would post this and see if anyone on this forum knows Keith or mike...


    Lysa icon_confused.gif

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