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  1. I assume that the entries are done....???....
  2. In 1983, after Soviet interceptor aircraft shot down the civilian airliner KAL 007 in restricted Soviet airspace, killing all 269 people on board, U.S. President Ronald Reagan announced that the GPS system would be made available for civilian uses once it was completed Must've been too easy.... Take it away Stagunner
  3. Thanx!!!!!! Here we go with the next question: What event (and what year) caused president Ronald Reagan to issue a directive making GPS freely available for civilian use as a common good?
  4. That's too bad... I wish a quick recovery for you.... e-mail sent
  5. Thanks alot chuck!!! I'll be on the forums while I'm gone, so I'll semi-be there... keep me informed
  6. Guess my wife was the last one logged in on this one... LoL
  7. My bad... didn't realize it was the same thing... MODERATOR, can you please close this topic
  8. 1. Participating: E-mail sent Oct 2/08 2. Received Name: 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received!:
  9. sending an e-mail to the OP of that topic for clarification, if it is, I'll get this topic shut down
  10. It's similar, but a bit different... From what I read on that, it's sending a coin(s) to someone for release on various missions... What I'd like to do is have coins sent out for the person to keep... a Christmas present from cacher to cacher
  11. Was wondering if anyone is interested in doing a Secret Geocoin Santa? I know it's fairly early right now, however, as we all know, the season seems to sneak up on us quickly. What I'm thinking is that we submit names and addresses (through me to organize) and we all commit to at least 1 trackable coin to send out to your recipient. The sender can choose to send more than the one coin, they can send swag, non-trackable coins, signature items... anything really. As long as there's at least one trackable coin. You can post your opinion/suggestions through the forum, or if you want onboard, PM me through my GC profile and I'll start a database of names/addresses Pushing Tin :D
  12. Can't find the item listed... :-(
  13. did anyone ever hear from mrmacette about a trade, one way or the other? i don't mind losing out, but sheesh, i would like a reply! rsg I put in a bid as well... haven't heard a single thing yet... not everyday you get an opportunity to trade for a coin like this
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