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  1. absolutely NO need to thank me... if anything I should be thanking my son for pilfering it in the first place... I have met so many totally amazing people in both the forums and in mIRC chat... that I never would have met otherwise...I wish YOU ALL came into the live chat... I would love to get a chance to talk to all of you icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gificon_cool.gificon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif

  2. Have you guys thought about using an existing chat platform and making a *caching* page that you could all link up on ?? I met my husband in chat.. Excite.com has a good one and its not just textual.. you actually have an avatar you can use to represent your *physical* presence in the room and move it around... If anyone is good at making web pages you could create your own little haven in there. The lag is minimal and although it was a better chat venue before they went belly up.. its still a good place for real time chat... there are a few spin off chats that use the old VP client .. babbleOn is one it is free and there are gestures, games and file send capabilities as per the old excite vp platform... if you are interested i can post where to download the chat client and how to log in...


    Lysa icon_biggrin.gif

  3. I do !!! everyone I have had a chance to talk to has been the best !!! and definately after I find my first cache... I will pay to be a charter member too ! there are far to few worthwhile things around these days... and this is definately one of them ! I love it !


    Lisa ... Lysa ... whatever you want to call me =)

  4. The worst was, my mother emailed me last week... and spelled my name Lysa... I was like... MOM !!! you don't have to..... so I guess at 33, I finally grew up... ( and besides my husband... you lovely people on this forum are the only ones that KNOW the truth about it ! ) I must like y'all... I am sharing my little quirk with you...



  5. actually... if we are going to be completely honest... it is Lisa... lol ( I went through an "I hate my name and want to be cooler phase...." and started spelling my name Lysa ....) I know, I know... pretty shallow and self-centered of me... I am weaning myself of it slowly..... I promise


    LISA icon_biggrin.gif

  6. and you would add a picture to your profile page, there is an option to browse through the folders on your computer and add the picture you want to use as an avatar... they will automatically be resized to the specified sized set by the admin... icon_biggrin.gif

  7. quote:
    Thanks a whole bunch for all the feedback friends, I can tell already that this is a good group of people and I am glad to find such a fascinating hobby.


    I couldn't agree with you more !!!!!!! I have had nothing but a most excellent experience on this site and EVERY single person that I have talked to has been amazing ! I can't wait to get started... Texas isn't THAT far from where I am.. maybe I will see you on the trail someday too !!!!!


    Lysa icon_biggrin.gif

  8. Not that I wouldn't love to help out your sport in any way, shape or form that I can.. but I would like to draw the least amount of attention to myself as possible untill all the i's are dotted and the T's are crossed with the INS ... I just found out that I need my son's certified birth certificate before I can file the papers, so I have sent off to Canada for it ... and cannot file till I recieve it ... wouldn't that be horrible if they deported us when we are so close to being all legal and happy ??? I hope you guys understand !!!!!


    Lysa icon_eek.gif

  9. well.... actually, I think that IS my left hand... but that picture was taken when I still lived in Canada. (that is my wedding band and (not-so-large) engagement ring from my first marriage...) It's actually only a 1/4 of a carat.. I'm not one for large flashy rings.... ~grins... I plan to have the diamond put into a pendant since my mother actually paid for the rings not my ex-husband.... I don't wear that anymore...


    Hope that clears it all up for you =)

  10. quote:


    I guess you now know what a great group of people are into geocaching.

    I read this long thread with great anticipation like reading a well written novel. It has had all the items that make any story interesting from the discovery of the book to the happy ending with a wedding (and gift thanks to all) and introduction of a new family into geocaching.


    Please keep us all posted about your expericences when you get 'caching.


    I think you guys are GREAT... I have been quite hooked just by reading the forums.. I have read at least 300 threads and counting... It is amazing what a wide scope of people seem to love this sport ! I know my husband ( icon_biggrin.gif ) will love this he is so techy !!! ... And of course I will keep everyone posted as to how this all turns out !


    DrPepper: email me whenever you would like to arrange a time to return your stuff to you... I have gathered up some new stuff to add to your cache... to get it up and running again... I am home most days because I don't work yet ...(pesky INS paperwork and all... red tape lol) but I do volunteer at the local animal shelter... so other than that, I am pretty much free anytime you are.


    Looking forward to meeting some of you people along the way !!!


    Lysa icon_wink.gif

  11. You know, I never thought to ask him that .... maybe I should have just posted the coords ? It would have been a next to impossible hike though, climbing over the mountains of "crap" in his room to navigate to the cache... Definately not recommended for small children or anyone with a heart condition....


    Lysa ~ icon_wink.gif

  12. lol !! allright, well then.. update it is ! My mom and dad came down from Canada on Thursday... which was cool because my entire life, this has been the longest that I have ever gone without seeing them... the odd twist to this story is that this was also the first time they were meeting my fiance.... (two days before the wedding) lmao ! ... anyway, to make a long story short, they LOVE him... accepted him whole heartedly into the family.. and finally agree witn a decision that I made with my life... (for the first time too I might add !) The wedding was on Saturday at his mom's house, very small, just 18 people (all near and dear to us)... then on Sunday, the parents (both sets) Dave and I went out for brunch and my parents flew home afterwards... Dave had monday and tuesday off from work so that was our honeymoon.... and now we just got back from opening our first joint bank account (yay us ! )

    So there in a nutshell you have it... Oh and for those of you wondering how come this was the first time my parents met him..... we met online lol and I just up and packed up my stuff and my son and high-tailed it down here ... and the rest is history =)



  13. I just wanted to let you guys know.. that my son Jake has been shown this site and I think the best thing to come out of all this is that he learned that HONESTY also has its rewards .... for that I thank you all !!! there is no way just telling him that could have driven the point home the way seeing this thread could have... so again, I have to thank you all =)


    Lysa icon_biggrin.gif

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