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  1. Hello all. Well i sold my original TB car and now have a truck that i would like to get the TB back on. And my girlfriend's car was totalled when someone rear ended it. So needless to say i need to get that one as well. I was just curious if anyone has a good site to look at for replacement stickers as i have the numbers already. Thanks for any help!
  2. Right now i use an old Palm. but i would be interested in learning about being able to use my Ipod for paperless. Anyone have a link?
  3. We will be back for our second year! It was a blast last year, looking forward to it.
  4. Um, if you're talking ODL - according to habu! last year was from Cave Rock-ish to Emerald Bay to somewhere down 89. He said about a 15 mile radius. Not sure what this year looks like. If you're talking White Hill - it's above the Forest Service Maintenance Station just south of the Hwy 50/28 junction at Spooner Summit. Okies, dinner time. Yup that was the one i was asking about! Sorry for not being clear haha And thank you for the info! I am really looking forward to it.
  5. Question.... Does anyone know what the general area this is held in? Is it all of South Tahoe or the localized area of Stateline?
  6. Hurm, any plans for Sunday after White Hill? None yet, I was planning on dropping in to S.Shore and at least log that I was at the ODL event. Hi Pirate Krew! I'll be participating in the GBES 4X4 Rally on Friday and Saturday, I'll probably make it to South Shore on Sunday, at least that is my plan. NevadaWolf and MooseMob should be up there most of Saturday, they are always fun to cache with . If your still around on Sunday, we can meet up. Are you aware of the White Hill event on Sunday? Wish i had my suburban running that one would be fun as well. Dont think the honda would do all that well out in the hills. I would like to meet up with some of the people off of here. No i am not sure what the White Hill event is.
  7. How many of you are doing the Opening Day South Lake Tahoe? My girlfriend and I will be there Saturday and hopefully Sunday as well.
  8. Well after reading the forums for a while i bought us a Garmin 60csx right off the bat. the only thing i did take time in getting was the PDA I bought a Palm M500 off ebay and it works great! i just wish i would have bought a better one as i really like the thing.
  9. Thanks i will check them out! Any around the Lake Tahoe area?
  10. anybody know of some good ones in the Eastern Sierras?
  11. Does the memory card that comes with the 60csx have anything hard loaded on it? I bought one and also purchased the City Navigator. I had thought about getting the TOPO maps as well but was curious if i would lose anything by buying a larger memory card so that i could fit both mapping programs on there.
  12. Well "The Pirate Krew" was the name my girlfriends little girls came up with. I have been reading about caching for a while now and just recently in the past month bought a Garmin 60csx. And we explained it to the girls that it is a "treasure hunt" and to get them involved let them pick our name.
  13. Oops This is me! I meant to use this screen name. My girlfriends kids had to pick us a new name
  14. Well i had heard about this several months ago and was very intrigued by the idea. I have since bought a Garmin 60csx without even a thought and am trying to go full bore into it. My girlfreind and her two little girls seem to be more excited about it then i am. She even came to my work over the weekend so she could go out and cache with them! I cant wait for our first full weekend to get out and hunt some down. I have been doing nothing but reading the forums and looking in different areas that i will be to see what is in the area.
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