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  1. My geocaching buddy and I hate the new search feature. Some of the issues: 1) not concise on the page, 2) doesn't display the difficulty/terrain in the results 3) requires one to already know the approximate location of a cache before one can search for it (this has been extremely frustrating) 4) too limited in range (30 miles? not nearly enough!) 5) creates problems for constructors of puzzle caches -- most of us want to know if our idea's been done before and sometimes even if the title's been used already. A 30 mile radius isn't enough to give that info! PLEASE go back to the old search. It did the job. The only refinement the old one really needed was the ability to search for any word contained in a title, not just "starts with".
  2. I've been geocaching for about 3 months now. My little Magellan 300 does a decent job of getting us from the car to the cache, but it would also be nice to have turn-by-turn directions so we don't get tangled in dead-end streets on the way there. Which auto nav systems can accept lat/long coordinates? Or is there a way to do a pocket query here and then upload the results to an auto system? Anyone have experience with the TomTom 510 for the purpose? How about Magellan 4040? Thanks in advance for advice!
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