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  1. A couple of features that would be nice to have added to the new interface: 1) Nice url to the profile (maybe customizable): ATM the url pointing to a user profile is hard to find and a GUID mess with a random code. It would be nice to have something like geocaching.com/user/teamiricci 2) A badge tool to export your stats to other websites/forums and so on, something like Google+ Badges
  2. It's been years since the requests but the feature is not added yet...
  3. Having a mail notification for Found/Not found etc on our caches is always a great thing, but many times I miss the fact that the notification doesn't include the attached photos (if present). It would be a nice add to have these included or, at least, a link or hint (like +1 Photo at the end of the log text) that there are any without having to check on the website/app.
  4. sorting Souvenirs http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=337583 B. Sorry for the double request!
  5. Today I was browsing through my souvenir page and noticed a bit of a mess with the organizing of the various items, being alphabetically ordered. I think it would be a nice add to have them divided by groups, like "Mission GC" or "States" ecc. or at least a way to order them chronologically.
  6. Me too... :-( They did say all along that it would be a profile badge and not a souvenir though... https://www.geocaching.com/blog/2016/06/enter-the-hq-duck-dash-a-global-trackable-race/ Yeah I know, it's my fault, in my mind it was badge->souvenir. Kinda a sad thing tho, as my TB was also lost in the race (someone took it and never log the retrieval).
  7. I'm quite sad about this badge, I was assuming it was a souvenir and not an image that everyone can copy in their profile.
  8. Today I'm going to release in the wild my very own Deadly Ducks TB and, being Pokemon Go everywhere, I've decided to add a little 'mon touch to it: TB Page: https://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?guid=a90bdb66-e1ac-4211-b4b8-448507489331
  9. While posting a long log I usually prefer to write it directly from my PC instead of using a Smartphone and so I also upload pictures (usually taken from my iPhone) from there. It would be nice to add the ability to read the rotation exif metadata of the photo since, every time I upload it from my PC, I have to later rotate the picture to be properly orientated. Thanks!
  10. Significa semplicemente che l'hanno trovato e faranno il log Found successivamente. Sinceramente io avrei fatto piuttosto un log "Found" con un testo standard e l'avrei poi modificato in un secondo momento...
  11. Hi there! I can't actually help you with the TB (I live in northern Italy) but I'll provide a better translation of your message (the Google translated one was a bit hard to understand):
  12. 1) Non è la discussione adatta per queste richieste 2) Non puoi comunque farlo, i negozi iOS e Android sono diversi quindi se la vuoi ti tocca ripagarla 3) Scaricati l'app gratuita (la ex Intro) che è comunque l'unica supportata dal team. 4) Sei su Android quindi scaricati c:geo che è comunque meglio.
  13. Sì, logga un DNF (non trovato) e magari prova a contattare l'owner del cache per segnalare la cosa. Buona fortuna con i prossimi!
  14. Finally no more trap app in the store, the Classic app was there just to get people spend 10$ to get an app with just a few more features than the Intro, an old look and no more "real" updates. Way to go, Intro! P.S. Even if probably I'll just keep using Cachly on my iPhone.
  15. I've just hidden a cache near Castello della Rotta (Moncalieri, Turin, Italy). It is said to be one of the most haunted place in the country!
  16. In the end I got a double payment/renewal of the subscription, but the support managed to help me fix it and got a refund for the extra payment. Thanks! ^^
  17. I'm trying to renew my Premium subscription but it keeps staying on "Processing the payment". I've used Paypal, which is working properly (I've paid other things today) and after logging in Paypal and confirm the payment request, the Geocaching website seems to be stuck there. Actually I've tried to do the whole process again but ended with the same result... P.S. No money was taken from my Paypal nor I've received any confirmation email.
  18. Sono di Asti, che per non essere una metropoli è piuttosto ricca di geocache e geocacher (considerando anche le zone vicine). Per ora sto cercando di finire di trovare tutti quelli intorno alla città!
  19. IMHO it would be a nice change to add a different icon for caches hidden by the user logged in the app, to avoid confusion. I know you should know where are you caches located and discard them from the map, but why don't keep them separated as on the website (where they are marked with a star icon)? Another useful add would be a way to hide messages from the Message Center directly from the app.
  20. Ci sono delle funzionalità in più (per esempio il salvataggio di cache offline) ma, almeno lato iOS, Groundspeak ha detto che non verranno più rilasciati aggiornamenti della versione a pagamento ma in compenso le cose mancanti verranno aggiunte alla versione gratuita. La mossa sarebbe anche giusta, visto che così chi è premium si becca le cose in più mentre gli utenti normali no senza dover usare 2 app diverse, però farebbero bene a rimuovere dallo Store quella a pagamento. Riassunto: non prenderla, anche se ha cose in più ad oggi è un po' uno spreco di soldi.
  21. Thanks for the tip! Actually I already discovered the HTML thing but wrote <br /> tag wrong (<\br>) so this is why I was having the problem, now it's ok!
  22. I don't know if this is a change or just a bug, but today I sent 5 logs and in all them I wrote some sentences and at the end of each I started a new line (pressed the Return key). The issue is that in edit view (even after sending the log) it all looks ok with the new lines properly inserted but in the actual log everything is written on the same line, making it a little mess to read. Can you fix this?
  23. Come owner penso che tu possa modificare/eliminare i suoi commenti, sennò puoi contattare la Groundspeak da qui: http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=request
  24. Mi sa che oramai è già tornato in America.
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