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  1. Max,


    Don't be losing sleep over this. I have another plan! icon_cool.gif


    I will be seeing my son-in-law in about 2 weeks, and he just happens to have a MeriYellow with an SD card. I will take my MeriGreen and switch out the cards and see what happens next. We should be able to narrow this problem down to the card or the GPSr (or the software or the card reader?) icon_confused.gif.


    I will report my findings.

  2. "including lots of various naming conventions"


    Oh yes, lots of different names, all of which have 8 characters or less and no "illegal" symbols. Including, but definitely not a complete list, detail00, detail01, tx_ok, texas, azconm, etc. (tried upper and lower case, by the way). All files have the .img suffix.


    Guys, I'm really doing ok with this, I just thought I would mention my SimpleTech problem. My psychiatrist told me to move on and mellow out. Well, he's actually my gynecologist brother. Now two months have passed and I'm all riled up again. It'll probably take a few more sessions in the stirrups to put this behind me again. icon_eek.gif


    edit - oops! that sounds kinda incestuous. Just kidding about the stirrups. We're twin brothers.


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  3. Max,


    No, it doesn't matter how many maps I have on the card, I just happen to have 3 on there at the moment - from my most recent head-banging exercise. The MeriGreen will only read one of them.


    And I have tried large (48mb) maps, small (8mb) maps, single region and multi-region maps, etc., etc. ad nauseum. Every combination and permutation you could possibly think of (that I could think of, anyway), including lots of various naming conventions.


    I just have all my maps ready to go on my computer, and if I want one other than my standard Texas/Oklahoma map, I'll just delete the TX/OK map and put the replacement on. It only takes a few minutes, and that's the resolution that I'm resigned to (for now icon_wink.gif).

  4. I feel compelled to report my experience with a 128MB SimpleTech SD card. I have a MeriGreen, updated to v4.03, an SD usb card reader, MapSend Topo upgraded to v4.20c on a laptop running W98SE. I supply all this information because it might somehow be relevant.


    I cannot use Card Utlities on the MeriGreen to switch from one Detail Map to another on the card. I get the message "Invalid Detail Map File". I have three Detail Maps (each just under 32mb) on the card, and I get this message regardless of which map I try to switch to. If I remove the current map from the card (by removing the SD card from the MeriGreen and using the card reader to delete), then the Merigreen will select one of the remaining maps as the Detail Map and work just fine. If I add the deleted map back to the card, I cannot switch to it - I get the same error message.


    I have spent countless hours working on this issue - both on my own and with Thales Tech Support - with no progress. Thales thinks it must be a problem with the SimpleTech card. I can't imagine that this is the case, but then I'm out of ideas also.


    For those who might suggest a fix/reason, I'm all ears. But be advised, I experienced the problem with variations on all of the following parameters:

    1 - Two computers, one XP and one W98SE

    2 - Two MeriGreen firmware versions, 4.03 and prior

    3 - Two Mapsend Topo versions, 4.20c and 3.00b

    4 - Using the serial cable to upload maps and using the card reader.


    So - bottom line - you might want to avoid the SimpleTech card, just on the off chance that the card is the problem. I have moved on to obsess on other conundrums, but this one still bugs me.

  5. I have a Merigreen, and would like to find some software (freeware would be great) that would calculate the area of a plot defined by gps coordinates. I have MapSend Topo and find it hard to believe that it's not a function, but it's not.


    Any help is appreciated.


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  6. Well, I had sent my rebate protest to WhereTHEHELLsmyrebate.com on 3/21, along with all of my copies. I have been checking each day to see if there was a status change, and ouila! (pardon my french) today it says "Rebate Submission is Approved"! icon_smile.gif


    I have also been calling Thales/Magellan every few days and leaving messages. I have not had a return phone call in two weeks. I'm just guessing, but I may have been successful by appealing through the rebate processor, rather than Thales, but who knows. My best advice to anyone still chasing their rebate is to call early and often - to both parties.

  7. I assume that you are checking the correct website - www.wheresmyrebate.com - but if not, go and check there. If you are going to the correct site and finding nothing, it's most likely that they have not gotten around to denying it yet. icon_wink.gif


    Or it's possible that you aren't entering the same information you used on the rebate form. Check and make sure you're using the same first name, last name and zip code. That's how their system tracks it.

  8. sharpshutr,


    Congratulations on getting your $50! I'm still chasing mine (without any response in the last week from Magellan), but I don't have the contact number for wheresmyrebateDAMMIT.com. Can you post that phone number so that the rest of us can call and chew on them?


    EDIT - I found the numbers: 800-390-2344 or 914-633-0977. Still on hold - but I did make it into the queue.




    I think I remember in an earlier post that sharpshutr didn't have copies of his upc's, and he got his. Keep the faith and keep calling.


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  9. We've been talking about the Magellan rebate problem in this thread, and I think we should give Thales the benefit of the doubt - for now.


    I have had my rebate request denied by wheresmyrebate.com, but they are incompetent boobs! I sent in all the required paperwork for covered products, and it was denied out of hand.


    However, sharpshutr (who has experienced the same problem) gave me the name and phone number and fax number of the person at Thales that tries to resolve rebate problems. I called on Tuesday and left a voice mail, and faxed my paperwork (including photocopies of the upc's and invoices) and a request for assistance on Wednesday morning.


    I received a call back on Wednesday concerning my voice mail, and another call today (Thursday) following up on my fax. She was very apologetic, and said that she was certain that I would receive my rebate, since everything was in order.


    She also said that I was not the only person complaining about wheresmyrebate.com, and that Thales was very aware of the problem. So far, I give Thales a thumbs up for responsiveness. We'll see how it all plays out.


    DustyJacket - I don't have the information with me at home tonight, but I will e-mail it to you tomorrow. I'll bet that your lack of photocopies will not kill your chances for a rebate. To anyone else who hasn't sent your rebate in yet - I strongly suggest making copies.



  10. sharpshutr,


    I need to get that Rebate Specialist's number from you. I received the following e-mail this morning, in response to my $50 rebate submission:




    Thank you for participating in our rebate promotion.


    Your rebate submission has been received.

    Unfortunately your rebate is denied for the following reasons:




    UPC SUBMITTED: 763357103151


    If your submission was denied for missing information please mail a copy of this message with required materials to:

    TCA Rebate Resolution Dept

    145 Huguenot Street Suite 105

    New Rochelle NY 10801


    This is an automated acknowledgment--PLEASE DO NOT REPLY. E-mail replies to this message will not receive a response.


    To check the status of your rebate on-line go to:



    If you have a question about your rebate please call us at

    (914) 633-0977




    Now, this is totally BOGUS! Does anyone remember the movie "The Rainmaker", where the insurance company had a policy of denying EVERY claim? It appears that they've morphed over into the rebate business.


    I sent in every bit of required documentation, and the products purchased (in Feb 03) were a Merigreen and Mapsend Topo.

  11. Well, I have to admit that I have had problems with my sd card, also. I can read only one image file on the card at a time. It won't switch to another image - says "invalid format". If I take the card out and manipulate the files (for example renaming the image map that IS working), and put the card back in my MeriGreen, it will read another map. But if I try to change again, say back to the previous map, it will give me the same error message. even though it is obviously in the correct format.


    Very frustrating. I am using the most recent firmware (downloaded twice), and I have formatted the card in the unit, as well as in the card reader (using both 98se and XP), have reloaded the MapSend Topo software and recreated the maps, etc. etc. ad nauseum, and haven't been able to fix it. Magellan tech support "has never seen or heard of this problem from anyone else" - you know the mantra. They have spent quite a bit of time working on it with me, to give them some credit.


    I have just about decided that if it isn't the firmware, it must be the card (128mb SimpleTech), even though it functions perfectly in all other circumstances. I've just created a set of maps on my computer, and if I want a different one, I'll just use the reader and drop it down to the card.


    However, the 32mb map I have in there now covers an area from Houston over to San Antonio and north to Kansas, and that's pretty much "my world".

  12. The Sportrak Pro has a 9mb basemap, the MeriGold has 16mb. So the difference is significant - 78% less detail than the Pro and 88% less than the Gold.


    If you want anything other than the main highways in the basemap, don't get the Yellow or Green.


    I have the Green, and the uploaded maps provide all the detail I need, but the basemap is very "basic".

  13. Jeff,


    MapSend titles are the only ones that will upload maps to your Meridian. Topo has everything you need, including street level detail. It also gives you an upcoming elevation profile on the GPSr which should help you out.


    I just checked my program, and a 32mb rectangle map would include all of Arizona, southern Nevada, southern Utah, and southern California over to San Diego. More maps can be up loaded to the SD card and switched back and forth if you desire.


    If Arizona is all you need, a 32mb card will handle it. You don't even need a reader if one map is all you want - just use the cable. It takes a while, but if you only do it once, it doesn't matter. You can always buy a reader later.

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