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  1. Wondering how many have yet to send their packages... time's getting shorter and shorter before the big day.... I (amongst others) have sent their packages and they've already been delivered, however, haven't received theirs in return

  2. Hello from Redruth, Cornwall, England, UK


    I'm making a world tour geocache series and would like to ask if anybody would like to make a cache in it, for the full information please e-mail me at camborneroundtablegeocaching@gmail.com thanks. All you have to do is had a geocache in your area but e-mail me so I can give you a bonus number to put in it.


    Msg sent through your GC profile

  3. So I was out caching yesterday and came across a situation... got within 10m of GZ and realized that with the extra rain we had over the past few days, crossing the brook to the cache had become too dangerous. I tried every avenue but had to call it due to safety.


    Would you log this as a DNF??? Technically I wasn't in the "looking for the container" phase... I was approaching GZ and turned around. Personally, I put this in the "did not attempt" category... I put a note on the cache page, but did not log as a DNF



  4. They used to have it run yearly... everyone submits their name/address and after the deadline, the addresses are distributed to each other... you mail off a package to the person... gifts, trinkets, etc. as well as at least 1 unactivated geocoin.


    There's been people that receive coins, geocaching accessories, etc... doesn't really matter WHAT you get... it's all in the spirit of giving!!!

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