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    peppermint patty charlie brown
  2. It MIGHT be part of a themed set of caches. For example in my area, the Sackville "S"crabble cache has scrabble pieces in it and the requirements to log the cache as a find is that you have to take a piece from that cache and place another cache in an area starting with that letter (eg. if I went there and pulled "H", then I'd have to place a cache in a place starting with H...like Halifax) most people will attach the scrabble piece to the cover as further proof that they were there.... hope this helped
  3. I must say, I'm completly addicted to CARABINERS... I get excited every time I come across one in a cache, so needless to say, by backpack has a few extra pounds on gear attached to it...
  4. This will be a WIKKED coin to have in my collection... count me in!!!
  5. Sounds too much like work...LoL
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