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  1. Simple one this time folks... no need for the lat/long... just tell me this: What are the Northernmost, Southernmost, Easternmost, and Westermost points in Canada? (names)
  2. The Mantracker!!! I LOVE that show
  3. Should've mentioned it in origonal post... would anyone like to trade any trackable item (can already be activated) for an activated Bahama Starfish coin. Adoption will be done once trade is confirmed...PM Me
  4. Anyone willing to trade anything trackable for a Bahama Starfish coin?
  5. this has been posted on the Atlantic Canada Geocaching Association forums for you from Dragonflys... this should aid you in getting your TB back (hopefully)
  6. Just got yours in the mail today... will go out shortly to GCBBA
  7. SinceBinrat dosn't seem to be on here much, I'll ask another question What is the little dot over the letter " i " called?
  8. THANK YOU!!!! I second the vote!!!
  9. Binrat got it!!! Next question goes to you.................
  10. I'm TOTALLY new to the Wherigo idea and I'm sure the question has been raised already, but when you're building a cartridge, can you supply your own photos in the build? The reason why I'm asking is to build a tour of my town (Halifax NS) and actual pictures will be a wonderful addition to the cartridge
  11. Thanx... guess I didn't look hard enough
  12. New travelling caches are not allowed. Existing ones have been grandfathered in. We had one around here until about a year ago that gave us a lot of fun. It was sad to see it go. Can anyone shed some light as to where in the guidelines it states this?
  13. I'm sure it's already been stated in the forums, SOMEWHERE, but I'd like to know if travelling caches are even allowed anymore. There can be a set lat/long as its "home coordinates" just in case the cache goes MIA. I read the guidelines and I see nowhere saying that travelling caches are not allowed... can anyone shed some light on this?
  14. Not sure what's going on, so I'll keep the ball rolling with another question... In what year did Halifax get Canada's first decorated English Christmas tree?
  15. Love the coin... don't have one either
  16. The oregon... or as alot will say - WHAT?!? I save my money for a Colorado only to have it surpassed less than a year later by the same company?!?!?
  17. If you have an iPod already and GSAK... you don't need anything else
  18. Try using GSAK if you can... there's a macro you can use now, and it works GREAT!!! I've used it with my iPod ALOT... now I have a colorado so I find I don't use it anymore though... still... no complaints at all!!!
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