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  1. Pay Attention, Save A Life !!!!!! G'Nite all
  2. Not a problem at all Pay Attention, Save A Life !!!!!!
  3. Thanks... that was by mere seconds.... when I posted it, yours was there too
  4. YAY!!! Thanks!!! Pay attention, save a life!!!
  5. I'd name him "askum" ... the reactions from people that ask his name would be priceless... how many people would bend down and actually ask the dog it's name??? LoL Tip: While caching with the pup, avoid higher terrain caches for the first little bit... the trail may be ok for you, but it may be too much for the little one until it gets used to it
  6. Happy Birthday!!! Mine is next weekend... First Concert- Rush
  7. Respect those around you, WATCH for all users of the roads!
  8. Got my package in the mail today!!! I LOVE it!!!!!! Thanx for the pocket decoder coin!!! I'll post pictures as soon as I can
  10. I'm still waiting for my only mission to arrive......
  11. See??? All's well that ends well... let's get back to pictures of the inbound missions now please...
  12. OK.... this is suppose to be a Christmas coin exchange. In other words, a FUN thing to do.... things happen in peoples lives, e-mails get accidentally deleted...for whatever reason, things happen. Cav Scout is trying to make things right, Kudos to you!!!! Can everyone please get off of their high horse and everything will work itself out... Cav Scout: If you need any assistance with getting something out into the mail, drop me a line through my profile and I'll do my best to help you out... Merry Christmas!!!
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